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  1. Morgan freeman said on his t.v. show (through the wormhole) that scientists have a dedicated research ship that's floating 20 million miles away from earth!!...what ship he is talking about? Here is the link to the video, go to the 10:00 minute mark to here the comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vATHUJfjRI
  2. If we were to witness and record such an event like this what kind of time frame would it be??....I'm guessing 80 or 90 thousand years!!...what do you guys think? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1d7_1314213394
  3. I watched an episode of physics of the impossible hosted by theoretical physicist michio kaku and he talked about the three classifications of theoretical physics, type one being things that are not possible today but do not necessarily violate the laws of physics like a diminutive level of Teleportation, type two being things that also do not violate the laws of physics like time travel but the technology could be centuries away, and then type three being things that violate the laws of physics like imperishable energy and extrasensory perception along with other types of Parapsychology like clairvoyance and telekinesis, my question is which one of these would the theory of the big bang fall under??
  4. The one thing that i cannot understand about time travel,(besides the mathematics and engineering of it all)is the fact that if time travel were possible, then it would be possible at this point, sense it is not possible at this point that can only mean one of two possibility's, we either never make it to the point where we figure out how to travel through time, or it is simply not possible, like i said i don't understand the math or engineering but doesn't it make sense that time travel is not possible right now because time travel simply isn't possible??
  5. ...explain god to me, you Tenacious virus you, explain god to me, you vortex of intellectual compromise you, explain god to me, you self destructive Rationality beast you, explain god to me you fear mongering, salted, psychologically naked exposure of politically showered in god we trust pseudo...explain god to me.
  6. Does anyone know for sure whether or not this video is real or fake? It is supposed to be security camera video from the north tower during the Sept 11th attack . http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d36_1285244006
  7. Im not 8, nor am i ashamed of anything, but thanks for the fruitless reply, i vask in your fabricated wealth of knowledge.
  8. The artical i read, whether bogus or not gave a few details that i left out of the post like the position of earth and mars not being this close for since the 1700's, and magnification effect caused by the Earth's atmosphere, I understand that the appearance of size and actual size are two very different things.
  9. Does anyone know of a website where i can find crime statistics for a specific address such as arrest warrants served, drug activity, sex offender registration, etc..... I'm in the process of buying a house that is 7 or 8 yrs old and i want to know if there is anything bad about the house that i should know about...thx
  10. Is it true that this year towards the end of august mars will appear to the naked eye to be as big and as bright as the moon because of its historically close proximity ???
  11. need to do something....tti is in a coma right now
  12. Congrats on kickin the habits bro, you'll soon discover life is much more enjoyable when you can feel it, good luck and best wishes. I'd like to add to your comment about some other members in here, Darby and Rainman, You guys really are pretty cool and i also have learned a lot, You both remind me of wilson on home improvement.. :)
  13. http://faculty.virginia.edu/consciousness/home.html
  14. Is there is a fine line any where between mathematical science and irrationality?
  15. Top 5 albums ever recorded 1) Metallica - master of puppets, ...and justice for all - (TIE) 2) black sabbath - we sold our soul for rock n roll 3) megadeth - endgame 4) dio - holy diver 5) Iron maiden - fear of the dark
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