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  1. philip


    Thanks for the reply ! i really agree with this idea you've suggested... '1. Its impossible. If you have your arm then there is no possible way that he could have made you lose your arm no matter what Bob tried to do.' i like that idea because if a different universe/timeline/worldline etc.. was to be created then going back in time to 'fix' or 'change' anything does nothing to alter the time you left...pointless ! SECOND QUESTION Q: What are some theories on bringing a future item to the past with you ? ex. an iPod
  2. philip


    hey everyone... i am very new to these concepts, and new to the forum as well ... i have a few questions... it would be nice to hear back from some of you to better help me understand novice time travel concepts... ok, Q: lets say your coworker 'Bob' travels back in time regularly. Sometimes after a weeks abscence from Bob at work he returns to tell you about his adventures. During one of his time travel adventures he says he saw YOU. Bob leaves again for a week to visit a time back only a few years and meets YOU again. During Bob's timetravel visit a mishap occurs and YOU loss your arm in an accident. While you are awaiting Bobs return... do you just loose you arm instantly in present time ? ...or is this a different 'worldline' and while you await Bobs return to work, you infact notice no accident to YOUR arm ?
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