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  1. Check this out !!! Re: Spots on Venus This guy says he works in NASA and got a video on Nibiru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKBvkZoVCY8
  2. Re: Spots on Venus Charlie has just replied my message, saying their absence will continue for a few more months. So I presume until they return, it's still fine for us..
  3. Re: is the Soho Images claimed to be Nibiru a hoax Though there are some plane crashes recently, but I still don't think The Signs are obvious..
  4. Re: is the Soho Images claimed to be Nibiru a hoax Could you provide us with the original link of this article? Thanks. :)
  5. Re: Meteorites... Well I have never really watched this movie in its entirety, it just makes me wonder that if people would really tell they love each other before they cross over to other world during Pole Shift. See how typical the scenes are in such an event... Deep Impact (1998) - Meteor hits Earth *16x9 HD*
  6. Re: Independent Source tells about TGC I got this in my e-mail. And there's a thread here at Project Avalon forum talks about something may happen around August.
  7. Re: Independent Source tells about TGC This piece of information is horrible...:( Source: ZetaTalk LIVE Chat March 28
  8. Re: Independent Source tells about TGC I wonder where has our shepherd gone? Has he abducted by the STS Zetas? :confused:
  9. Re: Independent Source tells about TGC Divine Goddesses: Time to Step Forward
  10. It's not coincidence nor copy and paste. Charlie has confirmed with me that the Zetas who have been communicated with Nancy are indeed Service-to-Others. He also mentioned that the people would start flocking back to ZetaTalk once the signs before the Pole Shift are clear. So basically, their infomation is coming from the same source (The Zetas). I was thinking about what should I do next in my life, and I was disturbed by the information Charlie has brought us with. Somehow I hoped that some guidance would be shown in my dream. I didn't dream, but synchronicity happened. I think I got the answer I was looking for from someone's post yesterday. I think the recent swine flu event might be a precursor to some flooding or tsunami event, according to one dream I read yesterday from someone's post. He dreamed that many people have died from some kind of a virus, and many are drowned in water afterwards. The dreamer didn't believe his own dream and took it just a dream.
  11. Re: It's a FACT!!! I think he would post it once the time is right.
  12. SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A Navy lawyer who clashed with superiors over defense tactics for a Guantanamo detainee has been fired from the case of a Canadian accused of killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan, officials said Saturday.
  13. STRASBOURG, France – European leaders enthusiastically praised President Barack Obama's new Afghan strategy at a NATO summit Saturday but held their ground on a central disagreement and offered only military trainers and extra security forces for upcoming elections.
  14. I think the whole point of the story isn't about when can we see it, it's about by the time you can see it, are you ready for the wild ride? It should be pretty close to the shift itself, once it is blatantly clear there is something beside the sun. It wouldn't do you any harm if you prepare early, even *IF* this is a hoax after all. If you want to make sure it is real before deciding to prepare, it might be a bit too late by the time you find out.
  15. When people can't see Nibiru in May, it might further trigger a pool of disbelievers, because many people are expecting it and want to judge it with their own eyes. Naturally, all the Planet X debunkers would automatically be debunked once the object is obvious to see, and the Signs are so clear that it is only possible for paranoids to ignore.
  16. Screaming - The Professional Way Everyone is advised to perfect their screaming skill so as to make the coming shift an enjoyable experience. :)
  17. I could only imagine his work must be taxing and stressful, so guys, refrain yourselves from asking petty questions (so that he could focus more on his mission). Leave them at least some good impressions about the past human on Earth. :)
  18. Hi Charlie, I appreciate your replies, thank you. Now come to the real part of life, is it a STS act when one deliberately not to inform a clearly STS person about the impending disasters (provided he would believe once he is told)? And how about deliberately not to rescue someone who is clearly a STS during the disasters (if he might threathen one's survival afterwards) ? Hope you can shed some light on this.
  19. (I was asking about Peninsular Malaysia in which I live.) Horrible! Do you think a small boat made of wood would survive? Or perhaps a simple life jacket to swim to the higher things?
  20. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath: Others Weapons That is a good site, various key topics are covered in a short and to the point way; considering the short time we are left, it's just not motivated to read those long, thick books. Do you have any other good and concise sites to share? For those who are looking for more information, there's a collection of survival-related e-books here: Avalon Ark Library You would need a Project Avalon account to log in. Click on 'Avalon Ark Library' at the top tab after logging in to access the categories.
  21. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath I am not a subscriber yet.. :(
  22. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath Hi Charlie. What is your advice for loners? For some reasons, they couldn't find any like-minded people to discuss about this (let alone forming survival group). Most likely they would/have to survive alone. I really look forward to a better world which is free of STS people as you have described. :)
  23. Nearly 200 whales stranded on Australian beach Nearly 200 whales stranded on Australian beach Could this be the sign of something is going to happen around Australia? :confused:
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