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  1. that is boring. you go and sort out your debt problems or seek debt counselling. You do not need time travel for that. I believe money is very wrong reason for time travel. if exploring as a historian or seek what happens in previous history story such as Kings and Queen would be better reason?
  2. Please state the reasons why you are interested to become time traveller? Why ? Good reasons? Bad Reasons?
  3. If the world discover this time travellor is real, the consequences could be a big threat, where many people in the world not through to accept this concept and caused lots of fear, making worse. If people on this thread still blame for disbelief, more likely to ask for evidence etc... if one thing is weird or more likely to be untrue or not discovered as evidence - if it is really small thing then everyone will reject totally and said it is a total disbelief. It does not mean that the allegiation is lie, perhaps there is concept where we have lack of knowledge or they could not advise through the technology or knowledge is too high for us to understand?
  4. What is the difference between mental time travel and physical time travel. I noticed most of them on this thread focus on physical time travel. what about mental? Does it work?
  5. I am a new member. I saw some threads and seems there is lots of disbelief when time travellers are here to say that they are real and most of you argue that there is disbelief. Then you says where are they? Perhaps you all scared them running away? threats and disbelief caused them hiding or secret? What do you think?
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