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  1. Education time for fellow TTI members to understand things beyond the knowledge of the skeptic debunkers who mock frequently here. Let's spend 45 mins to understand the 11th dimension, M-theory, Parallel universes, alternative timelines and multiverse. This documentary was aired in the early 2000s, so sorry about the old footage of CRT monitors. The newer LCD/LED screens and Flexible OLED displays of the 2010s were not available yet at that time. But this 'older knowledge' video could give you basic ideas of where the world of Physics is up to 10 years ago outside this message board. Feel free to write your ideas and understanding of parallel universes and alternate timelines in this thread, and no one shall discourage each other who have limited knowledge. No one is expert. Let's be gracous to each other. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ds47ozzSrU
  2. Christian Theologian and writer J.C. Ryle on 5 Dangers for Young Men: 1. Pride 2. Love for Pleasure 3. Thoughtlessness 4. Contempt of Religion 5. Fear of Man's Opinion Read the explanation on each subject in the following link. 5 Dangers For Young Men | The J.C. Ryle Archive
  3. May be she is no longer in that position or US is no longer involved in the project after the timeline is changed?
  4. Brian Greene, professor of physics and mathematics of Columbia University agrees with you, Paul MC. There are many people out there with bright and open minds in the world. Do not be troubled by the narrow minded in an Internet forum. Watch this video. It fully support and explains your argument in Many Worlds Interpretation. I believe that the scientists in this video are much more qualified and highly educated than anyone here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qt-eGKa34M
  5. To "Halo" Game fans: Microsoft is bringing Cortana to your Windows 8.1 PC and Windows powered phone in real life. Chief! John-117, do you copy? Hope she don't go rampant after 8 years. "I won't leave you, I promise. I will always take care of you." "It worked. You did it! Just like you always do." "We were supposed to take care of each other. And we did." "Welcome home, John." - Cortana Any 3D programmers out there want to make a 3D face for her on screen or hologram presentation? Looks like Apple's Siri has a rival. The Battle of A.I. will begin. Enough of geek talks. Signing off. http://www.dailytech.com/Microsoft+Demos+Cortana+Digital+Assistant+at+Build+2014/article34641c.htm' rel="external nofollow"> DailyTech - Microsoft Demos Cortana Digital Assistant at Build 2014
  6. Taken! Yeah, taken by sea monsters. That sounds like a logical and reasonable explanation to me.Mystery Solved! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YMD6xELI_k
  7. No Mylo, It is another flight. You can buy tickets of Malaysia airline from and to Tel Aviv, Israel. Check out this link: Malaysia Airlines to Tel Aviv Yafo Flight Tickets, Malaysia Airlines Cheap Fares to Tel Aviv Yafo, International Airlines Status, Schedules: MakeMyTrip India
  8. The ships and planes in this list are either still missing, or found empty without anybody on board. Why do people leave the ship with all the food and water untouched? What is the higher percentage of surviving? With food and water on a larger ship, or a raft/lifeboat with little supplies? Beside that, the lifeboats are still onboard in some of the big ships. Just people are missing. This is the mystery.
  9. That is a mystery, which interested me to put it in this paranormal forum. Why do the sailers abandon the ship? Where did they go? And this is not once, but in many occasions.
  10. Yes, just kidding involving mobilisation of 10000 troops doing nuclear strike drills and exercises... Ukraine crisis: Russia carries out massive nuclear war exercise involving 10,000 troops - Europe - World - The Independent
  11. The location of destination on the map are drawn pointing to the true north with geometric measure. The difference between true and magnetic north can be as much as 20 degrees. This difference if not accounted for can really mess up a pilot or sailor's navigation getting them very lost somewhere on the sea. Moreover, magnetic compasses always point towards magnetic north unless there is a local magnetic field that is causing the compass to turn away from magnetic north. Such local magnetic fields can be caused by iron, nickel, or cobalt deposits in nearby islands. San Clemente Island off the coast of San Diego has large metal ore deposits, as well as magnetite crystal and lodestone deposits could cause magnetic compasses to be inaccurate in its vicinity.
  12. Nothing "technical" about that statement concerning civil war. Hey Darby, An interesting news article came up today (2014-04-01). Source: Ukraine crisis: Russia carries out massive nuclear war exercise involving 10,000 troops - Europe - World - The Independent
  13. Although the magnetic north pole is not fixed, it does not move too much and there is always an angle with slight variations between the True North and Magnetic North. Bermuda Triangle is an area, but not a single dot. No matter how much the magnetic north moved, the variation of the intersection point of the 2 longitude lines are still within the Bermuda Triangle area.
  14. Just interested on the date of release written in the YouTube clip. Nothing much.
  15. There is True North and Magnetic North. If we draw a circle around the globe from North Pole to South Pole and back to North Pole again, and then draw another circle around the globe from Magnetic North to Magnetic South and back to Magnetic North, you will have 2 intersection points between the 2 circles of True North-South longitude line and Magnetic North-South longitude line. Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea near Japan are located at that 2 intersections.[ATTACH]440[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]440[/ATTACH]
  16. This thread is only for archive purposes. From 1971-2001, can you count what is the average missing incidents per year according to the list above? And what is the average number of incidents in other areas per year in general?
  17. 1999, April 15 MISS FERNANDINA - An 85 foot shrimp trawler lost off Flagler Beach, Florida 1999, April 23 GENESIS - A motor vessel (mv) of 196 gross tons that disappeared in route from Port of Spain, Trinidad to St. Vincent 1999. May 12:, Aero Commander N6138X; near Nassau only pilot aboard 1999, June 14 CESSNA 210 - Drops off radar from Freeport to Nassau 1999, July 8 CONTINENTAL AIRLINES BOEING 737-800 - Forced to make emergency landing in Bermuda due to turbulence 1999. August 5: 18-foot day cruiser found derelict except for the dog. Skipper was on a 2 hour cruise; off North Carolina. 1999, November 15: 2 person in a 22-foot day cruiser between Frying Pan Shoals and Frying Pan Light. 1999, December 27, Alyson Selene found derelict 7 miles northeast of Andros, Bahamas. 2000, April, freighter Gran Rio R disappears off West Indies. 2000, August 14, fishing vessel Hemmingway is found deserted; missing crew and captain. 2001, March 26 COMAIR FLIGHT 5054 - Ice damage on the flight from Nassau to Orlando, Florida 2001, June 22, 2001, Tropic Bird is found derelict off Antigua. 2001, October 27: Cessna 172, after leaving Winter haven, Florida; only pilot aboard. 2002, September 6: Piper Pawnee, southeast of Nassua, Bahamas; only pilot on board. N59684 2002, September 23, freighter Fiona R missing off West Indies en route to St. Vincent. 2003, June 18, Frank and Romina Leone of West Palm Beach, Fl. vanish with their 16 foot boat off Florida. 2003, August 3, alerts go out for sailing yacht Windhome, which left Beaufort, North Carolina for Azores June 24. Overdue and reported missing. 2003, August 25, three men vanish with a 32-foot sleek-go-fast white fiberglass vessel in the Bahamas between Exumas and Mayaguana. Owner identified as Glenroy Carey. 2003, October-November, the fishing boat What’s Left turns up capsized off Cape Canaveral with body of owner aboard. the two other passengers, the Edelmanns are missing. Boat drifted 400 miles without being detected by Coast Guard. Left port in the Gulf for fishing in Florida Keys. 2003, November 13, Piper PA-32-300 N8224C, over the Exumas, Bahamas. 2003, November 25, Peanuts Too is found deserted south of Bermuda. 2004, March 23, the missing 19-foot fishing boat owned by Glenn Jamison is found by fishing vessel Chummer about 32 miles west of Egmont Key, Florida. No trace is found of Jamison. He had left the previous Sunday for daytime fishing and did not return that night. Coast Guard reports 20 knots winds and 6 foot seas. 2004, December 21, unnamed fishing yola is found abandoned off Puerto Rico, nets deployed and anchored. Fisherman Anibal Matias missing. No trace 2005, June 20, Piper PA-23 N6886Y; Between Treasure Cay, BI, to Fort Pierce, FL 2007, April 10, Piper PA-46-310P N444JH; near Berry Islands. 2008, December 15, A Britten-Norman Islander (also known as 3-engine Trislander) took off from Santiago for New York at around 3:30pm with 12 persons on board. After about 35 minutes from take off, the aircraft fell off the radar. A massive search operation was launched by US Coast Guards, but the aircraft was never traced again. Its last known location was about 4 miles west of West Caicos Island. No debris has been found until now.
  18. 1971, March 20: a Cessna 177b with pilot en route Andros Island from Miami at 3:18 P.M. N30844 1971, July 26 LIGHT PLANE - Two couples vanish while flying Cub airplane from Curacao to Barbados 1971, September 10 F-4 PHANTOM FIGHTER PLANE - Disappears off radar 1971, October 12 EL CARIBE - A 338 foot motor ship 1971, October 20 SUPER CONSTELLATION AIRPLANE - With a cargo of frozen beef 1971, October 26 LUCKY EDUR - A 25 foot fishing yacht found abandoned off of the Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey 1971, December 21: Cessna 150j with pilot after leaving Pompano Beach; destination unknown. N61155 1971, December 25 IXTAPA - A 53 foot cabin cruiser 1972, February 2 V. A. FOGG - A 572 foot tanker that sank in the Gulf of Mexico with a cargo of Benzene and Xylene. Debris and the ship are found. It is rumored that all the bodies had disappeared from the wreck but there is photographic proof of human remains in the wheelhouse. 1972, June 19 8 FOOT DINGHY - Two teenagers disappear from Fort Lauderdale beach 1972, October 10: Super Constellation between Miami & Santo Domingo. 4 crew. N564E 1973, March, 23 DEFIANCE - Yacht, 88' 1973, March 28: Cessna 172 after leaving West Palm Beach, FL, with pilot. N7050T 1973, APRIL, 7 ROBERT STONE - Boat, 14' In the Gulf of Mexico 1973, MAY, 17 ALFRED WILLIS - Boat, 21' Found abandoned three miles from Wildwood Crest, in Delaware Bay 1973, May 25: a Navion A16 between Freeport and West Palm Beach. 2 persons. N5126K 1973, DECEMBER, 20 SEA BOY II - Yacht, 56' 1974, February 10: pilot and his Cessna 414 vanish after leaving treasure Cay, Bahamas. N8103Q 1974, February 10: that night a Pilattus -Brittan- Norman Islander with pilot and co-pilot disappear at 7:31 P.M. on approach St. Thomas. N864JA 1974, MARCH, AFTER THE 10TH SABA BANK - Yacht 1974, July 13: Piper PA-32 between West Palm Beach &Walker Cay, Bahamas. N83CA 1974, July 24: yacht Dutch Treat, Miami to Cat Cay, Bahamas. 1974, August 11: Beech K35 Bonanza after departing Pompano Beach, FL. for Philadelphia. 2 persons. N632Q 1975, February 25: Piper PA-30; Greensboro, NC. to Freeport, GBI; pilot only. N414DG 1975, April 22: 73-foot shrimper Dawn, near Smith Shoals, Key West. 1975, May 2: Cessna “Skymaster”; Fort Lauderdale area. N86011 1975, June 24: yacht Meridian, bound to Bermuda from Norfolk. 1975, July 28: Cessna 172; vicinity Fort Lauderdale. 1N8936V 1975, December 2: ocean going tug Boundless is missing in the Bahamas. 1975, December 9: Cessna 172; St. Croix to St. Kitts. 1;N5182R 1976, April: motor sailor High Flight disappears between Bimini & Miami 1976, June 4: Beech D50; Pahokee, FL., to Dominican Republic; 2. N1157 1976, August 8: Piper PA-28; Vera Cruz, Mexico to Brownsville, TX; 1. (See Q&A Arguments on shape)N6377J 1976, October 13/15 SYLVIA L. OSSA - A 590 foot ore carrier disappeared approximately 140 miles west of Bermuda with a crew of 37 1976, October 24: Beech E-50; Opa Locka, FL. to Grand Turk Island. N5665D 1976, December 16: 40-foot sloop with 17 people between St. Kitts and Dominica. 1976, December 28: Piper PA-23; Anguilla to Beef Island; 6. N4573P 1977, November 20: schooner L’Avenir, Maryland to Bermuda. 1978, February 22: a KA-6 Navy attack bomber vanished from radar 100 miles off Norfolk en route U.S.S. John F. Kennedy; 2. 1978, March 25: Aero Commander 680; Opa Locka-Imokalee, FL. to Freeport, Grand Bahama; 2. N128C 1978, April 27: Ted Smith 601; Pompano Beach to Panama City, FL.; 1. N555BU 1978, April 30: Cessna 172; Dillon, SC., to unknown; 1.N1GH 1978, May 19: Piper PA-28 Fort Pierce to Nassau; 4.N47910 1978, May 26: Beech 65; Port-au-Prince to Bahamas; 2.N809Q 1978, July 18: Piper PA-31; Santa Marta, Col. to Port-au- Prince; 2. N689WW 1978, September 21: Douglas DC-3; Fort Lauderdale to Havana; 4. N407D 1978, November 3: Piper PA-31; St. Croix to St.Thomas; 1. N59912 (right off St. Thomas) 1978, November 20: Piper PA-23; De Funiak Springs to Gainsville, FL.; 4. N54615 1979, January 2: 66-foot tug King Co-bra, near Cape Henlopen. 1979, January 11: Beech A23A; Opa Locka to St.Thomas; 2. N925RZ 1979, April 2: Beech E18s; Fort Lauderdale to Cat Island, Bahamas; 1. N4442 1979, April 24: Piper PA-28R; Fort Lauderdale to Nassau; 4. N7480J 1979, June 30: Cessna 150J; St. Croix to St. Thomas; 2.N60936 1979, September 9: Cessna 182; New Orleans toPensacola, Florida. 3 persons. N2183R 1979, October 4: Aero Commander 500; Andros Islandto West Palm Beach, FL.; pilot; N3815C 1979, October 27: Piper PA-23; Montego Bay, Jamaica to Nassau; pilot. N13986 1979, November 19: Beech D50b; Delray Beach, FL toto Key West; 1. N1706 1979, December 21: Piper PA-23; Aguadilla to South Caicos Island; 4 persons. N1435P 1980, January 12: Sea Quest sends mysterious call, navigational equipment not working. Missing with 11 persons. 1980, February 11: Beech 58; St. Thomas to unknown;only pilot aboard; reported stolen. N9027Q 1980, April: 43-foot luxury yacht Polymer III, while cruising Bahamas; 2. 1980, May 19: Lear Jet; West Palm Beach to New Orleans; 2. N25NE 1980, June 28; Erco 415-D; Santo Domingo, DR., to SanJuan, PR; 2 persons. Pilot reported UFO beforedisappearing. N3808H 1980, July 26: 38-foot sailboat Kalia III found derelict in the Exumas, Bahamas. 1980, October 26: the 520-foot s.s. Poet, in cargo of corn, Cape Henlopen, Dl., to Port Said, Egypt. 1981, January 6: Beech c35; Bimini to Nassau; 4 persons N5805C 1982, July 5: Piper PA-28R-201T; Nashville to Venice,FL.; 4. N505HP 1982, July 26: American yacht Penetration found deserted north of Sargasso Sea. 1982, August 17: British yacht found deserted in Atlantic. 1982, September 28: Beech H35; Marsh Harbour to Fort Pierce, FL.; 2. N5999 1982, October 20: Piper PA-31; Anguilla to ST. Thomas, VI. 8 persons. Charter Service. N777AA 1982, November 5: Beech 65-B80; Fort Lauderdale to Eleuthera Island, Bahamas; 3 persons. N1HQ 1983, February 26: 44-foot Sea Lure, in group of other fishing vessels while headed toward Dry Tortugas. Later found derelict. 1983, October 4: a Cessna T-210-J; Andros Town,Bahamas to Fort Pierce, FL.; 3 persons. N2284R 1983, November 20: Cessna 340A disappeared near Orangeville, Fl.; pilot. N85JK 1984, March 12: a Piper between Key West and Clearwater, Florida; 4 persons. N39677 1984, March 31: Cessna 402b between Fort Lauderdale and Bimini; 6 persons. N44NC 1984, November 5\6: the 32-foot sport fishing boat Real Fine, Freeport to Fort Lauderdale. 3 persons. 1984, December 23: Aeronca 7AC between Cross City,Florida and Alabama; pilot. N81947 1985, January 14: a Cessna 337 in Atlantic northeast of Jacksonville; 4 persons. N505CX 1985, February 22: 25-foot pleasure boat with 2 Canadians aboard; Freeport, to West Palm Beach. 1985, May 3: 6 persons disappear in a outboard off Surf City, North Carolina. 1985, May 8: Cessna 210k; Miami to Port-au-Prince,Haiti; pilot. N9465M 1985, July 12: Piper between Nassau and Opa Locka;4 persons. N8341L 1985, August 3: a Cessna 172; somewhere near Fort Meyers, FL.; pilot. ?? 1985, September 8: a Piper northeast of Key West at 10:08 P.M. en route from Fort Lauderdale; 2 persons.N5488W 1985, October 31: Piper at 8:29 A.M. ; between Sarasota, FL. and Columbus, Georgia; pilot. N24MS 1986, March 26: a Piper en route from Miami to West End or Freeport, GBI.; 6 persons. N3527E 1986, August 3: A Twin Otter charter, around St. Vincent; 13 persons. 1987, May 27: a Cessna 402c; between Palm Beach, FL. and Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco,Bahamas; 1.N2652B 1987, June 3: a Cessna 401; Freeport to Crooked Island; 4 persons. N7896F 1987, December 2: Cessna 152; La Romana to nearby San Juan; pilot. N757EQ 1988, February 7: a Beechcraft over the Caribbean Sea; 4 persons. N844G 1989, February 6: a Piper; after departing Jacksonville, Florida; pilot despondent. 1. N6834J 1990, January 24: Cessna 152 on instructional flight;near West Palm Beach, FL. 2 persons. N4802B 1990, June 5: Piper; St. Maarten to St. Croix; pilot.N7202F 1990, August 10: Piper; between Sebastian, FL. andFreeport, GBI.; 4 persons. N6946D. Body found offVirginia. 1991, April 24: Piper Comanche; off Florida; pilot.N8938P 1991, May 30: near Long Boat Key; Piper signalleddirectional gyro not working; spun into ocean; 2.N6376P 1991, August 28 AMERICAN AIRLINES INC AIRBUS - Makes emergency landing due to turbulence 1991, October 31: Grumman Cougar jet; over Gulf of Mexico; vanished on ascent while on radar; 2. N24WJ 1992, October 27: fishing vessel Mae Doris, with 4 crew, south of Cape May. 1993, March 13 CHARLEY'S CRAB, CHARLES MUER - Restaurateur Charles Muer, his wife Betty and friends George and Lynn Drummey disappear between the Bahamas and Florida on the Muer's 40 foot ketch Charley's Crab in 30 foot seas with 70 mph winds in what is later referred to as "the storm of the century". No trace of victims or wreckage was recovered. 1993, September 30: Within Miami sector; Cessna152, with only pilot on board. N93261 1994, November 28 AMERICAN AIRLINES INC AIRBUS A300 - Battered by clear air turbulence over Martinique 1995, March 20/24 JAMANIC K - A motor vessel (mv) of 357 gross tons, lost in route from Cape Haitian to Miami 1995, June 25 CONTINENTAL AIRLINES INC FLIGHT 207 - Flight encounters clear air turbulence 1996, January 17 AMERICAN AIRLINES INC AIRBUS A300 - Hit by heavy turbulence over the Bahamas 1996, May 2: Aero Commander; Atlantic/Caribbean;vanished with 3 in charter service. N50GV 1996, October, 14 INTREPID - A 65 foot yacht missing thirty miles off Fort Pierce, Florida after issuing a quick MAYDAY, 16 missing 1997, December: 23-foot Robalo, off Virginia Beach. 1998, January 2: commercial fishing vessel Grumpy found derelict. 1998, May 1: 35-foot converted sport fisher Miss Charlotte hit by force that sucked everything off deck, then sunk; crew survived. Thought to be water spout. Off North Carolina. 1998, August 10: the Erica Lynn. 1998, August 19: Piper PA-28; Atlantic\Caribbean; 4.N25626 1998, November: the Carolina, off Cape May
  19. 1950, June SANDRA - A 350 foot freighter sailing from Savannah, Georgia to Puerto Cabello, Venezuela with 300 tons of insecticide. 1950, July 9 DC-3 AIRPLANE - The plane was being used for missionary work by the New Tribes Mission group. 1951, October 3-4 SAO PAULO - Brazilian Warship, De-commisioned 1953, February 2 BRITISH YORK - Transport plane 1954, October 30 NAVY SUPER CONSTELLATION - From Patuxent River Naval Air Station to the Azores 1954, December 5 SOUTHERN DISTRICTS - Converted navy LST 1955, January 13: yacht Home Sweet Home, Bermuda to St. Thomas 1955, September 26 CONNEMARA IV - Motor yacht found abandoned 1956, July: schooner Bounty disappears between Bimini and Miami. 1956, November 9 NAVY PATROL BOMBER, MARTIN MARLIN, P5M - Twin engine patrol flying boat, 350 miles north of Bermuda.no debris recovered, crew of 10. 1958, January 1 REVONOC - A 44' yawl disappears in bad weather from Key West to the Caribean with Harvey Conover on board. 1962, January 8 PLANE, KB-50J AIR TANKER - Langley,Virginia to the Azores. 1963, February 4 MARINE SULFUR QUEEN - A 523' type T2-SE-A1 tanker with a load of molten sulfur. 1963, July 2 SNO BOY - 63 foot chartered fishing boat lost with 55 on board, possible wreckage found. 1963, August 28 KC-135, 2 AIRPLANES - Two airplanes lost, possible mid-air collision. 1963, September 22 C-133 CARGOMASTER AIRPLANE - Lost between Dover, Delaware and the Azores. 1964 CRYSTAL - Reported missing in 1964, found in July of 1968, 4 years after being reported missing. 1964, January 13 ENCHANTRESS - A 59 foot yacht that disappeared during bad weather and gale warnings approximatley 150 miles S/E of Charleston. 1965, June 5 C-119 FLYING BOXCAR AIRPLANE - Lost from Homestead Air Base to Grand Turk. 1965, October 28 EL GATO - 45 foot catamaran houseboat. 1966, October 29 SOUTHERN CITIES - A 67 foot harbor tug lost in the Gulf of Mexico. The SOUTHERN CITIES had problems on three other occasions causing the NTSB and Coast Guard to blame her lack of "seaworthiness" for her disappearance. 1967, January 14 BEECHCRAFT BONANZA AIRPLANE - Piloted by Robert Van Westerbork. 1967,December WITCHCRAFT - A 23 foot cabin cruiser that disappeared a mile offshore of Miami near the number 7 buoy about 9pm. 1968, May 21 SCORPION, USN SUBMARINE -Number SSN 589, Skipjack class. This was the sixth Scorpion. It was laid down on August 20th,1958, at Groton, Connecticut at the General Dynamics Corp. Electric Boat Division. The Scorpion launched on the 19th of December, 1959. The ship was sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth S. Morrison and was commissioned on July 29th, 1960 under Commander Norman B. Bessac.The Scorpion displaced 3,075 tons on the surface and 3,500 tons when submerged. The ships beam was 31' 7" and it's length was 251' 9". The armament consisted of 6 torpedo tubes with a payload of ?? torpedoesAssigned to Submarine Squadron 6, Division 62, Scorpion departed New London, Conn., on 24 August for a two-month deployment in European waters. During that period, she participated in exercises with units of the 6th Fleet and of other NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] navies. After returning to New England in late October, she trained along the eastern seaboard until May 1961, then crossed the Atlantic again for operations which took her into the summer. On 9 August, she returned to New London and, a month later, shifted to Norfolk, Va. With Norfolk her home port for the remainder of her career, Scorpion specialized in the development of nuclear submarine warfare tactics. Varying her role from hunter to hunted, she participated in exercises which ranged along the Atlantic coast and in the Bermuda and Puerto Rican operating areas; then, from June 1963 to May 1964, she interrupted her operations for an overhaul at Charleston, S.C. Resuming duty off the eastern seaboard in late spring, she again interrupted that duty from 4 August to 8 October to make a transatlantic patrol. In the spring of 1965, she conducted a similar patrol in European waters.During the late winter and early spring of 1966, and again in the fall, she was deployed for special operations. Following the completion of those assignments, her commanding officer received the Navy Commendation Medal for outstanding leadership, foresight, and professional skill. Other Scorpion officers and men were cited for meritorious achievement.On 1 February 1967, Scorpion entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard for another extended overhaul. In late October, she commenced refresher training and weapons system acceptance tests. Following type training out of Norfolk, she got underway on 15 February 1968 for a Mediterranean deployment. She operated with the 6th Fleet, into May, and then headed west for home. On 21 May, she indicated her position to be about 50 miles south of the Azores. Six days later, she was reported overdue at Norfolk. A search was initiated, but, on 5 June, Scorpion and her crew were declared "presumed lost." Her name was struck from the Navy list on 30 June.The search continued, however; and, at the end of October, the Navy's oceanographic research ship, Mizar (T-AGOR-11) located sections of Scorpion's hull in more than 10,000 feet of water about 400 miles southwest of the Azores. Subsequently, the Court of Inquiry was reconvened and other vessels, including the submersible Trieste were dispatched to the scene and collected a myriad of pictures and other data.Although the cause of her loss is still not ascertainable, the most probable event was the inadvertent activation of the battery of a Mark 37 torpedo during a torpedo inspection. The torpedo, in a fully ready condition and without a propeller guard, then began a live "hot run" within the tube. Released from the tube, the torpedo became fully armed and successfully engaged its nearest target, Scorpion. Alternatively, the torpedo may have exploded in the tube owing to an uncontrollable fire in the torpedo room.The explosion--recorded elsewhere as a very loud acoustic event--broke the boat into two major pieces, with the forward hull section, including the torpedo room and most of the operations compartment, creating one impact trench while the aft section, including the reactor compartment and engine room, created a second impact trench. The sail is detached and lies nearby in a large debris field.Owing to the pressurized-water nuclear reactor in the engine room, deep ocean radiological monitoring operations were conducted in August and September 1986. The site had been previously monitored in 1968 and 1979 and none of the samples obtained showed any evidence of release of radioactivity. 1969, MARCH 23 BEECHCRAFT AIRPLANE - Lost with Dr. James Horton and Dr. Charles Griggs. A twin engine airplane lost en route from Kingston to Nassau. 1969, June 7 CESSNA 172 AIRPLANE - Lost with Miss Cascio and Mr. Rosen onboard. The pilot can not see land while flying over it, but the plane is observed from the ground. 1969, July TEIGNMOUTH ELECTRON - A 41 foot trimaran skipperd by Donald Crowhurst, found abandoned in mid atlantic.No trace of Crowhurst was ever found. 1969, July 2 VAGABOND - Found abandoned by the GOLAR FROST in the mid atlantic 1969, July 4 UNIDENTIFIED ABANDONED 35 FOOT YACHT - Sighted by the COTOPAXI 1969, July 8 ABANDONED CRAFT - 36 Foot upturned hull found by HELISOMA between the Azores and Portugal 1969, September LIGHT TWIN ENGINE PLANE - Mr. and Mrs. Hector Guzman are listed on board. 1969, November 2 SOUTHERN CROSS - Yacht discovered abandoned 10 miles N.E. of Cape May, New Jersey. 1970, January 17: Piper Comanche; between Nassau & Opa Locka, FL. 2 persons. N9078P 1970, July 3: between Maiquetia, Venesuela & San Juan, PR. Cessna 310G. 6 persons. N1166T 1970, November 23: Piper Comanche between West Palm Beach & Kingston, Jamaica. 3 persons. N9346P
  20. 1917, between March 6th & 27: the 1,579 gross ton freighter Timandra, bound for Buenos Aires from Norfolk in cargo of coal. 21 crew under Captain Lee. 1918, after March 6th– U.S.S. collier Cyclops, after leaving Barbados for Baltimore; 309 crew and passengers under Lt. Comm. George Worley. 1919, January 4 BAYARD HOPKINS - A schooner that disappeared east of Norfolk Virginia with 6 persons. 1920, February 20 AMELIA ZEMAN - A schooner that disappeared east of Norfolk, Virginia with 9 persons. 1920, April 18 WILLIAM O'BRIEN - Wooden steamship, new, 3143 tons, going from New York to Rotterdam 1920, October 1 ALBYAN - Russian bark sailing from Norfolk, Virginia 1920, October 19 GENERAL MORNE - British schooner, Lisbon to Newfoundland 1920, November 17 YUTE - 2974 ton, Spanish Steamer 1921, January, After the 20th HEWITT - Steel Steamer, between Texas and Boston 1921, January 31 CARROLL A. DEERING - Size given as either a 2,114 or 3,500 ton five masted schooner found abandoned and aground on Diamond Shoals. 1921, February 2 MONTE SAN MICHELE - Italian steamer, 4,061 tons. Sailing from Portland, Maine to Genoa. 1921, February 3 CABEDELLO - Steamer sailing from Norfolk, Virginia 1921, February 6 OTTAWA - Steamer, sailing from Norfolk, Virginia to Manchester, England 1921, April 4 CANADIAN MAID - British Schooner sailing from Monte Cristo to New York 1921, October 27 BAGDAD - Lost off Key West, Florida with eight persons. 1922, February 11 SEDGWICK - Schooner, Lost east of Charleston, South Carolina with 6 persons. 1925, April RAIFUKU MARU - This is the ship responsible for the famous "DANGER LIKE DAGGER NOW" radio message. 1925, December COTOPAXI - Steamer, possibly two vessels with the same name as records indicate another COTOPAXI sighted an unknown 35 foot abandoned craft in 1969 1926 PORTA NOCA - An island taxi ferry operating by Cuba 1926, March - The week of the 14th - 22nd SUDUFFCO - A freighter shipping from New Jersey to Los Angeles. 1928, November VESTRUS 1931, June CURTISS ROBIN MONOPLANE - An aircraft that disappears off Palm Beach, Florida with 2 persons. 1931, October STAVENGER - Lists the date only as 1931. A freighter lost south of Cat Island with 43 people 1932, April JOHN AND MARY - Listed as a schooner found abandoned 50 miles south of Bermuda 1935,December WACO BIPLANE - Havana to the Isle of Pines. 1938, March: 426-foot, 5,500 ton British freighter Anglo Australian bound from Cardiff, Wales, for British Columbia; 38 crew under Captain Parslow. Last reported herself off the Azores: “Passing Fayal this afternoon. All well.” 1940, February 3 GLORIA COLITA - Abandoned 125 foot schooner found 150 miles south of Mobile, Alabama (Gulf of Mexico) 1941, March 12 MAHUKONA - Lists the date only as 1941 also states that it was a freighter renamed the SANTA CLARA prior to some wreckage found 600 miles east of Jacksonville, Florida. 1941, November PROTEUS, U.S.S. - Sister ship to the CYCLOPS and the NEREUS. Sailing from St. Thomas to Atlantic seaports. Lost with all hands. 1941, December NEREUS, U.S.S. - Sister ship to the CYCLOPS and the PROTEUS. Vanished on the same route as the PROTEUS, St. Thomas to Atlantic seaports, Lost with all hands. 1942, November PAULUS - Listed as a passenger ship en route from the West Indies to Halifax 1943 MARTIN MARINER AIRPLANE - Lost 150 miles south of Norfolk, Virginia with 19 persons. 1944, October 22 RUBICON - Cuban cargo freighter found abandoned off the coast Florida. 90 gross tons. All hands missing, ship seaworthy with all personal effects still on board. 1944, December NAVY BOMBER AIRPLANES - Five of them which seem to disappear a year before Flight 19. 1945, January B-25 AIRPLANE - Lost between Bermuda and the Azores with 19 people. 1945, Summer BOMBER AIRPLANE - A small bomber with 2 people on board. Took off from Cecil Field, Florida. 1945, July 18 NAVY PRIVATEER AIRPLANE - PB-4YW, 4 engine. Lost between Miami, Florida and the Bahamas 1945, December 5 FLIGHT 19 - Five Grumman TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers. - At about 2:10 p.m. on the afternoon of 5 December 1945, Flight 19, consisting of five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers departed from the U. S. Naval Air Station, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on an authorized advanced overwater navigational training flight. They were to execute navigation problem No. 1, which is as follows: (1) depart 26 degrees 03 minutes north and 80 degrees 07 minutes west and fly 091 degrees (T) distance 56 miles to Hen and Chickens Shoals to conduct low level bombing, after bombing continue on course 091 degrees (T) for 67 miles, (2) fly course 346 degrees (T) distance 73 miles and (3) fly course 241 degrees (T) distance 120 miles, then returning to U. S. Naval Air Station, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In charge of the flight was a senior qualified flight instructor, piloting one of the planes. The other planes were piloted by qualified pilots with between 350 and 400 hours flight time of which at least 55 was in TBM type aircraft. The weather over the area covered by the track of the navigational problem consisted of scattered rain showers with a ceiling of 2500 feet within the showers and unlimited outside the showers, visibility of 6-8 miles in the showers, 10-12 otherwise. Surface winds were 20 knots with gusts to 31 knots. The sea was moderate to rough. The general weather conditions were considered average for training flights of this nature except within showers. A radio message intercepted at about 4 p.m. was the first indication that Flight 19 was lost. This message, believed to be between the leader on Flight 19 and another pilot in the same flight, indicated that the instructor was uncertain of his position and the direction of the Florida coast. The aircraft also were experiencing malfunction of their compasses. Attempts to establishcommunications on the training frequency were unsatisfactory due to interference from Cuba broadcasting stations, static, and atmospheric conditions. All radio contact was lost before the exact nature of the trouble or the location of the flight could be determined. Indications are that the flight became lost somewhere east of the Florida peninsula and was unable to determine a course to return to their base. The flight was never heard from again and no trace of the planes were ever found. It is assumed that they made forced landings at sea, in darkness somewhere east of the Florida peninsula, possibly after running out of gas. It is known that the fuel carried by the aircraft would have been completely exhausted by 8 p.m. The sea in that presumed area was rough and unfavorable for a water landing. It is also possible that some unexpected and unforeseen development of weather conditions may have intervened although there is no evidence of freak storms in the area at the time. All available facilities in the immediate area were used in an effort to locate the missing aircraft and help them return to base. These efforts were not successful. No trace of the aircraft was ever found even though an extensive search operation was conducted until the evening of 10 December 1945, when weather conditions deteriorated to the point where further efforts became unduly hazardous. Sufficient aircraft and surface vessels were utilized to satisfactorily cover those areas in which survivors of Flight 19 could be presumed to be located. One search aircraft was lost during the operation. A PBM patrol plane which was launched at approximately 7:30 p.m., 5 December 1945, to search for the missing TBM's. This aircraft was never seen nor heard from after take-off. Based upon a report from a merchant ship off Fort Lauderdale which sighted a "burst of flame, apparently an explosion, and passed through on oil slick at a time and place which matched the presumed location of the PBM, it is believed this aircraft exploded at sea and sank at approximately 28.59 N; 80.25 W. No trace of the plane or its crew was ever found. 1945, December 27 VOYAGER II - A 70 foot schooner. 1946, December 5 CITY BELLE - A 120 foot schooner found abandoned. 10 persons missing. 1947, July 3 C-54 AIRPLANE - Took off from Kindley Field, Bermuda en route to Morrison Army Airfield, Palm Beach, Florida. 1948, January 30 STAR TIGER AIRPLANE - Airliner sister ship to the STAR ARIEL, both are Tudor IV, 4 engine model. 1948, February: 416-foot, 7,219 ton British freighter Samkey reported herself at 41o 48’ N longitude, 24o W latitude on January 31. “All well.” Crew of 43. 1948, March AL SNYDER - Disappears in The Triangle. 1948, March 6: yacht Evelyn K. is found deserted in the Florida Keys; 3 persons missing 1948, December 28 DC-3A AIRPLANE - Known as "The Holiday Plane" this twin engine plane disappears within 50 miles south of Miami, Florida. 1949, January 17 DRIFTWOOD - 36 foot cabin cruiser. 1949, January 17 STAR ARIEL AIRPLANE - Sister ship to the STAR TIGER. A 4 engine Tudor IV that disappears en route from Bermuda to Jamaica.
  21. I'm glad that you liked the stories. The 3rd video is also relevant because "time" is the fourth dimension, creating Space-time (width, height, depth, time).
  22. I was too lazy to type capital letters. You can see the title on top of the YouTube screen. :)
  23. A Thriftstore on the Edge of Forever BY BLUESTARMOM When I was about ten years old in 1966, my family temporarily stayed with my grandma in downtown Long Beach, California. Mom took us four kids to a HUGE Goodwill store about seven blocks from the beach. We kids were told the toys were upstairs, so that's where I went. Upstairs, there were huge windows, which of course don't open. You could look down on the street far below. I went over to one of the large windows. However, when I got to there, it was no longer a window, it was a door that I could walk through (if I dared) when I would have fallen to my death if it weren't for this "paranormal opening." The street kind of looked like the street yet it was level, I could have walked straight out that window onto the sidewalk. The people out there looked normal, yet seemed to be dressed in odd, possibly old fashioned clothes and the cars were different then what I was accustomed to seeing. I very much wanted to walk out there, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to walk back in to where I was, so I didn't. I wonder now, if others have walked into these holes/openings and if so, are they stuck there, somewhere other than their own place or origin? My guess would be yes, because if they didn't come back soon, the hole would be gone. If what I saw was another period/era (which I'm not certain of, I think it would have been the past.) I now wonder if others in the future (at a time when they will finally know how these things work) come here and go back, and/or are here but not from a time where they would know how to get back to their own time or dimension, whatever, so happen to be stuck here, and if they were a child like me would they tell someone? If an adult, would they say they had amnesia so as not to be placed in a mental hospital? Anyhow, I buried the thoughts of that day, I mean really, who would've believed me? Fast forward twenty some odd years. R___ (my older sister) came to visit, bringing N___ (her son, my nephew) and N___ brought a friend of his from their hometown Salinas, Calif. They came to spend a few days at our beach house in Laguna Beach. We were up talking late into the night after all the others were fast asleep. We started sharing our life stories and such. After becoming comfortable I asked my sister,"Do you remember when we were staying with grandma downtown Long Beach?" The rest of the conversation went like this: "Yes," my sister replied; she remembered the visit. "Do you remember that giant two story Goodwill store mom used to take us to downtown," I asked. "Yes." "Well... you probably won't believe this, but when I went upstairs.... " "I know what you're going to say!" "Huh?" "You went to the window and saw nothing but a giant black hole outside of it!" I replied, "Oh, my God! No, I saw the street at my own level and I think it was a different time, like a parallel dimension of the exact same spot/place, except at the higher level than it should have been because I was upstairs. I could have walked right out that window, and I contemplated it, but was afraid if I did I wouldn't be able to walk back in!" When my sister R___ told me of her similar oddity about that day, I was dumbfounded! I knew what I had experienced but as a person grows up you try and tell yourself it wasn't true, maybe you were hallucinating, even though you KNOW what you experienced, just trying to make sense of it. It's put out of your mind, and life goes on. I thought possibly R___ being a year and nine months older than me, might have stopped her from seeing "more" as I had, due to how our minds continue to conform to the realities that are the norm and our teachings from culture, parents, teachers and so on. I posted this experience of mine on a forum; someone said that they had read that these cracks/holes or whatever they are, open and close. Therefore, I probably saw it when it was completely open, and R___ probably saw it when it was in the process of opening or closing. It happened. I believe I will always ponder and read up on this subject and the subject matters that may relate to it.
  24. Road Vortex BY PAUSE My true story took place in October, 2010. My husband just had triple bypass surgery, and after being discharged from the hospital, he spent the next ten days in a facility for cardiac rehab. The facility is situated on a lonely country road in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. One night when I left the facility, it was already dark, so I took the main route back instead of the shortcut, because I don't like to travel those dark roads alone. I passed Williams College, the Willlows Motel, Subway, and all the local businesses on this route, and was just crossing into the city of North Adams, when it seemed like everything went black. The bright lights of the town had vanished, but I very quickly realized that the road had narrowed considerably and had become winding instead of straight. Suddenly, I was crossing a tiny bridge and realized that I was not where I should be at all -- and I had no explanation for it. One minute I was traveling on the main route which I have traveled all of my life and know it well; the next minute I was on a narrow country road with not a clue as to why I was there or how I got there. This happened in the blink of an eye. I began talking to myself out loud, saying things like, "What the hell is going on, and where the hell am I?" I repeated these questions out loud over and over, with my heart pounding, and nothing making sense to me, but I kept driving because I was too frightened to do anything else. When I got to the end of whatever lonely, narrow, winding road I was on, I looked up and saw a street sign. It said, "Gale Rd." and I now realized that I was going to come out almost back where I had started from, except that the road I was on would come out at the shortcut that I didn't take that night, because it was too late and too dark out. Now I had no choice. I drove the shortcut route and ended up back in the center of Williamstown. I had to once again pass by Wiliams College, the Willows Motel, Subway, etc., then to North Adams. None of this makes sense to me but it did happen. Also, when I reached my destination (my home in Adams, Mass.), it hadn't taken me any longer to get there than any other time. My husband said he would call me in a half hour. He knows that it takes 25 minutes to get home and I was home when he called. It should have taken nearly double the amount of time to get home since it appears that I drove both routes home that night, one after the other. I don't know what happened to me that night. All I know is that in the blink of an eye, I was approximately five miles back where I started from on a road that I know I never would have taken on a dark night. I will never drive alone at night again. It's only been a few days, and the thought sends shivers down my spine.
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