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  1. Re: Your Test I think that ONLY you should read better MY posts and John Titor's posts. I'm here to entertain me and you, i'm sick and tired of your posts when you tell me that i am "wrong". Tell me when i'm wrong, don't prate! I'm interested to ask the questions not to reply to your accusation posts. I think i'll not reply the posts that have not the "?" in it.
  2. Re: Your Test The war started in 2015, with the Russian's Attacks. It wasn't 22 years of active conflict, but in it there was a lot of stall moments.
  3. Re: Your Test I say again that i didn't read John Titor posts, i only read an article on "wikipedia.it", just for curiosity.
  4. Re: Your Test No problem man, i'll greet you when i'll go home. And i'm also very happy that someone don't believe me, that's a great cover. Your unbelief doesn't change my life. Oh, i've got a video of my TM and now i'm trying to convert it in an appropriate format. Take care bro. :D
  5. Re: Your Test No men in Mars, no explorations. Some discoveries with space probes.
  6. Re: Your Test In 2037 the III World War ended. I told in the posts behind the situation of the world, read again my posts. We've got a Pope, it's an important diplomatic figure.
  7. Re: Your Test We can go 60 years behind or forward in time. Time Machine is not for civilian, and i don't know how much it cost, i know it's very VERY expensive.
  8. Re: Your Test It's another llegend. I give you a simple explaination. It's true, Maya Calendar ends in December 2012, but it starts again. It's only the end of an era. The pole shift, the stop of the earth...lies! Around this event is created a gainful business. I'll born in 2013, no problem man. ;)
  9. Re: Your Test ehehe, i don't know who you are. :P
  10. Re: Your Test I'll not post manuals or maps of my time machine, because it's the same of John Titor. I'll post something about the Time Machine within tonight, Rome Time Zone.
  11. Re: Your Test It's impossibile that 2 time travelers travel back in the same worldlines. Probabilities are too low. I've done it because WE saved the travel coordinates of John Titor.
  12. Re: Your Test Divergence is BASICLY 2%, Type "John Titor" on "google.com" and see why John Titor is still changing this worldline and why John Titor is changing this worldline MORE than 2%,
  13. Re: Your Test Worldlines are separated. A microvariation of a coordinate can change the destination in time travel. Example: If you kill me in THIS worldline i'm not alive in 2 worldlines. THIS ONE where i'm chatting with you and where you've killed me, and in MY worldline in 2044. Maybe in another worldline in 2044 i'm still alive, but not in mine. I ever say "maybe" because i calculate the divergence, i cannot know what's appening in other worldlines.
  14. I'm here again, i was busy and i had some problem, give me time to answer every questions. EDIT: Sorry, delete the topic num 2. Latins said: Errare humanum est.
  15. Hi again, I'm Matteo Brancavilla, you've closed my topic, but i'm here to answer your questions. I was busy, and i've got some problems. all resolved.
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