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  1. WHERE IS JOHN TITOR EPISODE 13 Hello to all in the Time Travel Institute Family. It's been a while but we have always valued and appreciated the feedback and information we've gathered from this community. We are back at it again with a series of new videos. We plan on getting one on one interviews with key players in the Titor story as well as deeper investigation into the John Titor Foundation. We'd also like to be able to interview some of you on this forum. People who have claimed to talk to John, People who have theories on John - Believers and Skeptics. If you would be interested in doing so - please contact us at [email protected] We are gearing up to start interviews in January 2011. Thanks again and enjoy the newest installment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B_dYkRaS3M
  3. so, the last video didn't go over too well. if at first you don't succeed... http://www.eyesviewproductions.com/blog/2009/09/where-is-john-titor-video-7/ thanks! -eyesview-
  4. WHERE IS JOHN TITOR EPISODE 6: The Habers So without further adieu here it is! - Where is John Titor Video 6: The Habers! Sorry for the wait to all of you out there, we have been busy around the office lately and Titor has taken a back seat to some of our production jobs. Back on track with where we left off, eyesview followed up our phone conversation with Larry Haber in Video 5 by meeting him at a location in celebration florida. The day of the interview Eyesview received a message by Larry stating an address and time to meet him for the sit down. Arriving at the location early and setting up, eyesview received another phone message from larry stating he could not make the meeting. So we packed up our gear and headed home, feeling rather put on. Later that evening we received a third message from Larry, this time he told us he would be at another location in Celebration with his family and that he only had limited time to speak with us. With the clock ticking, eyesview raced back down to Celebration to find Larry, hoping that this wouldn't be a second wasted attempt. Once we arrived Larry was there as promised and with him, his brother, Richard, and to our pleasant surprise-BRANDON HABER! We could not believe we had walked in on three of Titor's most speculated suspects. After our introduction we were escorted to the back room of the establishment where we set up fast and began the interview. What you will see is the 10 or so minutes we were given by Larry and his family to field only a few select questions. In the end Larry made it clear to us that we could contact him in the future with further questions and actually get the longer interview we wanted originally. After leaving Celebration, later that night eyesview received a final phone message from Larry. This message instructed us to omit certain things Larry had told us in regards to John's Mother (Kay Titor). With all said and done we did as he requested and until further notice we must omit the information. Larry did however allow us to use the recorded message he left us. So that about wraps up our dealings with Larry Haber for now. Currently eyesview is starting to go back to the basics with the Titor Mythology - revisiting the older posts and other people's research on the forum threads. With this we hope to compile more information and eventually tell the titor story to everyone out there from the beginning. From where we originally started off - at a mailbox in kissimmee, there still was 9 years of research before us. We look forward to learning more about the man or myth and to truly answer our number one question and name of our video blogs- WHERE IS JOHN TITOR? Thanks to everyone who has kept up with us. More to Come. http://www.eyesviewproductions.com/blog/2009/08/where-is-john-titor-video-6/ O_o
  5. LARRY AND RICK HABER INTERVIEW- Monday August 8th! Hello to all. It has been a while since we have posted on here. For those who have been following our Where is John Titor Videos on our blog, thanks for all your input and for watching. After going to celebration and calling Larry Haber -as seen in our previous post's video - a few weeks afterwards we received a voicemail from LARRY - http://www.eyesviewproductions.com/blog/2009/07/where-is-john-titor-video-4/ So today we wanted to post that we just recently got in contact with the man himself - LARRY HABER. Check out the latest video of our phone conversation with LARRY - http://www.eyesviewproductions.com/blog/2009/08/where-is-john-titor-video-5/. We wanted to put the word out there to you timetravelinstitute folks that we have scheduled a sit down interview with larry AND his brother RICK HABER this coming monday AUGUST 8th. We did not expect to kill two birds with one stone but the stage is set to break some ground and cover any of the burning questions the titor community might have. SO THAT MEANS - send us the questions we should be asking the Habers! You all are the experts and have been doing this a lot longer than us, so help us by sending your questions for Larry and Rick to the e-mail below. [email protected] Larry has asked we submit some of of our questions prior to the interview. So we plan on doing that this coming Sunday evening August 9th. We again thank everyone in the anomalies.net community for all your help and guidance up to this point. It looks like so far it has paid off to get an audience with Larry. Let's do this! Hit us up. -Eyesview-
  6. we called larry haber...he called us back! http://www.eyesviewproductions.com/blog/2009/07/where-is-john-titor-video-4/ thanks for letting us post! -eyesview-
  7. we went to celebration, fl. it rained...we filmed...we blogged. hope you guys enjoy the newest vid - thanks for the forum! http://www.eyesviewproductions.com/blog/2009/07/where-is-john-titor-video-3/ eyesview
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Over the weekend Eyesview filmed our latest venture to Celebration, FL, which we are currently editing now. We should have it up soon, but in the mean time check out Where is John Titor? Video 2. It explains what we were hoping to find in Celebration.
  9. Thanks to razimus and darby II for the feedback on our video - Where is John Titor We didn't know there is so much to the Titor mythology! Alot of the information we came across "debunking" seems contradictory. We are heading to Celebration Florida for a follow up video. Does anyone have any tips, hints, suggestions for us?
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