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  1. Now,as you are completely ignorant of the charming and lovely emotional heritage of innocent and loving impulses of your forebears, here is a very evocative song. For an example,'High Noon' was a movie, which, in the honest principal character's finding of the really cowardly impulses of his fellow citizens, was unerringly accurate. Bad times and bad people are ahead. Kick them in the nuts. Now, I must tell you, before going on to post this lovely piece, is that the youtube crabs make it more and more difficult to link to anything that will lift the human heart or spirit. Make your own judgment. Completely separately, and outwith this discussion is http://prisonplanet.com The truth will out, eventually, probably too late. Now here is Ann Margret, before the Vegas Lizards controlled her and her career. This is a very long and difficult link to post, and that confected difficulty is completely deliberate. They want to remove the loving heart of human communication. It's all about separation, isolation and control. Anyhow,it's still there. Enjoy this loveliness while you can. If you would stop watching the television rubbish for a few days, you'd find that people are not cynical grabbing rubbish, which is what they want you to believe. Most people are rather shy and lovely, in their hearts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfSUtGlxZa0&feature=PlayList&p=C53CDBA8828A96DB&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=45
  2. rembrandt


    Have you been watching television?
  3. rembrandt


    You are taking the piss. You are seeking objectives. There is no objective. What do you want? Your guts are not empty. If they were, you would soon find an objective. Check your bank account then check the bank account of the 5 thousand million who haven't got a pot to piss in. Personally, I'm the same as you, I don't give a f..k. But then, I'm a selfish human being who wants to be entertained and catered to until my carcase is tipped into a hole in the ground. Next!
  4. Re: AND........!!!!! You, if that is the correct description, are not clocking reality. Professional help will be with you, sooner or later,in a structured environment. You have a bad vibe.
  5. Got this off a Bermas discussion at http://prisonplanet.tv Here's the map... http://idemc.org
  6. Re: AND........!!!!! There you go. A realistic view of how the universe actually works is better than hanging on to disproven theories that are shot through with lacunae and distortions of observable fact to mask their inappropriateness.They were acceptable for their time. Explanations of reality get closer to the truth of the matter as we move forward. Have a good one as well bub.
  7. Re: AND........!!!!! Every generation thinks they have the final word. If you remain bonded to the past and blinkered to new developments, that is your choice. There's nothing wrong with that. People get set in their ways. It's human nature.
  8. Re: AND........!!!!! Your defensiveness is understandable. As a new generation arises with a more realistic explanation of natural phenomena, the old guard always bristles at the toppling of the ideation inculcated in them by their long gone mentors. That's ok.
  9. Re: AND........!!!!! You must've tried out the recipe for lunarium juice, half raw alcohol and half aquarium. Next time, go a bit heavier on the aquarium, and reach a bit deeper with the dipper.
  10. Re: AND........!!!!! As for your gratuitous insults, you can stick them where the Sun don't shine.
  11. Re: AND........!!!!! You seem a little confused. Get ahold of yourself. http://www.holoscience.com lays out all you need to know on the electric universe. There are other sites as well, already posted here, which have pages of detailed explication. You will find it interesting and it will broaden your entrenched paradigm.
  12. Conspiracy theorist? What conspiracy?
  13. There's some kind of discussion on http://shoutcast.com about it. Someone called Alex Jones. Seems to be top dog on the broadcast list.
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