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  1. A few years ago, I was at my folks' house while they were out for the evening. They would usually get home around the same time, and their cat would usually jump up on the table and "wait" to greet them a few minutes before that time. On one occasion, when the cat appeared, I looked at the clock and realized it was about an hour later than their usual time, but the cat somehow still knew. It was close to ten minutes between the time the cat would jump on the table and the time they'd arrive. Now, chalk it up to the cat just having super-sensitive smelling or hearing, but 7 or 8 minutes, travelling at highway speeds in a car...this puts them miles away, and I thought there was no way the cat could have known they were coming unless it had some sort of...well, extrasensory data coming in somehow. With that in mind, I naturally want to bring my cat to Vegas so it can pick winners for me. But seriously, what are your thoughts on cat's (or any animal's) ability to "sense" things? It seems to be pretty well-documented that they are portents of storms, earthquakes, natural disasters, etc. Could we harness this power for our own selfish gain? Would knowing the near future change it in this case, or in any case?
  2. \"Agreeing\" with interdimensional counterparts Say that all possibilities exist concurrently, running side-by-side (so to speak), unable to detect or affect one another's existence. The Joe Smith living in this reality, even if he presumes there is a Joe Smith living in several other realities, doesn't have the first clue on how to punch through the pressboard and shout a warning to his counterpart: "Don't marry your high school sweetheart," or "Bet on Green Bay!" But, if all realities do exist, then there is another me sitting in a parallel universe typing this very thing at this very moment, only his sweater is green, not white (and he types "his sweater is ________, not green"). Get the picture? There are gazillions of realities, but a fraction of those contain like-minded, nearly identical individuals -- the same individual, for all intents and purposes, who, once one of them decides he would like to coordinate with the others, can reasonably assume that the rest of "him" will too. So, what do they want to do together? How can they use their collective wills to conjure up the solution to all of their problems? Should they all wish to win the lottery? Surely one of them has already, so he may have no interest in monkeying around with the timeline, and drag his situation down to the level of his less-fortunate multi-buddies. That brings up the next question: if all of the realities run concurrently, how could it affect the past for any of them? If I did somehow punch through and yell "Bet on Green Bay" to one of the other "me"s, he would just yell back, "That was weeks ago, dummy!" So we'd have to coordinate mentally with Joe Smiths whose timeline was altered in some way; time for him was slowed down. The world he lives in never invented daylight savings time, or some freak astronomical anomaly made the Earth spin more slowly, or everybody is on ludes. It would be almost like making a note to my future self to drop a garbage can on the head of my pursuer, then it just happens. So far, nothing like that has happened, mainly because I don't know how to go back in time. But, if inter-dimensional travel can at least be attained through sheer will power and concentration, at least that's a step in the right direction.
  3. I've been glued to the TV and Internet for the past couple of hours because of the shooting at Fort Hood, Texas today. Some of the freakos on a conspiracy board were saying things like "Looks like Titor was right." I looked it up, but I can't find anything that Titor said about something like this happening. Anyone on these boards, who I'm prepared to guess are much more familiar with his works, know of some possible connection?
  4. Had another "vision" dream last night, but didn't want to start a whole new thread for it. I remember almost nothing about it now, but I saw very clearly the date January 29, followed by what looked like 5050. I woke up thinking it could have been 2050, but I don't know. Anyway, if the world blows up this January 29th, I want full credit for predicting it, especially if it involves whales.
  5. TV show "Dexter" and books Anyone here familiar with the TV show "Dexter"? I've been catching up on old episodes, and I have a question about one of them as it relates to the books. SPOILER BELOW: , , , , In the first season episode "Shrink Wrap," Dexter discovers a psychiatrist who is "murdering" women by convincing them to commit suicide. I learned from the Wikipedia page that first season episodes were adapted from the first Dexter book, "Darkly Dreaming Dexter," published in 2004. My question is: was the story for that episode in the book? If so, how similar is the story to the episode? Thanks.
  6. Nostradamus -- \"Mabus\" the Antichrist 500 channels and nothing is on. Out of boredom, I check out the On Demand choices, and there is a rather lackluster documentary about Nostradamus. It's updated to include the "well, maybe Saddam wasn't the third antichrist, but maybe it's Bin Laden...or Obama!!!" routine. I had heard of "Mabus" being the so-called named antichrist, and how subject it was to interpretation, but I hadn't looked into it recently (like within the past 15 or 20 years). So I Google "mabus" and I find that there is now a guy with that name in a top post in the Obama administration. DOM-DA-DOMMMM! His name is Ray Mabus, and he's the Secretary of the Navy, appointed just a few months ago. He's a husband and father, an Episcopalian, and gives no outward signs of being an antichrist. BUT THEN, THEY NEVER DO!!!! Anyway, I was kind of surprised to see that, and there is a little scattered talk about it on various sites and forums, so I thought I'd bring it up here. Have at it.
  7. Pamela: I figured most people would want to make up their own PBs. But, if you want a starter kit, here's one we've been having trouble placing, for obvious reasons. -------------- -------------- PB name: _____Blarg____________ Modern name (where applicable): __Blarg Paul Jones__ Nickname(s): __Blargey, The Blargster, Wonderboy, Captain Caveman, Cavey_______ FB vital stats: 1) Gender: Male 2) Race: Indeterminate (Proto-European?) 3) Height: 5 foot 10 4) Weight: 150 5) Hair/eye color: Brown/brown 6) Distinguishing marks/characteristics: Cro-magnon facial features, prone to grunting, fascinated by fire PB place of origin: __Modern-day Los Angeles (near La Brea Tar Pits)____________________ PB birthdate or era of origin (approximate if necessary): ___Ca. 10,000 BC_________________ PB native language: ____Unknown (extremely primitive)_____________________________ Other basic information you have learned about your FB (ancestry, witness to historical events, etc): Blarg has been thus far unable to convey information about his period of origin, but, based on his current proclivities, he was likely a hunter in a mid-sized hunter-gatherer tribe. Please write your impressions and experiences with your PB: Blarg, despite his obvious lack of knowledge, is a quick learner, and is nearly cured of the habit of trying to eat small housepets. The host family is urged to be very patient, to avoid sudden movements, loud noises or flashing lights, and to keep hands and feet well away from his mouth at feeding time. Do you have any questions/observations for the Institute? We would like to request re-assignment of Blarg to another host family. We love the furry little rascal, but he has been living in my wife's geranium garden almost exclusively, and this tends to unnerve the neighbors. The Block Captain, Mr. Hill, has insisted we either build a structure for Blarg in the backyard, or bring him inside.
  8. Well, this is the "fiction" section, so.... O_o Okay, maybe I was a little too subtle in my presentation. The idea is, people read the top post, they play along, and they contribute to the thread by making up their own li'l stories about the "past-buddies" assigned to them. I don't know about the rest of you, but part of my lifetime fascination with time travel has involved the fantasy that a visitor from the past just shows up on my doorstep (a la "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure," "Encino Man" and others), and it's up to me to introduce them to our wacky, modern world. Having a time traveller in your home would be intriguing enough; the angle here is that, in this scenario, it is pretty commonplace--no more unusual than hosting a foreign exchange student. So, have fun with it. For example, how would I begin to explain TV to Beethoven (or, more likely, an unknown farmer or tradesman from that era)? Would I have to give him a basic course on electronics just to get started, or would I just mess with him and say that there are little pixies inside the glowing box? The latter would probably be frowned upon by "The Institute." So, before anyone else chimes in with confused or snide remarks, the purpose of this thread is for those who are interested to give a brief essay on their "past-buddy" and what adventures they've had so far. They can provide as few or as many details as they're comfortable with. Got it?
  9. Hello, and thank you for opening up your home and heart to a time traveller. You will find that you and your new "past-buddy" have a lot to discover about each other. By hosting a person from another time period, you have a unique opportunity to learn about their culture, language and traditions, while helping them acclimate to ours more smoothly. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW DID THE "PAST-BUDDIES" GET HERE? This is the most frequent question we're asked here at PBH, and the answer is all at once simple and complex: about a year ago, a very confused individual was found wandering around in a village in the Ukraine. Upon questioning, it was discovered that this individual had inadvertently walked through a time portal, travelling instantly from his own point in time to ours. Efforts by multinational task forces were unable to locate this rift, but the point was soon moot, as a second visitor soon showed up at a different temporary rift in central Greece. Ever since, past-buddies (PBs), have been showing up regularly in various spots around the globe. The journey is one-way, and is as-yet unexplained. The unfortunate aspect, of course, is that some of the PBs show up in areas that are now under water, or occupied by several feet of concrete. However, those who survive the journey have been granted legal resident status in whichever nation they arrive, and, in most cases, are given full rights, health care and a "leg-up" program, which now includes a brief stay with a host family such as yourself. It was determined that having them stay with "regular folks" was the best way to deal with them, rather than have them sequestered in a cold, unfriendly laboratory. -------------------- WHAT DO I TALK ABOUT/DO WITH MY PAST-BUDDY? Your PB has been given a brief tutorial on what has happened to them, and they have all been given thorough psychological screenings to make sure they are able to deal with the situation. Those who have passed the screenings are then released to the PBH program, where they are placed with a PBH family. Your PB has been certified as a normal, functional human being who, just like anyone else, needs friendship, companionship, patience and understanding. They will need to be gently exposed to new ideas and new technologies, and they will need you to help explain how our modern world works. Some suggested activities are: taking them on hikes and picnics; having simple gatherings of food, music and conversation with a few close friends or family; engaging in rudimentary sports or liesure activities; gentle instruction in books, art, literature, history and other developments. Use your imagination--just be sure that the activities are focused around helping your PB become comfortable in these new settings. -------------------- HOW LONG WILL MY PB STAY WITH ME? It is hoped that they will forge lifetime friendships with their PBH families. As full-grown adults, they have nearly the same rights as any citizen. After 3 months, an Institute representative will meet with you individually and check the progress of the PB. If it is determined that the PB is able to live on his/her own, the PB will be given that option. -------------------- CAN I OPT OUT OF THE PROGRAM IF I CHANGE MY MIND, OR IF I GET NERVOUS OR SCARED OF MY PB? You can change your mind at any time, but bear in mind that opting out of the PB program is permanent. There is no "exchanging" of PBs except in extreme cases. If, at any time, you believe that your PB might pose a physical threat to you or your household, contact the Institute immediately and report it. It should be noted that your PB has been given a clean physical bill of health, and has been fully innoculated, so there should be no undue risk of them passing on the black plague, nor of them succumbing to the common cold. -------------------- CAN I CHARGE PEOPLE TO SEE/VISIT WITH MY PB? Absolutely not! The PBs are not to be exploited or used for profit in any way, shape or form. Any violation of this policy will result in the immediate removal of the PB from your family, and placement with another. -------------------- CAN I TAKE MY PB OUT OF THE COUNTRY? Some PBH families have expressed a desire to take their PBs back to their "homeland," as was the case with an Irish-American immigrant from 1845 who wanted to go back to Ireland. All such requests must be cleared with the Institute beforehand, and permission from the destination country must be obtained. Note--it is seldom allowed, because of the potential risk of flight/disappearance by the PB. A PB who wants desperately to return "home" sometimes has not fully accepted the fact that he is where/when he is. If your PB expresses such an interest, try to placate him/her with the next best thing: communication with natives or naturalized residents, exposure to that culture in electronic and print media, and anything else that will put them in mind of the area without actually having to go there. -------------- WHAT ABOUT THE LANGUAGE/CULTURE BARRIERS? These are among the top issues of PB hosting, since a great many PBs will not be native speakers of the same language as you. Even English-speaking PBs from a few centuries ago will be hampered by a language barrier. They have been given some basics, but the rest is up to you. Again, be patient, work with them, and learn from them. You will find that you have more in common than you think! ------------------- ------------------- Once again, we thank you for your participation in the PBH program. Below is a progress report form, which is to be sent in periodically with information on your experiences with your PB. PB name: _____________________________ Modern name (where applicable): _________________________ Nickname(s): ____________________________________________________________________________________ FB vital stats: 1) Gender 2) Race 3) Height 4) Weight 5) Hair/eye color 6) Distinguishing marks/characteristics PB place of origin: ______________________ PB birthdate or era of origin (approximate if necessary): __________________________ PB native language: _________________________________ Other basic information you have learned about your FB (ancestry, witness to historical events, etc): __________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ (use extra paper if necessary) Please write your impressions and experiences with your PB:______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (use extra paper if necessary) Do you have any questions/observations for the Institute? _______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ (use extra paper if necessary)
  10. A conspiracy board I frequent just posted this thread about a person on an Italian BB claiming to be from the future. The claims are laughable: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread496917/pg1 I know a lot of folks on this forum are into debunking such clowns, so have at it.
  11. So, for most of my 39 years, I've been more or less a believer in the paranormal, if for no other reason than a) I was raised Christian, b) I had no compelling evidence one way or another, and c) I had heard so many "true" ghost stories from relatives, friends (and friends of friends) that it seemed feasible. Still, I had never had a true "ghostly experience" until fairly recently. The first was actually a few years ago (maybe five), when I was working as a security guard at a Midwestern university. The oldest building on campus was about 150 years old, but I had patrolled it (and others) late at night many times, with no sightings, sounds, smells, etc. One night, my Sergeant and I got a call to a campus house, which, if I had to guess, was no more than 75 - 100 years old. It was adjacent to the main campus, and had been bought by the university some years earlier. It was a modest, single-story dwelling, one or two bedrooms, with a full basement. We got a call from the residents; a small group of students who had no reputation for troublemaking. They said that, shortly after they arrived home that evening, someone or something started banging and scratching on the basement door from the other side. They thought at first that a feral cat or other animal was trapped down there, but that the shaking of the door (they said they thought it would come off its hinges at one point) was something much larger in scale. They had remained in the house, but called us immediately, and we came over right away, so whatever had been making the noise had no opportunity to slip out unnoticed. The Sergeant and I went into the basement, flashlights drawn. The basements are kept unoccupied (and are usually sealed to keep the students from going down there and partying--it's a supposedly dry campus). I think the seal was broken, but then it usually is during the course of the semester because of tornado warnings. Anyway, we checked around the basement, which was about 20' by 30'. The rafters were exposed, and the place was empty, apart from an old stove (also thoroughly checked and empty). Under the stairs was a tiny, walled-off room constructed from simple sheets of wood. A hooked door allowed access. We opened it up. Inside was a single chair, a bare, red bulb hanging above, a spilled bag of birdseed and a few sundry bits of junk. This was creepy, but we had checked every square inch of that basement to our satisfaction. There was nothing down here, and nothing could have gotten out (the small windows were sealed up). We were taking one last, silent look around when we heard a low, menacing growl. It was unlike anything I had heard. It didn't even sound like lion or tiger sound effects. It sounded inhuman--demonic. I got out of there fast, with the Sergeant behind me. We wrote in the report that we found nothing. So, there's that. However, I've had a couple more incidents much more recently. First, I just moved back to this area after having lived out West. I'm spending time between my parents' house and sister's house (I'm at the latter place now, typing this). My sister and her sons have lived here for ten years, and have, since the beginning, known of a spiritual presence that makes noises, moves things, opens drawers, etc, but is relatively benign. I never experienced anything until a few weeks ago, when a dish in a cabinet behind me suddenly moved on its own, making a distinctive clinking sound. I figure if that's as bad as it's going to get around here, that's fine. The other incident came when I visited a friend in Southwestern Illinois. It's an old, Teutonic town with a lot of paranormal history. He lives in an old, two-story home with his three daughters, aged 12, 10 and 8. They had been telling them of hearing voices, being poked and grabbed from time to time, but he dismissed it for the first three months. One day, alone, he lay down for a nap in the front room. He awoke to find his legs suspended in the air, almost to the ceiling (he has a bad back, and this was not the sort of thing he could do unconsciouly on his own). He tried to yell out, but he felt a hand clap down over his mouth. He felt his wrists pinned at his sides. When he finally was able to move, he reached for his cell phone, and it flew across the room. A heavy dresser then lifted and moved a few inches away from the wall. I was reticent to spend the night in this house, but eventually did. He said that it had been relatively quiet since then. I spent the night in an upstairs bedroom, and I was awaken in the middle of the night by the bed moving. It felt as though the bed had been grabbed at the end and pushed and pulled quickly. I just kept my eyes shut, prayed and tried to get back to sleep. I spent the second night downstairs, on the couch, and nothing happened. So, that's that. I just found it odd, that, after all these years, I should have my paranormal experiences so close to one another (within a couple months, not counting the one from a few years ago). Just wanted to put it out there.
  12. Well, if "Wales" was the prediction, it might have come true yesterday. I was at a thrift store, and I came across a pitcher that was made in Wales. Pottery isn't normally the sort of thing I seek out; I just happened to walk by, and my dad mentioned that it was made in Wales. Thinking that it could have something to do with the dream, I picked it up for $3.50 (maybe it's worth 11 million???). I looked it up when I got it home, and it's a brand called Porthmadog, apparently named after (and manufactured in) that Welsh town. I found several listings on eBay for that brand, but not that specific pitcher. Anyway, it's in good shape, and other listings put it in the $5 to $10 range. If anyone here wants to give me $11 million for it, however, I won't object.
  13. Last night, I dreamt that one of my sisters passed away. My younger sister and I were in our nephew's bedroom (we were apparently visiting) when we found out that our older sister had died in the night, apparently of natural causes. Actually, shortly before that happened, I dreamt that I had been having a conversation with my older sister, and she told me to make sure that a certain comfy chair and pillow go to her son when she died, because it was one he cozied up in all the time as a child. In the dream, when we found out she was gone, I told the boy (now 22) about her eerily-timed request. But that wasn't the strangest part. Afterward, my older sister appeared as a spirit to me and my younger sister, and she said something that sounded like "Whales...whales eleven." That's all I could really make out. It could have been "Wales," as in the country, or as in "The Prince of." I dunno. In any case, I wanted to sort of put this on record, just in case something does happen with whales, Wales, Jimbo Wales, etc, etc, having to do with the number eleven.
  14. Re: has anyone ever dreamt something that felt \"re I dreamt a few weeks ago that I was abducted by a UFO. It was pretty vivid.
  15. A recommendation to all \"future folk\" I've read a few of these posts from the "future," and can't help but think there has to be a better way of proving your legitimacy. For example, if I found myself whisked back, say, 40 years, and had no 2009 history book to refer to, I would have to think back to events I know happened after I arrived, then reveal them accordingly. If I were advising people on July 19, 1969, as to what was about to happen... I guess the first one is obvious. Even if it weren't all over the news, I could provide a couple of details about the moon landing on the 27th, like maybe Armstrong's quote. That might have been pre-scripted, but probably unknown outside certain circles. Okay, so something a little less predictable. How about Woodstock? I just now looked it up, and it didn't happen until August 15, 1969. So I could tell people that there was going to be this massive music festival in this little town in NY, and that it would be more gargantuan than anything they had seen. Still might not do the trick, though. Okay, the next significant event in history that I can think of is the Kent State massacre in 1970. There would be no real way to predict that event 10 months earlier, so I could tell the masses "four people will be killed by National Guardsmen in a shooting during a campus demonstration at Kent State.". And, on May 4 of the following year, it would happen, and hey presto...my legitimacy is unquestioned. Unless, of course...some gubmint men were monitoring my subversive newsletter, and extra measures were taken, so that no casualties would be possible. It's the same with the guys on these boards saying that the events they mention are changed because they are now known. So, how about this? Instead of actually giving away the event that is to happen, you encode it just enough so that it is meaningful only after it happens. Like, in July 1969, I could say someting like: "KSOH4STKNATG". It would be pretty random until the event, at which point it could be easily interpreted as, "Kent State Ohio, 4 students killed by National Guardsmen." 9/11 could be encoded as something like "911WTC779311". The date, the buildings, and the three flight numbers. Nothing specific until after it happens. Get it? So, if I were to say, 173CDDWI, that could eventually be revealed to be that Cameron Diaz will be involved in a drunk driving incident on St. Patrick's Day of next year. Or, I could just post strings of letters and numbers at random, then wait for the rest of the world to interpret them and hail my future-knowing goodness. OEN95TOS8B N38VV5K1 FOTM44OOM
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