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  1. Re: SORRY NO3rd Annual \"Titor Was BS\" Party-1 Jan 2009 if you believe everything everyone of these "time travelers" say why are you here? this isn't a sci-fi fantasy forum, not last i checked anyway.
  2. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath timeline was proven to be a liar from the very first post he made, if some of you want to keep encouraging this then you probably deserve what you're gonna get.
  3. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath timeline, why don't you quit lying you delusional pshyco?
  4. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath 3. When you say the soul comes to the physical body for learning, what is the point of coming to a mentally retarded body? The soul cannot learn anything and wait for death?? don't you know people from the future obviously have knowledge about what happens after you die
  5. why does doctorz (troll) always have to be the center of attention?
  6. Re: Rainman is a spy and PSI OP!!! and a Troll calling someone a troll doesn't make you any less of troll
  7. Re: California \"tent city\" for homeless tent cities? omg this is civil war!
  8. Re: If any of you have really time traveled contac yeah me too, i agree with rainmantime. so piss off doctor z
  9. didn't pete say bye and tell everyone he was leaving finally?
  10. zeshua deleted his post, that's really futuristic and magical
  11. Re: Joint Forces report warns Mexico could ... hdrbozo takin over this thread now?
  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO the witch is dead , zeshua and peter are done annoying everyone! Got Salt?
  13. i had a dream i was riding a motorcycle....
  14. i say who cares at this point, he wasn't even remotely close in predicting anything. threads like these probably just boost his ego
  15. Re: Experiment with Time, your assistance is reque imagine that
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