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  1. Re: Experiment with Time, your assistance is reque 1. will i ever time travel and save my mother? Most likely not. We do not believe physical time travel is currently possibly. 2. will i live my dreams? or will i be stuck in this hellhole forever? If you live within the Contiguous 48 states you will most likely remain with the "hellhole" as you put it. 3.will my children live a long happy life? Probably not, unless you escaped and took them with you. Children were often left behind though, and thought to be a burden during times of mass migrations to Canada and Mexico. I was left behind as a child so I can attest to this. 4.where is my favorite place to go? We do not know who you are, how do you expect us to know? If you would like you can send an electronic message to [email protected] with your name, your age in 2009 and the city/state where you currently reside. A crosscheck can be run and we can determine if any articles or news stories of the time mention your name or a new place of residence. 5.how will i die? Most likely the same way as everyone else of your time. During the Great Reclamation, either towards the beginning when the bottom drops out of the dollar and most cities and counties go bust, along with several of the larger states. Or immediately afterwards when your city is invaded and you were unable to flee. Several billion die worldwide. Or You may die in 2012 when a series of events between Russia and Iran cause an exchange of nuclear ordinance. Israel is forced into a response and the result is that several billion die worldwide as a result of radiation. Or You may die in 2015 when the Destroyer of Worlds returns to wipe the face of the planet clean. A great plague is unleashed and although millions have died before due to other tragedies, this particular plague is responsible for billions of deaths worldwide.
  2. Ray, it is good speaking with you again. This experiment has everything to do with time. I apologize if you have become confused by the stated goals of this experiment. Let us clear up any confusion. You (The general public) are to ask questions about the future. We will attempt to answer as many of those questions as we can as honestly as we can within the confines of what the simulator allows us to say. Responses that we are able to give will contain 1 nugget of truth, and 2 plausible but incorrect answers. With the goal of being able to provide your time with information about the future without severely impacting the timeline.
  3. We will be conducting the following experiment which will be completed before March 2009. During the course of this experiment, we will be taking questions from the general public and selectively answering those questions within the confines of this experiment. In order to maintain our feasibility within this study, the following methods are stated beforehand. Selective answering method - Questions will be directly inserted into a simulator. The simulator will determine the nature of the question, its feasibility in being answered, and if it falls within the guidelines, a respective answer along with (2) plausible but incorrect answers will be given. Quality control will be maintained by the simulator. This experiment commences immediately. Please allow us time to maintain and control the experiment, some answers may take longer than others. In many cases we are simply given descriptive words and must create the sentence structure around those words. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --- The United States of America, in 2009, was teetering at the very heights of its greatest triumphs, only to succumb to the depths of its enormous debts. The entire capitalistic empire which had hedged the entire worlds markets initiated a free fall slide that demolished capital and destroyed world wide wealth. This Global economic collapse was so much worse than the depression era of the 30's. Millions of Americans were turned into homeless. There was no quick or sudden economic turn around, things did not suddenly "Get Better." What do you want?
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