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  1. Zeshua is 100% vague garbage , anyone with half a brain can see that. I just feel sorry for poor peter novak.
  2. I know jenny wont ever reply to anything honestly. :) I just find it ridiculous that she's here acting like she's debunking titor after 5+ years of nonstop dribble about coke blaq, hilary clinton president, bird flu and whatever else retarded predictions she's made... then the nerve to cry about skeptics..
  3. is this hdrkid finally admitting she's a liar? how's that coke blaq, kid?
  4. Re: AND HISTORY REPEAT'S IT SELF i cant decide who's more annoying zeshua or hdrloser
  5. Re: John Titor. Why it didn't come true.. yet. why didn't titor mention CERN's massive recent failure, if he was the real deal...
  6. Re: Schrodinger's cat i thought johntitor.com woulda gave it up by now
  7. Re: Raydemort Against The Timetravelers was:Order I know if i was a time traveler, i'd go back in time just to post on a message board , whining about people being mean to me.
  8. Whining must be really popular in the future, with all these time travelers boohooing about mean debunkers constantly.
  9. The coming posts contain information that will hopefully clarify what we are trying to achieve here. These posts will contain information about the past (from this point in time) and the future. But I must warn you....... A lot of what has been written so far in our initial communication and the words that follow will be debunked and ridiculed by many people. These people can be classed under two categories:1) Established and Deliberate Debunkers 2) Reactions from people due to denial I like how this guy has to insult anybody who'd want to criticize his story before he even makes any predictions. If you really were a time traveler wouldn't you be secure enough with yourself you wouldn't care what skeptics thought?
  10. Re: What are the chances of a pole shift? 99.7% What's the culture like in whatever pretend time you're imagining?
  11. if titor woulda been real he woulda said something like " western civilization dies in 08 thanks to urkel and the democrats"
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