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  1. I dare them to show there face to my shop and prove me otherwise , it will be such a waste of cash i will report it to the proper authority
  2. No they dont , they cant come at my office and arrest for any invalide reason they cant even set foot in canada with the written concent of the GRC and the provincial police and most of my local police know who i am so that goes to say if something is gonna happen to me , my police buddy will certainly warm me, lol this one is real good i laugh my ass off
  3. I hate to say NEwbie, but your narrow minded ways will stop you from reaching your goal and you might end up dead killed by the CIA when they trace your ip adress and check you claim by all hope i pray to the lord that your not located in the USA cuz they will do it, the only reason why im still alive cuz they dont have access to Canada and they dont take me seriously enough to do anything because i keep my true project secret i always tell stuff around but i will never reveal my true secret ,also to all of you out there , like there is many way to move about on this planet(car, bicycle, foot, planes) well there are many way to time travel , there was never one universal rule that made time travel a synistic way to do one thing , there are right now 124 way to time travel , and all of them are as effective as the next it just vary on your interpretation of it , mine will surely take you physically thru time and was approuved by my old military friend who work for the secret service here in Canada, so yes im on my way my only problem is the cash flow to pursue this and i must be patient and work hard to realize my project im not begging anyone for money far from it im selling stuff on my website to help my move forward. so good luck and i pray that your not in the USA cuz there a CIA agent on this website monitoring everything good luck
  4. i dont think believing in god and having faith is a sin or a bad thing , care to explain to others and myself your comment
  5. Dont become part of your own circuit. im sorry but thats exactly the reason why the PX fail there was no one at the healm to control its destination it needed a human mind to tell it were to head to , dont worry im not gonna kill myself and i dont let anyone get to me god is on my side and he tell me to be positive about this and try as hard a si can and not to give up cheers Francois
  6. The first time around i only had a car at my disposal , hence why i use the car but this time around i have more at my disposal so i build this so it wont caught fire its all steel and no plastic , as for the mind part thing of majig , its no an hdr dont worry steven gibbs influence stop at this guys door it wont going in my machine again, only a brain wave receiver made by my friend , maybe i ll show some picture one day. on this thanks for your nice reply , i hope RMt will reply positively as well cheers your friend Francois
  7. the last time i try something like this i was in a car and the outer structure of the car caught on fire for unknown reason , so i feel confortable using my home made steel structure and it doesnt need to move this time around just brought close to a grid point or intense magnetic field , the wheel on the machine are there to move it around because it does weight in at 275lbs now , so imagine once its done how much it should weight.
  8. yes time travel is possible and we need someone with a powerfull mind to make it work cuz time travel can only be achieve by using the human mind interface , the human mind is the key to time travel its the key to the fourth dimension , the mind frequency can access the 4th realm and help the vibratory field get in sync with it , i still wonder why someone like you still argue that its not possible , why dont you let down the gate of skepticism and try to figure out by yourself , no need for physic or science only the mind can conceive the impossible , god gave us the gift , just use it.
  9. Re: An idea for a potential experiment Kidding , you think im this lame , nope i got over harte zeo and starlord they wont bring me down , lol if you think i take myself this seriously , you dont know me very well, lol cheer up no matter what RMT say i wont be affected, as for showing any plan , wow thats a big one there , most of my plan are for sale on timenomore , so you can buy them via a donations , your welcome to pay a visit , i had help from professor opmmur so far im just down with building the bare structure at this moment im stuck with low funds so i cannot go any further , but when things will go back to normal i will resume my work , for now i have my summer work keeping me very busy , the electronic is already done in one part , the timepod can be completed when the steel structure is finish , and no i wont plug my machine in a electrical socket i use battery to make it self substain and we are working on a self energize generator to recharge them along the way, so yes we pretty far off and yes we are actually doing something about it , weve been working on this project since december 2009 but my team arent rich people so all the help we can get are welcome, cheers Dr Z check my vids on youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/deadz74 web page
  10. Re: An idea for a potential experiment well with the welcome i got im not interessted to post more , sorry but RMT got me piss off again sorry but i dont feel like posting again see you some other time
  11. Yes physical time travel can be achieve by manipulating the vibratory field around any vehicule you plan to use ( as long as it has a resonant cavity ) the correct plan for achieve is still a mystery but i know i got the basic jist of it hence why im building my new project i really plan to go thru with this project once more , lets hope i wont kill myself in the process
  12. you are all aware that the human mind is the key to time travelling and a hdr base device is necessary to achieve time travel and that you can time slip by creating a magnetic field that would vibrate at such a low frequency that light would flow thru , thus achieving time slip.
  13. farfetch idea i put them in the maybe box , i will look upon your idea at a later time but thanks for the your input. cheers in startign to introduce the electronic tonight
  14. this is why i plan to introduce inside the structure my human mind interface device wich simply consist of a coil head band around the head that can capture your mind energy and pulse it thru the device thru the cadeus coil at every corner of the machine also i plan to introduce on the upper portion and the lower portion of the machine a serie of light that would blink in a rotation pattern and just behind the light a serie of magnet shape in a cadeus formation again to make it pulse at the same time , i think with all theses ingredient i would use the best of all thing to creat a time travel ship wich is compact and work with simple technology, in fact it would be another BX , the only thing i need to prepare once again is my spiritual side because im beat up right now and have no energy to do anything i must get back into shape . cheers Dr Z
  15. my friend in the army are loyal citizen not mindless army drone there faith lie within the human populus not serving the man , they have a secret affiliate with the canadian secret service that wish to use this technologie to help and prevent event or make change in the pass , they dont have there own agenda except the one of serving and defending the population interess , thats who they are , they help me fund my first experiment and have help protect me from any negative outside force but for now they ran out of faithfull people so im on my own for now i no longer have a shield over my head to protect me , that why i posted this message and no one in the US army are like them they are all drone , brainwash citizen made to serve the man not the US citizen interess, so beware of any army personal who look sympathic to our cause.
  16. Re: I plan to build a real life merkaba i visited the guy link above ( not RMT ) but the one on the second reply about rhe merkaba and the guy say it can be use to time travel if i use a computer to synchronize the frequency thru the winding on the merk , so im up to something i can actualy afford to build soon i will keep you guys up to date on my development cheers thanks for all the help sincerly dr z
  17. HI guys apparently they , have had enough of us all truthseekers and conspiraty nuts , and have set there plans in motion some folks say that those fema camps are activated now and there are new prisoners in them now i dont know wich its a message i got on my cellphone (sms) from one of my contact in ohio he say they have had enough there plans his in motion now and they will start to take the trouble maker down one by one and hunt them down like the propagandist that they are ) him one of them in my community ) here about 45% of the local populus are aware of whats going on and plan to leave st the first sign of [censored] , some of them wants to fight and even my army buddy wont let there officier take over us civilian so keep your eyes peel they have had enough cheers Dr z AJ you better watch your ass your the biggest loud mouth outh there and you are probably the number one on there list
  18. Re: I plan to build a real life merkaba scalar wave are generated by a counter rotting magnetic field ( you take one wire and twist it on itself than (at least 6 to 10 feet long) then wound it up in a sprial formation then take one end connect it to a positive charge then the other end to a negative charge then pulse it this give up scalar wave and then if you set it up to a hdr like device ( hum let say a reality manipulator) it will amplify the minds tought s into reality if the mind is well prepare enough and does not absorb the surrounding area energy ( wich is undirected and can turn bad if not turn back on itself as your own) you can youtube this suject and meet tom bearden that explain how they actually work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wypYFe3JXdE realitymanipulator these are pretty much what scalar wave , they amplify the human mind power , i use this in my BX time travel experiment using it along side a delta T piramyd cheers hope this could enlighten you as well as your website as enlighten me in the past hope you could post the link to your website again sincerly Dr z
  19. Re: I plan to build a real life merkaba i got tons of valuable info about the merkaba with the reply above but as still unfamiliar with most of the kabal , what a real life structure of a merkaba could bring to one self inside using scalar wave to generate a field inside... cheers thank you glad to see you rainman sincerly Dr Z
  20. Re: I plan to build a real life merkaba Has anyone seen rainman time , he might be able to help as well since he know a lot about this . this was helpfull as well
  21. Hi everyone , i was searching for rainman time to ask him some good question about this venture of mine i plan to do ( build a real life structure of the merkaba and insert a scalar wave generator in each point and make magnetic file go counter clock wise on the top and bottom , i already try the feeling using my reality manipulator with a small scale merkaba above it 10 inch high and it had some real powerfull effect i need to play more with it , but mainly what im looking for is to know ( because i dont have a clue) what would power i would be messing with if i build a full size merkaba ( one i can step inside) and active the scalar wave generator what would it achieve then , because in small scale it work awesomely thanks for your input dont worry , please be honest sincerly Dr z
  22. Re: I believe \"Rainman Time\" is aptly named... wooo ,information overload , this is more than i can chew , awesome work , here you go rainmant , this is what i was talking about , thank you guy this week end the timenomore team is gathering to discuss who we can focus on reading the earth resonnance frequency so we can at least be sure on wich level it work on then we can pinpoint the rest of what you guys feed me as valuable information , im sure a 100% that with what i have now at my disposaL I can work a working theory , there after will be creating a device to make the theory work in a low level energy device .thank you all i will let you know on my development by Pm ..ing each one of you ,, except those whop do not wich to collaborate on a productive idea. cheers DR Z my sincere thank you to you all
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