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  1. Hi Pam and Darby! Long time on see. :)) I've been banned at glp too. No biggie. LOL I hope you guys are doing well!
  2. Thank you for your explanation! I look forward to hearing more. :)
  3. Re: Surviving In The Aftermath Hello Timeline_39! I am Virtualgirl. If you are truly part of the JT saga then you should know who I am. Please let me know. I'm curious as to what method you used to travel to our time? Btw, I mean no disrespect with my questions. You should be able to travel to my current coordinates. I'll be waiting for you. Please advise to the exact location and time. Me and one of my associates have been working on the exact problems that you have been discussing. It's quite interesting that we are coming to some of the same conclusions. Anyway, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
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