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  1. Ah Mr. Comedian. As I suspected another hoaxer and debunker, who just pulled rule number three, from the The Four Rules of Debunking. You can apply this to any subject, it doesn't matter. 1 What the public doesn't know, we are not going to tell them. 2 Don't bother us with the facts, our minds are made up. 3 If we can't attack the data, we will attack the people; it is much easier. 4 Do one's research by proclamation, rather than investigation. It is much easier and most people won't know the difference. All I am asking is for is real proof. You'd rather stick to rule three.
  2. Ok Mr. Time Traveler, If you're real, flitz back to September 1998 for me and I'll give you an email I want to send to myself. You send it. Let's test this out now. Otherwise, You've read too much Ray Bradbury. How's Rod been?
  3. I've read of users on this board who claim to have done this or have others do it for them. I want to experiment also. So if there are any real TT out there, I would like to send an email to myself back to 1998. I realize this forum is for fun, but on that 1% chance TT is real and there are TT out there, I really want to do this. I don't want lottery numbers, nothing of that sort.
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