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  1. This search string has over 6,000 results: "Temporal Displacement" Experience




    Like this one, it is not exactly what you described, but it's very interesting:


    My Location Displacement Experience - by James Bartley




    I do have one weird time experience. In about 1989, I was very active in the "Puget Sound Pool League" circuit and played in tournaments as well.


    One day, I was driving towards a tournament location, I was 2 hours early to practice on their tables. One stoplight before the driveway (I could see the sign) -- all of a sudden, one moment to the next, it was three hours later. I was still in my car, same location. I knew something was different because it was dark. I did go in, a bit bewildered, with no explanation for my friends. The tournament had started an hour ago.


    I never figured that out, no idea what that is called. I also saw a person disappear into thin air once, but that is another story.





  2. Curious George,


    I am not claiming anything, I saw this thread when you posted it, then later, I ran across the blurb in italics above in another forum---and when I saw it, I remembered YOUR THREAD HERE and thought you might find it interesting.


    That's all.


    I have never traveled in time in any way, and that is Not MY post in the linked thread.





  3. You might find this interesting...


    reply posted on 15-8-2008 @ 05:04 PM by ghostryder21




    ..."I don't discount time travel, as I myself, saw the events of 9/11 at 12 years of age back in the 1970's and was recorded in 1993/4 on video stating that I would be in my late 30's at the time of the event.




    During the period that this information came to me, I had gone missing for 3-4 hours. It was 6:25 when I left my friends house, and it was either 9:30, or 10pm, as the news was on when I came through the door. To me only seconds had elapsed, not hours.




    So, I do believe that time travel is possible given the right equipment and the ability to warp space and time. I know that the majority of UFO's have the ability to travel through different time frames..."





  4. Re: West Coast of the US - Puget Sound Region




    Question #2:


    On March 28, 2009 Dan Burisch announced the date and time given by the J-Rod as the T2 Pole Shift Event, had passed (at noon on that day). He translated this date from his diary a few days prior. Please see the link below. The link goes to a specific post in the Announcement thread -- the transcript of the meeting he called with the old MJ12 and the "New Group" --


    Eagle's Disobey - T2 Date Announced as March 28, 2009 at Noon




    You can scroll to the top for the original "Announcement"


    What am I/we to think about this?


    Based on what you said in the rope/strand/thread/knot(marker) analogy and the "building foundation" analogy, it would be too late for this to be averted, even if we jumped across to a new timeline, the fact remains we are still in the same space-time/area of the galaxy, "Above the marker" in history so-to-speak.... So, has the date changed at all? Why in your opinion, does Dan believe it is not happening? I would appreciate your comments on this.


    Your answer here:




    ...did not really address this in enough detail for those of us that follow the Eagle's Disobey forum closely. What is your divergence this trip, can you say? Is it POSSIBLE we have deviated off the Pole Shift event timeline? I want to move forward with no doubts.



  5. West Coast of the US - Puget Sound Region




    First, so not to waste your time, I have read all 650+ posts in this thread, before posting my first question.


    Thank you so much for coming back to help us! I am preparing for my (still in denial) family, and would appreciate a bit of guidance.


    Regarding Your Post:




    The situation is completely different on the West Coast. Firstly, the Pacific Compression forced oceanic plates under the continental plates along current fault lines. This happened with such force that heating of the substrata rock occurred and actually caused rock to melt in low laying areas. So remember, VALLEY + SUBDUCTING FAULT LINES = DEATH TRAP. Also significant mountain building occurred in certain regions. Think of Yosemite equivalent size to understand the sheer scale of the mountain building that will happen.


    Secondly, the tidal waves smashed the coast and went over the hills and mountains in close proximity to the coast line.



    Our family currently lives in the "Puget Sound" region of north-western Washington State, -- which is the "north-western-most" state in the US (excluding Alaska):


    Terrian Map of the Puget Sound Region






    The coast itself, I assume is decimated, along with Vancouver Island (B.C., Canada) The Puget Sound region, about 3-4 hours driving time EAST of the coast, east of the Olympic Mountains, and West of the Cascade Mountains, includes over 3.3 million people in 4 major cities from north to south:


    ---City of Everett


    ---City of Seattle (west of Lake Washington) and City of Bellevue (east of Lake Washington) - Lake Wa. is 22 miles long.


    ---City of Tacoma


    You can see from the map above, we could very well be subjected to tsunamis via the "Straight of Juan de Fuca" - and note this region is protected "some" by the Olympic Mountains...but considering the population density here, east of the Olympics, and having read this entire thread before posting, I realize I will want to settle outside of the major metropolitan/urban area for safety reasons you outlined.


    Next, referring to the link below...


    I was thinking I could still work in the city and live as far east as the small town of "Index, WA", and still move forward with preparations. Is the area of Index, 54 miles east of the urban area far enough east to be a home base, or should I go further east? I don't want to be underwater, or in an area where rock melts, etc... How far east should I go prior to the events to settle, wait and continue preps?


    Town of "Index, WA" - Terrain Map 54 miles east of (urban) Puget Sound Region






    This area is heading UP THE TO THE CASCADE PASS, but is still west of the pass heading east. My plan, is after a brief readjustment and settlement period, those of us that survive will then plan how to hide from looters, etc...(all you described). When my family is finally convinced to run, I want to be ready with a place to ride it out, whatever may come.


    I want to work as long as possible so I have the money to throw at food & survival gear, I took in 3 roommates and use most of the extra money in preps. Your information is invaluable to me.


    I plan on surviving, along with any family member that listens when it's obvious something is wrong. This is what I am here for, to live through it and help as many people as I can. To have supplies waiting to survive, food to make it till crops come in, etc...


    Anything you could tell me about this specific region would be useful, I will get the word out and save as many folks as I can but I need to know how far east to go to settle, wait and prepare. I need a safe home base to coordinate from. Also, the amount of preps I have is increasing, I'd like to get them moved, if necessary.


    I also have many questions about society in your time, but this is pressing and I will put those in another post.




    Cyndy Lynnwood (not my real name)


    PS: You are a hero!



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