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  1. So the expansion of the universe is not by the repulsive force of dark matter?
  2. Problem of "many worlds" theory I personally see is that if such would exist on the premise that every possible outcome would play out exists as it's own universe, is that then there is no free will. That is already on the top of the fact that the premise of "every possible outcome" seems ridiculous when you look at the physical universe on a quantum scale and you have these tiny bits moving around (or quantum tunneling) where it could move one way and not another. In such a "every possible outcome a full universe exists" you would have a million different parallel universes just from microseconds of existence where particles went one way and not another...that doesn't even start to move into electrons or atom sized...let alone peoples choices. More than one parallel physical universe may exist (time line or no time line), but it has to have some other "natural law" governing creation of new "universe".
  3. Speak Freely tonight, topic of conversation started, the end of the world...as we know it...is it here, is it upon us? Whose prophecy or foretelling will be most accurate? Will there be a new "messiah"? ------------------------------------ Server/IP: speakfreely.vent.nfoservers.com Port: 20490 ------------------------------------ You can download Ventrilo at www.ventrilo.com ------------------------------------ I'm not sure where I should put this, the last one was about a variety of topics, the reason I put it in the time travel section is because some people think UFOs are humans for the future... So if there is a place you want me to put this let me know?
  4. Sunday night topic is going to be... Aliens, what evidence exists that they are here, if they are here. What are they? Inter-dimensional beings? Creatures from other planets? People from the future? Who has the evidence, if it exists? And, Lightworkers...working for good? Or working for evil? ------------------------------------ Server/IP: speakfreely.vent.nfoservers.com Port: 20490 ------------------------------------ You can download Ventrilo at www.ventrilo.com
  5. I wonder if the future me has ever figured what this thread was supposed to be about.
  6. Re: A Major Problem For 'Internet' Time Travellers While I don't believe many if any of these are actual "time travelers", one could always postulate that they are in fact "in our time" for periods of time. For example, it is like an FTP session, where you "log" into a time period, and from the remote future you spend your time there. So, your "mind" travels back in time to 2009, you spend 5 mins here, while these 5 mins elapse here, 5 mins elapses in your time. Or maybe I just gave them a huge copout from now on.
  7. You will not be able to post in 2 days. BTW, I don't think any of these guys are time travelers, my theory, besides the fact they could be regular every day people spewing bull, that they may very well be a group of beings or individuals trying to spread doctrine for future indoctrination. Some key words I've picked up on these various recent time travelers seems to suggest a connection with those who consider themselves to be "light workers" or those who work for a period of 1000 years of "enlightenment & peace", often times through a certain prophet, messiah, or figure. Very much like in Frank Herbert's Dune, doing the Missionaria Protectiva.
  8. In more words, yes this is what I was saying. You don't need to know how a car works (like how the internal combustion engine compresses air/fuel mixture at a certain ration to drive the piston etc) to move a car. All you need to know is that on a car you can press the gas to go, brake to stop, and wheel to steer. Same with time, we can quantify and examine all effects time has on the world around us, but I am saying is there is no scientific way to understand the nature of time. It is not to say that you, me, or someone else may be able to understand the true nature of time, just that they aren't ever going to express that scientifically, they can only express the effects and interactions.
  9. Yep, there is no evidence. Hence no way to extend understanding. Science will never understand time, science can only understand the effects of time (as those effects are measurable). Academically you don't need to understand time, you only need to understand the effects. I must point out even though I said what I said, I don't think these people are truly from the future.
  10. If you have to ask why, you truly do not understand time. It is not something that is easily explained or taught, it is something one must discover and experience for themselves.
  11. 1) I have a question, do YOU think this Ajaje or whatever his name ("Lisa" mentioned) is the one that people should get assistance from? 2) If yes, why. 3) If no, why. 4) Do you know who I am?
  12. I actually wasn't thinking he would be replaced...well unless the whole "anti-christ taking over his body after near death"...but, you know I like to make guesses in the real world. If it is staged...and it really occurs...then I would say Obama knew about it ahead of time. Whether is is "part" of such a said conspiracy, doesn't mean he is compliant. Could be completely out of his power to stop or change. He has tried to get a lot done over these first few hundred days, either he is trying to capitalize on his popularity (could be) or maybe he knew his time would be short? Then again, even though I said staged could just mean "he was aware of it", I personally took him saying "staged" to mean like....REAL, but put on a stage for the world to see, designed ahead of time for a purpose. Typically you assassinate your threats, however, Obama might not be a threat to them, in fact he could be their sacrificial lamb (pun intended maybe?) to push whatever following agenda that would occur. Or, we could wake up on the 28th and nothing has happened.
  13. I don't think staged automatically means the person isn't really assassinated in the sense they are hiding in a trap door. Staged could simply mean the person is aware that there will be an attempt on their life. Such as like on the movie Hitman (games are much better but the movie was decent).
  14. Since we are now off in koo-koo land, you know there are people who have believed for quite a few years now that Obama would become President, and there would be an assassination attempt on him, of which he would barely survive (like seriously injured for a while). And once recovering he would have the soul of the anti-christ take over his body. I swear I have heard at least 5 different people repeat this claim - no not saying this many people make it true - just that many people believe things like this (which right now surely seem koo-koo. Well, I guess we have 27 days to find if this is true eh?
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