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  1. A: I am not a writer guys, I am just trying to describe some of my life experiences. I feel like putting it all down here helps me get some of it off my chest. All of the hardships I had to endure. I am not familiar with anything of the entertainment industry. Where I come from, that industry (why is it an industry btw?) is non-existent. This is not a script for anything. I have responded to the questions I was asked with the best recollections that I have of the events I witnessed. This also feels like an awkward question because it feels like no matter what I say you will take it the wrong way and use it as further proof towards your cause that somehow I am writing a script. It could not be further from the truth though. Life is stranger than any fiction I've ever read.
  2. Q:So when does the stuff hit the fan??? time-wise do we have 2 weeks, 2 months, or 2 years? thanks! A: A little over 2 years. Q: so do you think that the 2012 doomsday thing is about WWIII happening in 2012? A: I guess nobody has been listening to what I am saying. There was a huge build up to a war around the elections in 2012. All different countries were sending in troops to the middle east. All different countries. My parents told me that then the Internet went down and that is also when the power outages happened. That is when they told me they bugged out, with me as a small child. I am sorry to say I do not remember much of the time, I was about 2-1/2. I have the vaguest of memories. We left after packing everything into my dad's truck, it was a Ford ranger with an extended cab from the 90's, but still ran well and I thought it looked good. We drove to a cabin my parents had deep in the mountains and I grew up there over the next 15 years. I looked up with the google search the items you suggested, I am sorry but I know nothing about a Bigfoot or John Titor, but what John Titor said about a nuclear war was interesting. I wonder if where he lived he ever saw the fires on the horizon. It is completely unforgettable. If you looked east or west there was a glow on the horizon that lasted for years. It looked like the earth itself was burning and glowing. This lasted, as I said, for years. in 2020 my parents heard from a passerby (we usually had 1 or 2 people a year who might wander by and see our cabin) that the war was over. There is no telling how old the information was, maybe the whole thing ended before 2015, but because there was no communication nobody even knew. The remote location we were living did not help. I think you people rely much too much on this Internet. How would you hear about a disaster half way across the country or world, if there was no internet, no televisions, no radios? You have to hear it from someone, and that takes time, sometimes years. A: A few people have asked me the question of what major events happen between the years of 2010 and 2012. This post is to hopefully address all of those inquiries and questions. As one poster said, if I had spent 15 years in the mountains with my parents, wouldn't I have asked them many questions about what was going on? First off, there wasn't a lot of time for idle chit chat. This is not an excuse though, I'm just going to tell you that my parents gave me the impression they didn't want me to know some things, and for that I resented them. They did tell me quite a bit though, but I still have the feeling they left something out. Here is what they told me about the years 2010-2012, as they lived them, in Boulder Colorado. My father would go on tirades about "Those damn elections." He said things always heated up around the elections, and politicians did stupid things to get votes. The time he was referring to was the 2012 elections, not the ones in 2010. Neither of my parents talked much about the years 2010 or 2011, it was almost all 2012, because that is when things went out of control. Here's what I know. Before the elections in 2012 there is a crisis in the middle east. All the big countries send armies there, its a massive build up larger than ever before. As the confrontations continue to the lead up of the elections here, there is a tremendous pressure placed that causes America to call for bombings of facilities in one of the countries. This is followed by a counter strike and a massive ground campaign. But now its more than just America its China and Russia and Germany and France and Britain. Nothing happens until another crisis in the same area days before the election. After the Tea Party guys shake things up there is a public confrontation in the streets of Washington DC, protesting the action in the middle east, the tide changes and everyone who was ahead in the polls is behind. Then there is some debate about legitimacy of the elected officials and of the elections themselves. As you know, nothing is official for the President until the following January, the 20th I believe. So the President is still the one in charge during the next events that I describe. There is a blackout and the news is not reported like normal. The newspaper that we saw, the Denver Post, its last date was Nov, 22nd 2012. It had some headlines about thanksgiving, and a black friday, but mostly it was the main headline that took up a large portion, and that part said "PRES OBAMA TO STEP DOWN!" and the article which I didn't read in its entirety said that he was forced to quit for something he had done during the crisis, even though he would be gone by January. I guess they thought friday would be a bad day and that is the day he would step down? I wish I had read more or remembered more of what I read but that was the gist of it. Then my parents said, after the blackout and the internet stops working, then the actual power blackouts begin. I remember my father sitting in his old ranger listening to the radio because that was still working. He heard something and grabbed me from the porch and took me inside. I guess he told my mom something was wrong and they had to go. I remember standing around as my parents rushed about the house at light speed gathering up things. Then I remember a long truck ride up into the mountains. I only remember it at so young because it was so traumatic and intense. I mostly remember standing there, not knowing what was going on and crying because I was scared. Ok I hope that answered some more of your questions. There are other things I am sure I know but without knowing if you guys already know them, I would have to spill my guts out for a year on here for us to get anywhere. So the more specific the questions, the better.
  3. Q: please understand that without good evidence, there is no good reason to believe your claims as there is no way to tell if you're lying or not. I have some questions/requests/comments for you. Give us a basic timeline from 2010 to 2040 to the best of your knowledge. I would like to know more about WWIII. A: As someone else suggested, if I could get a sample of my DNA from my younger self who is currently alive in Boulder Colorado, it should be able to be compared to my current DNA and show the age difference? If anybody truly wants to go that far, as long as I feel confident about how the sample is obtained and it doesn't interfere with my younger self, I would be willing to proceed. I personally think it would be a waste of time, what is it going to tell you when the evidence comes back and proves my story as truth. I still would be unable and unwilling to save anyone from death if it is their fate. Around the time of the elections there is a war in the middle east and everyone went there. At some point they shut down the internet and there are power problems, and my parents told me that is when they decided to bug out. We were out of Boulder before the end of 2012. Around 2020 we would hear word from fellow survivors up in the mountains that the war was over, or had been over for a while. It takes a lot longer for news to travel, that really changes things. Around 2027, I'm pretty sure that was the year, we heard that people were moving back to Boulder so we packed up some things and set off on our trek back. I spent the next 13 years there, helping with the community effort, cleaning up, gardening, thinking, reading. Lots of things really, it was exciting. I don't understand what you mean about a Bigfoot being discovered. Most people have normal sized feet, nothing has changed there. Or am I missing something obvious about this reference, it seems like a joke, that I don't quite get, sorry. I don't know John Titors story. Can you provide some reference to these? I am curious now. I might just use google later on, that search place is great. If I could have another window like this open I would test it out now. I am still a novice at this computer thing, so please don't make fun. I have told some of my new friends that I have met a little about where and when I was from. Really just depended on what questions they asked. I'm not a mind reader, I don't know what someone wants to know about me or my life story. The friends, physically here in the city I am living in, I don't think they believed me at all. They think I say I am from the future to avoid talking about my past. I suppose I understand that. Its easier for them to accept than truth.
  4. Q: You comment: "...minus the nature taking over what had been beaten down by man..." One question. Your use of the words..."the nature"... reminds me very much of someone whose native language is German. In German, what in English would be merely expressed as "nature", is usually expressed as "the Nature" -- an exact translation of die Natur. Your thoughts? In all events i find your reportage quite interesting, and am enjoing the ongoing dialogue very much, and realize that this "issue" is hardly decisive of anything, perhaps. Your usage of English, otherwise, seems quite "native". A: My thoughts are you are reading slightly too much into how I phrased that. I meant that if nobody mows their lawns for a decade and nobody keeps up the roads and fixes all the holes and busted pipes and downed power lines and overgrown trees, nature takes over. Q: It indeed sounds like the "RAPTURE" of Believers Took Place. That would explain the SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCE of so many people. Have you heard of the "Rapture" OP ? Are you a born-again Christian. I am very interested in your reply on this. Thanks A: Yes I have heard of it, this is a popular belief among those who goto church. Other people like me are looking for another answer though, because it seemed like people left in a hurry, not just disappeared off the face of the planet one day. Most of the houses and buildings that we went into had clothes strewn about, many places had the front doors wide open or unlocked. There were people trails leading out doors of houses, where things had been dropped almost like they were leaving a hansel and gretel type trail of where they had gone. And of course, there were all the dead folk, but not as many as we expected to find. Q: you're not saving yourself from being a liar. i intentionally worded it so anyone truly from the area would have picked it out. Now you're just trying to save face. Heck, i'd even be willing to bet you're from Colorado. That's why I picked a creek in the state that is actually within 100miles of the area. i admire the attempt to save your story, but you failed. the devil is always in the details. A: I did not grow up in Boulder, and have never much ventured out from there, only once by vehicle. I wouldn't know where your clear creek was from a hole in the road. I know most of the towns directly around Boulder, but again I thought you were talking about a street. You said near downtown Boulder, well why wouldn't I think that was a street. The only thing near downtown is a bunch of buildings and houses and roads. Had you spent 15 years in the mountains, you might also not know where clear creek is. You were trying to trick me by telling me that clear creek (a town I guess?) is near downtown boulder. I figured it was a street I hadn't walked down or remembered. Are there any other questions you have? Do you know of any cities near downtown boulder that I am not aware of? Other than Boulder?
  5. Q: Well crap, we finally get someone who has come back in time and most of his life he doesn't even know what happened to the world. You would have thought that the people who sent him would have filled him in. Do they not have schools in the future? A: Most of the people living in Boulder in 2040 are in the same boat though, they know some things but nobody seems to have the full picture. The fires on the horizon that lasted for years, you could see them for years, every single night. There is the mystery of where all of the people went. We know they didn't all go into the mountains, and for the most part the roads are still there, but there are abandoned vehicles on outer roads. We've had people explore the area and look for survivors. Denver is a ghost town, same with the entire area around it. We find people in small groups and invite them back to Boulder. So far there has been no large number of people found, or any large number of dead people found. There are bodies, don't get me wrong. I've seen more than my share, more than I want to talk about. Yet the number doesn't add up. They say Denver alone had millions, well there aren't a million bodies, or a million alive people. We have scouts and explorers to this day who go through homes and buildings, looking for evidence of what might have happened. One of the first places they went were the newspaper buildings, I joined in a secondary trip around 2028. We went to the Denver Post facility, it was one of the bigger news papers. I can describe the facility vividly. There is a large entrance gate that they had to break down the first time there. You walk about a block up around a curve and to the right through the parking lot. You come up to the loading docks with big garage doors made of metal. Inside the whole floor is flat concrete, very smooth. There are offices, but mostly in the middle of the complex are the large machines they made the newspapers on. Big rolls of paper, and long conveyor belts. We searched all the offices and machinery, we found old papers and notes, but no real information about what might have happened to the people. The last (most recent) papers we found did not seem to indicate anything. But we gathered up any information in our backpacks and brought it all back to boulder for review. Q: You sir are a liar. Your whole post is a bunch of BS. Anyone truly from Boulder would have known that Clear Creek is NOT near Boulder and is in fact nearer to DENVER, and would have made mention of it and taken notice in my thread. Anyone native in the area would have known. Being from Michigan, it would be as simple as you misidentifying one of the great lakes. I guess for me, you've just ruined your entire thread. A: I apologize to you, when you said you had a cabin near downtown Boulder, first I wondered where that would be, mostly houses where we are living. I figured you were closer to the mountains, south and west of us, and thought "Clear Creek" was the name of the road you lived on. No, I didn't know it was a city or town. I walked by a street every day that had "Creek" in the name, thought it might be a common name. Q: Personally I am tired of BS threads, If he is for real he should answer, as he said all he has is time. He should understand he has a responsability too..... A: I have attempted to answer all questions that I have answers for. Some questions like who wins the Superbowl, I don't know, I wasn't around at the time, I'm really not that familiar with the sport. If there are any questions you want answered that I havn't, please ask them. As I said, I will reply in this thread, but I'm not going to sit on this computer all day long. I can only stand it for an hour or two before I feel the need to go outside and walk around some more. I am too used to walking several miles a day, and now not having a reason to walk more than a few blocks. My legs are jumpy.
  6. Q: Do you suffer from Multiple Personalities? Are you postively sure you didn't just come out of a mental institution? If your story is true did you come thru a portal or did you plop here poof out of thin air? How did your body materailize itself in our time? A: No multiple personalities, but I have never met anyone that has had them so maybe I need a better description. As far as I know I am only one person. I came from Boulder Colorado, and NOT a mental institution. When I came through the machine, which I have described in an earlier post. After what felt like falling for a long time in a completely dark cave or hole in the earth, without any wind rushing up towards me, I heard a sound that sounded like a stone being dropped into a perfectly calm lake. "Plop". It always makes this sound. From my perspective I was standing straight up, looking forward through the gaps in the machine at the scientists and military personnel. The gaps open and close as the machine spins faster and faster. There was a very large build up of electricity and everything sounded to be humming of buzzing. Then everything went black, I felt like I was being pulled apart from the inside out, and suddenly I am standing outside in the sunlight in the year 2010. I didn't see any portal, there was simply the absence of light and then immediate light again. Like blinking your eyes but a little slower than normal. But when you blink you suddenly see a different image than the one you had left. Q: This is entertaining... What is your purpose here? Clearly you must have some intention(s)? How did you manage to find this site anyway? It seems rather odd that someone from the future would be beamed back to just post on a loon board? Also, who wins the next superbowl? A: I had an easy job. Surviving the trip, which had an expected error rate of 8%. If I did this properly, I had to signal to the scientists that I had successfully arrived. This was done by sending them a message. An agreed upon location would be dug up after my transportation to 2010. I was to leave a message behind at the location, which they have assured me is in an area that remains untouched for the next 30 years. If its still there in 2040 (and I'm pretty sure it will be), then they have already gotten the message and they know I made it alive and didn't burn out. I found this site accidentally, just like most of lifes great adventures. I was using your search engine Google, which I really enjoy for its simplicity. My father had long talked to me about the great inventor Tesla who worked in Colorado for many years. I've read most of the library material about Tesla and was looking for one of those online books. I typed in something like "online book tesla", not sure of the exact combination. It took me to a thread here about free ebooks, and I stuck around, but I am not sure why. I guess I find this place fascinating, it moves so quickly. Posts disappear from the front page, at first I thought I was going bonkers. Nope, the thread I was looking at when I refreshed went to the second page. I started going through all the popular threads and reading the pins. This really is a wonderful opportunity you all have here, there is nothing even CLOSE to this in Boulder in 2040.
  7. Q: You gotta admit, that the OP's story is consistent with itself though - so kudos to him. Thing is - ASSUMING for a nanosecond that he is truthful on all accounts - he would NOT know anything much about the past - simply because he grew up in a remote area, no electricity, no TV, no radio, no internet, no newspapers. Given his alleged age it is consistent. His description of the facility where the time travel equipment is/was/will be located is certainly that of one of the several underground facilities in the region. Many people suspect that whoever was in those facilities would be able to survive a decade or so of surface problems - and be able to reemerge and reestablish some form of control. I have to laugh though - IF he is truthful - then one thing has NOT changed: - the military industrial complex still use well-meaning but ignorant citizens for dangerous experiments. I mean, if YOU were in charge of that time-travel experiment - would YOU have sent somebody back with technological or geopolitical information that could alter things? A: Nope - you would pick somebody EXACTLY like the OP. Innocent sounding, pleasant disposition, ignorant of recent history and technology, disposable, and would not be believed anyway. Jacob A: You have more or less summed up my situation. There are many questions I still do not have answers to. I also was not a buffoon walking into this situation, I was fully aware of the possible reasons for my being chosen to participate. They did say that I was an "Ideal choice for placement due to having no wife or children." I did have to leave my parents behind, but at least I didn't have any children to leave behind that would grow up without a father. Q: What was life like after moving back to Boulder? What did you do to support yourself? Where did you live? Thanks for talking with us! I believe you. A: We lived in a cabin, the cabin was heated with wood. Most people don't know wood doesn't burn well unless it has been properly aged. I've spent entire days chopping wood by hand. We kept it outside during the summer, and moved it into the caves in the winter and put tarps over the wood. I would say in our wood burning stove we burned a facecord about every 10 days. It was heating the entire cabin and used for cooking and drying of clothes as well as keeping some moisture in the air with the wick effect, some old towels and a bucket of water. We grew a lot of our food. More and more as time went on. Tomatoes seem to grow well but I hated them, squash, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes when they would grow. One year it got very cold during the summer, for about a week, lost most of our crops and had to rely on stored food (canned and dry), as well as a lot more hunting. I remember that was the first year I ate snake. I also remember thinking, "I'm not hungry enough to eat snake again anytime soon." It was more of a surprise though, not a lot of snakes in the area and this one had become pinned and was easy to take care of. It was greyish with brown spots (not dots), but I am no snake expert and have no idea what kind of snake it was. Probably about 3 feet long, all about the same size from front to rear. We encountered people rarely in the mountains. Maybe once a year someone might walk by our little farm and cabin. One time this guy stuck around for a month, he said he heard Boulder was ok and was heading back there. Shortly after that, we decided to check it out for ourselves. Any freetime I had, I usually read books at night by the candlelight. Most of the daytime hours were spent working. I never got tired of cutting up that fire wood. I love the feeling of swinging an axe through the air and hitting a piece of wood perfectly, watching it split in two perfect pieces. Upon arriving in Boulder, we wandered into the welcome center, there are signs posted all over town. You get a basic id card and they give you clothes, a hot shower with lots of water pressure (it was great!). You are assigned a house, an animal, a job. If you want, its all volunteer of course. There are some people who choose not to volunteer, but in return they don't get a lot of help when they need something, so they usually come around. There is more free time, we mostly spend outdoors when its not snowing. The first year we were there is the first time I ever played frisbee or hackey sack.
  8. Q:How could anything from the time you describe not be organic. I found that statement highly suspect. A: There is a lot of powdered milk. Its disgusting but it is still available. That was the distinction I was trying to make.
  9. A: I miss my parents. Both of them, it feels as though they are dead to me, even though I know they still exist. No I did not and do not currently have a girlfriend. I have made a few friends here already, the ones that I hang out with that have a computer and internet connection have been great. I am not shy and I speak my mind. Q:and what do you like best about "now"? A: I enjoy being so free to travel so far. Buses are very interesting, to be able to walk on, pay a small token, sit down and enjoy riding all around town is an amazing experience that probably only I would enjoy. Then again, I have pretty much walked everywhere I had to go in my life. I doubt most of you can say the same. This group of people was composed of military types, with the uniforms and garb and all that, as well as many scientists, the kind with suspenders and long white jackets. The scientists were the real weird ones, they didn't talk much and very little was known about them. Usually off in their own world, I found it hard to understand them at times. Yes, a rag tag group of survivors who somehow harness and build a machine that sends things back in time. This is how I ended up here, the experience of this machine can only be described as falling through the blackest hole you have ever seen, and just continually falling, without the feeling of wind actually rushing up against your face. It felt like I was falling out of my body, out of my mind, out of space and time, and then "Pop", I'm in the year 2010 exactly where and when they sent me. It was disconcerting, it hurt because you felt an intense pressure on your insides. It felt like a long time had passed, but in reality probably only a few moments had passed. The trip itself was instantaneous, however I can assure you the actual experience feels much much longer. If you've ever placed your hand on a wood burning stove by accident, if only for 1/2 a second, you might understand how even a fraction of a second can feel like a long long time. A: There is no paper money, silver or gold coins are kept around as memento's. In Boulder there is a cafeteria where a large warehouse used to be, its lined with tables and chairs, every day thousands of us head there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is self serve, with trays and a wide variety of food, but these are not large amounts by any stretch. Before I left Boulder I had a small fish filet and a lettuce/onions/carrots with some olive oil. Some organic milk and juice. I would call it a typical breakfast. I believe it may have more to do with location, but there is a lot of beer available as a source of bottled sterile hydration. They bring in a truck or two every week from what is left at the Coors brewery in Golden. Most of our time is spent building, fixing up houses and property, working on the community gardens and other projects assigned by the council. There are no taxes, and almost everyone is responsible for at least one livestock animals. When I came into the program, they took my goat "Billybo", I called him Billybo-the-goat, he walked slowly and mostly stayed in the fenced in portions of the back yard of the home that I stayed in. He kept the grass nice and low, and I take a wheelbarrel full of his manure in about every week. I do not understand your question about the best state. As far as survivability, I can only speak for the Colorado area, specifically boulder my hometown! We have no printed press, although many memo's and flyers are passed around. There is no TV stations running, there is no radio running but they have utilized radio broadcasts. There are a few broadcasting towers in the area, but mostly there is no reason to be broadcasting continuously.
  10. Re: Nemesis...Not So Much Interesting video and discussion. http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=time_travel&Number=73263&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1&vc=1&PHPSESSID=
  11. A: The rabbit (from our perspective) did not exist, we were shown an empty cage. Then the rabbit popped into existence into the cage. 2 hours later, they took the rabbit and sent it back in time and space. They are able to pinpoint a location, accounting for gravity, earths rotation, our rotation within the galaxy, etc. As I said, I was just a guinea pig, we sat through several hours of orientation video's and worked with the scientists, but none of us fully understand how the machine works. I would leave that to the scientists. We asked questions such as "Could the rabbit end up materializing in between floors or walls?" They said there were safeties to prevent such a tragedy. I'm here now, and my only concern is the day to day life of getting by. Q:Alright, Mr. "Time", you say you were given a 2-week introduction to the equipment. Tell us everything you were shown. What is the size, shape, feel of the machine? What is the power source? What is the underlying physics? How do you dial up the exact date and time period you want to go to, etc. A: They take you to the facility by bus, its a few miles outside of the main part of Boulder. You go up the canyon drive, there is a lot of winding around on the roads by the mountains. Then they turn off to a dirt road that's off to the right and there is more winding and driving up and down some hills. Then you arrive at the main facility, of which you can only see the main entrance and a long walkway/tunnel leading out from it. The rest is inside the mountain. The bus takes you through 2 sets of fences full of those barb wire coils at the top and on the bottom in-between the sets of fences. There were outposts at each entrance, and a guard came on at each stop and walked down the isles with a remote scanner, scanning the barcodes on our badges. After you are inside the second set of fences, and past all the guys in camo with machine guns, the bus parked on what I would call very recently poured concrete. It looked so smooth and brand new, not a single mark or scratch. Bus takes off and the group of 2 dozen of us is standing there for about 15 minutes. Out comes the leader of the facility John-Michael Framer, escorted by guards and some of the scientists we worked with were directly behind him. We walk to the long corridor and they swipe a badge, pretty sure it was one of those magnetic ones because the guy just flapped it at the general area and the door unlocks. Guard pulls the door open and we all walk in, one of the 2 dozen recruits leading the way until we get to the inner door. This time one of the scientists comes up from behind and holds up a small device about the size of a USB stick. I've never seen this device before, but it also wasn't very complicated. Maybe you people have seen it. The numbers on the device change every few seconds. And twice, the scientist is trying to enter the numbers into the keypad by the door, but he keeps going a little too slow and the number changes and he has to start over. Finally he puts in all 6 digits before the number changes again, and the door opens, and this door sounded like it was air sealed because you could feel a change in pressure when the door unlocked. They take us past a receptionist type area with several people working at desks. We walk down, and I think its to the left, but that is where the orientation room was. After I would say about 6 hours of filling out additional paperwork, getting our ID badges, jumpsuits, and watching some boring video's, the main guy comes in again, John-Michael Framer. He's wearing a suit, not any kind of military uniform, and I remember he had really really shiny shoes, I didn't know shoes could reflect like mirrors. He tells us basically what we already know, simple things such as "This is a service to your fellow man" and "These are the times that try men's hearts and souls." Without elaborating too much, I had the feeling he was trying to get us psyched up for what was coming. They take us out the side/back entrance of the orientation room and we proceed to take stairs down several flights. We walk out into another area, and take a second set of stairs even further down, but this one you can't even see the bottom. It wasn't that far, but it felt like at least 100 feet down. Now we (the group) are all following around a large circular outer structure which has glass all around it so you can see in. One guy in the back even said "Where the hell's the entrance to this damn place" because we were walking for a long time and there didn't seem to be a way in, but we all thought we must have circled the structure by now. It must have been at least 1000 feet in circumference, and with the curve of the hallway, you literally can't see around corners, it feels like you are walking blind. The entrance is actually underneath, they take us to an outer ring room, and through a large door that I can only say looked like one of those big bank vault doors. Now you only hear the loud ROAR of machinery as you walk underneath the outer ring, backwards from where you were, but arrive inside the ring structure. They take us all to our dorms, let us get settled in and come back a few hours later. It might have been longer, I was tired and fell asleep, which I usually can't do so easily in a new place. They show us the machine, which is at the dead center of the circular structure. It's about 30 feet tall, goes right up to the roof of the structure we were in. At the base of the machine, there is what looks like a metal closet or the inside of an elevator. There is large piece of metal that completes the door for both the front and the back, so basically its a big U shape and you can see right through it when the doors spin to the side. And that is also part of how it works, the metal doors spin around the inner section that is U shaped. Inside of here is where they place objects. Inside of here was the last thing that I saw before I arrived here a few days ago in the year 2010. The whole machine hums like its vibrating, just being within a few feet of the machine you can feel the vibrations. Still to this time nobody told us this had anything to do with time travel. So they brought in one of the scientists and he took a piece of paper off his clipboard. He told us to each take a different colored pen, and write our names on the paper anywhere we like. I'd say it took just a minute for us to pass it around and sign it. He took the sheet, and with his finger, smudged some of the ink purposefully. He holds it up and shows us, like we've never seen ink smudge before and says "See, its smudges because its fresh, hasn't had time to set." Now they place the piece of paper in the machine and we stand back behind the equipment up against a wall as they start the machine up. I would say it took about 5 minutes, and then they hit a button, the metal doors start spinning and the whole thing sounds like a lightning storm. Then we watch as the paper disappears. So next we walk over to the lockers where everyone puts their stuff while they are on duty. This is where John-Michael Framer pulls out a key and opens up a bottom locker. Pulls out a small locking chest. The scientist has the key to this one around his neck. He unlocks it without removing the key from his neck, which a few of us laugh at. Now comes their story. "1 week ago, we placed this lockbox inside of the locker with nothing inside of it. This is the first time it has been opened in a week." And I [censored] you not, he pulls out the piece of paper we all signed. What's more, they pass it around, to each of us so we can examine it. We all see our signatures, in the color of pen that we chose, and the initial smudge in the corner over one of the names. Then we try to smudge it, it won't smudge. I didn't believe it until about the 4th or 5th time they performed one of these experiments. The second one we saw was the one with the rabbit appearing right before our eyes. The power for the machine they said comes from within the earth. But I know that is not the entire source, because they had enough large diesel generators running to power everybody who was left in boulder, and it stank like diesel a lot. Or maybe that was just for the other equipment. They did have access to power outside of the facility, the same source that was powering Boulder. The computers that they worked with are how they were able to program an exact date/time and place. It looked fairly simple from the control aspect, like you just punch in your desired coordinates and date/time and the computer itself makes the adjustments to make sure you get there. This is definitely why it only works about 92% of the time, the 8% failure rate is when the computer could not compensate or make the right adjustments. I hope I answered all your questions, if there's something I missed just let me know, I'll try to get to everyone's questions. Right now I have nothing to do but kill time.
  12. Q: ??? Why are you here now ??? You know me, why are you back here perminantly??? What about your family? What about me? A: This is when they sent me back to, 30 years. I can't go back because the time travel machine hasn't been invented yet. Besides I don't think it goes forward. I've never seen them send anything forward, only backward. I asked the question once, I remember now, I asked "Why not send the frog forward in time by 10 minutes, wouldn't it just disappear now and reappear in 10 minutes." To which they said basically I didn't know what I was talking about and to shut up. But still, since the machine doesn't even work until around 2040, I will have to wait 30 years to even be able to use it again. How do I know you? Were you also sent back? Were you sent back to a time before my arrival or did you arrive recently? My parents I will most likely never see again. Although I have used the google search engine a few times on their names. Respnse: I'm not going to say online how you know me. I'm looking for someone that might be lost, and didn't expect you to be here. Enjoy Colorado, I won't 2nd guess you. Go visit Seattle, it's nice there. Do not go to Las Vegas, it is crime filled and very dangerous. Don't spend all of your money in one place. I'm not going to post thigs online. Q:What are the computers like in 2040 ? A: I had never seen a computer until we moved back to Boulder around 2027, I was around 17 years old. All the computers they had there were Unix based systems. I bought a cheapo Windows computer so I could get on the Internet though. I like the Windows its pretty to play with. Although, as soon as I hooked it up I got invaded, so I had to setup a router and firewall. I'm still learning about computers so please take it easy on me.
  13. Q: Elaborate on those stories. BTW, you can prove your story easily. Do a DNA test along with yourself on this time. People here could offer their assistance to do it. I mean, who could deny in participating in a story that could involve a time traveler? So, your excuse will be... what now? A: I don't necessarily have a problem with someone taking my DNA now, but how would you possibly get the DNA from my younger self living in Boulder Colorado in 2010. I guess that is what I have a problem with. What if you decide to kill me? I wouldn't let anyone near my younger self. I won't even go near my younger self. I will gladly elaborate, I spent 15+ years out there in the wilderness of the mountains. But please, so I don't bore anyone, tell me what you want me to elaborate on? I can tell you how we store food. Where we built a shelter in the mountain caves. How we heated the cabin, where we buried our dog Brutus. How we hunted mountain goats and caught fish in the streams. My dad had a system for everything and he taught me. You tell me what you want me to elaborate on, I'll elaborate. but its all pretty boring, 15 years away from civilization. I remember learning to read by candlelight. Learning to type on an old typewriter. I remember it all. A: Yes, there were several people from Texas living in Boulder when I left. They said its a wasteland now. They came up along the mountains over the course of several years. We also have people who came to Boulder from New Mexico and Utah and Oklahoma. They all said there's nothing left where they came from. My advice to you if you live in Texas, when things heat up, get out of there and move into the Rockies. Q: swear on your mother's life you are not lying A: I swear on my mothers life I am not lying or deceiving anyone here. To the best of my knowledge and recollection, everything I am telling you people is completely legitimate. I lived it! Q:you say we have a terrible outlook comming ahead of us..Why come here to stay to go through a terrible sittuation that your parents told you about..Wouldnt you be at risk of posibly dieing in this time line..Another thing living here in this time takes alot of money. 18,000 dollars and some gold dosnt seem to be alot to survive unless you want to live on the streets..Do you have a car now?? A: I spent 15 years of my childhood in seclusion in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I was always curious about what had happened and why there weren't more people. When we went back to Boulder after about 15 years, it was eerily quiet compared to what my parents remembered. I know of a place where there will be a large group of people who survive. Many of those survivors came to Boulder and told us of their ordeals. This time around, I am going to spend my 15 years with more than just 2 other people (my parents). I only need to hangout for a year, then make my travel preparations to my final destination. I only need enough money to last that long and get me there. Afterwards the pieces of paper will only be useful as kindling. I don't have a car or a license, I don't even know how to drive. The first time I saw a car that worked (that I can remember) is when we first moved back to Boulder I think in 2027.
  14. A: Not ignoring, I'm trying to get to everyone's questions. Ok here we go. I didn't bring back anything physically from the future that could be identified as positively from the future. I was given vintage clothing of the time, some food, medical supplies and a big wad of cash. Even the cash is all dated before 2010. I don't know where they got the old stuff, or the old money. As a young child my parents took me to an old cabin in the mountains. We lived there for years, more or less completely cut off from the outside world. Most of the info I have comes from my parents or people that I have talked to since we moved back to boulder. I personally don't expect anyone to believe me until [censored] starts getting bad and they start bugging out like we did. I can tell you everything about the cabin I lived in for over 15 years. How we hunted and foraged for food and supplies. What happened to the rest of the world, I don't think anyone has the full story. You talk to people and they tell you some stories and their "theories" about what happened, but its all conjecture. A: They built the machine in Boulder Colorado, where I am originally from. We bugged out into the mountains for years and came back to Boulder. There is still quite a bit of technology and computers around, don't ask me how they did it, but they did it in Boulder! Q:Can you discuss any differences in the modes of travel, internal combustion engines, non-fossil fuel use and so on in your time please? It would be interesting to see what things have shifted or not. Also, what differences are their in basic morality? Are people more honest, due to living in smaller communities, or is it about the same? A: Thank you, I didn't expect so many people to be so upset with me so quickly. I thought they would either believe me or not, and if they didn't they would just move on. For years the only transportation I had were my feet and where they would take me. We ran out of gas for our old pickup a long time ago. In Boulder when I left, they had some cars running, but mostly for community efforts, not individuals wanting to get from point A to point B. Gas is the real issue, so most people here ride bikes. I wish I had one when I lived in the mountains. Morality is everything. We all treat each other with the respect we deserve. I can't remember a time when someone lied to me, that is almost unheard of. After all, what is there to lie about? A: We store food outside in the snow. So I guess refrigeration wasn't our main concern. High up in the mountains where we were, there's always a snowpack somewhere. There's always a place the sunlight doesn't quite reach. And without an alarm clock, or chickens (which we also didn't have), how do you get up in the morning? You'll be wasting all your daylight hours sleeping buddy, and someone else will be out there catching YOUR FOOD while you sleep in.
  15. Q: Aliens? Any major disasters natural or man-made that don't concern the war? A: I think Aliens exist, but I've never heard of any or seen any. For 2 years as a child I would go outside at night with my mother and father and we would look around and saw this purple/orange glow on the horizon. You could only see it really late at night when it wasn't hazy or cloudy. My father told me they were the "Fires of Civilization". To me it looked like a massive forest fire. We went into the mountains and had no contact with civilization for years and years and years. So I really don't know much about any natural or man-made disasters that might have happened during that time. Q:was the US ever invaded by other countries or was there ever a civil war in the US after 2012??? Nuclear ever hit The US?? A: I don't know if it was invaded, its no longer the United States though. Now its just each individual state (more or less) with a few that combined in the east I heard. I know there is no president or congress or whitehouse or capital. I think the orange glow we saw on the horizon for at least 2 years was a nuclear event. But we've never heard of anyone coming back from there with information about it. News travels slowly where I come from. This Internet thing is amazing, I'm learning all sorts of things about the computers of your time.
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