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  1. all this bad news is just making me wana go lay down and die
  2. man, peter i hope you didn't fall out of bed when you read that ground breaking news
  3. Poster: PamelaM217 we don't want to meet you either
  4. i had a dream titor was full of crap and pamela should be in a mental institution somewhere..
  5. im just wondering why pamelas still trying to sell this story 10 years later
  6. how does some guy with a laughable time travel story actually pull this much of a con job on you?
  7. yeah come back john titor and make some more dead wrong predictions . please. we need another peter novak/ zeshua, hdrkid on the forum
  8. zeshua's battin a 1000, that's why pete needs to explore different interpretations of zeshua's predictions.
  9. something about as lethal as a cold . big deal. the worlds not gonna end.
  10. ...it's goin underground now, the media won't report it, it's a huge cover up. we'd better just keep checking back here to find out when the world ends.
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