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  1. CHina What happen to China, from now til your time?
  2. micphil


    Big diasters that is going to happen in a few years? Anything happen during 2012? How did USA fare in this economic crisis? How does it end? What become the American Dollar?
  3. micphil


    1)How is China doing in your year? 2) What about Canada? 3) Cure for cancer in your time? Who invent it? 4) Any name of famous person you can remember? 5) Is Artificial Intelligence invented? Who invented it? Thanks.
  4. Have I said that I believe him? ...well... the answer is not for you to know. You can guess but I won't comment. I still have to thank you for answering my questions. I can only say that your answers are not as interesting as OP.
  5. Well, answer all my questions and I'll see if I'll believe you.
  6. That's hard to hear... what happen to the post-China region after the breakup or whatever? There're still 2 hundred years up until your year. What happen to the chinese language? I would assume that AI is already in place in your era. Who invent it? When is it invented? Cure for cancer? What's the stuff that keep human alive for 200 years? ET? First contact? When? How? Origin of human? Origin of Universe?
  7. Please elaborate by what do you mean that China rise will fail in 2020. And what will happen to China in a few years?
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