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  1. It sucks knowing the truth, doesn't it? - All we can do, is hold our visions and beliefs to ourselves and do not share with anyone. It's not worth our time to share too much, as you may share a little- That's the way the world is today. Thoughts as mine and yours do not matter. Life only matters. Why?- People in their own individuality experience these things before they move on. Dimensional aspects of our perceptions based on each individual's reality, is what is created by the thought of an individual. Otherwords, enjoy the fun while you're here. Don't suffer- Find something to do and ENJOY it.. Have FUN while you're here- --This is Paradox, I am here to say a few things.. and I think I have done enough-- Best of luck in everything that you do-
  2. " All I can say is my side is hurting from laughing so hard. This has got to be some of the funniest stuff I have read in a while, not because I find the post humorous in a funny way, but because there are people who seem to actualy believe what they are writing. How in the world could you possibly believe this nonsense?? " This is true for the following reasons: A. You didn't experience these things. I have. Is life nonsense to you? Is Death nonsense to you? - We all know that we got to die someday... no matter how we die, we will die.. you too... me too... so is it non-sense? - No.. its a fact- Then compare death to UFOs.. Aliens, and all.. tell me that they cannot exist. IF they cannot, then death cannot. - :) That's the logic of paradoxes .. it makes you think- and it twists your brain into a pretzel - we simply cannot comprehend this logic because we are not designed to.
  3. Y2K ? - ... 0.o... LOL- Its all a lie as well too. The reason for such problems with the date was because most computers have MICROSOFT WINDOZE on them. I had an IBM Aptiva E24 model bought in 1997- when 2000 came along, it crashed. Why? Cuz WINDOZE cant tolerate the change in direct assembly of time. They had to 'patch' the line parameters to force the issue of accepting the Y2K direct confrontation. Otherwords, the computers that you see today, for example, running MS Windoze, you see the clock on your desktop, it will show the true date and time- but in the background of compressed datas, its actually in a negative front. YUP.. negative time processing. Its the ONLY way to patch it that way without really causing a problem with computer systems. (Why do you think Windoze always have "virus looking" problems?) hmm.. If you think about it, and do some research on that matter, you will see how "Y2K" was averted. It's a little known trick stemming back during 1995 when few top notch people started to worry about "Y2K"- Now there has been some contradiction on where 'they got those parameter adjustments' from. Some say they got that idea off of a 'time machine' - ... 0.o.. what time machine are they referring to? Linux on the otherhand, must have upgraded Kernels all the time to adjust to the permanent 'markings' of time and of course new software repositories. I do not think its true about 'time lines' regarding influence of such things across our realities. I do know its a 'dimensional aspect', -but not a time line. It may be a confusion between 'dimensional aspect' and a 'time line' so I would let it go at that. It could mean the same thing to some while it means differently to me. Did we bypass Armageddon with the computer systems by doing this? Or did we REALLY have a visitor from the future/past/different dimension - giving us the knowledge/tech to adjust our world into this dimensional aspect of reality? - I wonder.. If Y2K had occurred... in a serious matter.. I wonder.. if the World Trade Center hadn't been hit? because Y2K was the issue that stopped it all? -and changed the world forever? - not only WTC- but other bombings all over the world as well.. Could it have been the conflict of time? - A Paradox perhaps? - hmm.. -- And another thing- --- When we are asleep..in bed.. How is it that we know we did not 'jump out of time' and go into a new "similar reality" the next morning we wake up from our beds???? Is this an illusion to the real reasons why we have dreams/nightmares? - There is a biblical reference that we will go into a period of darkness for '3 days'- ... Did that happen to us already and we didn't know it?- Could it be that our brains are so tuned into this facet of reality for we all know, we slept for a period of 3 days in the darkness (frozen in time) and yet our calendars, clocks, etc, says its the same as it would be for the next day as expected. Did you ever think that this could be possible? Are we all 'electrical' "Robots" that we can be 'shut down' and we wouldn't even know it? If we realize that is true, then it would scare the living hell out of the world population- Could the Earth stop spinning for a moment and we wouldn't know it? Is this why 2012 is the doomsayer's favorite topic? Is this why there are so many UFO topics out there, discussions about 'being abducted' here and there- so many stories- Would it be scary if we were to think... "The world stopped... We fell asleep... ... these beings come in and take us out one a time, doing whatever they will do to us..."--- I can imagine this: Being #1= "ok, let's take this guy out and do some examinations on him.. and make him get into a process of thought for doing the things on "his" next day because its important that he must not realize what is happening" Being #2= "ok, we need to make this leader of this country, do some actions towards another countries"... Do you think that maybe we are being 'controlled' by another higher intelligence in some way that we do not realize it? - A Hidden intelligence is present among us, we know that for a fact, if we look at it that way. Why is it we are so fascinated with 'time travel', UFOs... mysterious things... etc?- do you think this is why because we are experiencing these things without realizing it?
  4. It's all a lie. Excellent manipulation tactics. I typed in google "GE Component 204" and I come up with this: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/pag/10/2/images/pag_10_2_204_tbl2a.gif Am I seeing it with delusions of grandeur or are they really experimenting transport as in 'travel' with human candidates? for psychology subject tests? I was like 'what the heck?' ?
  5. I love cigars. They're good- "John Titor" is nothing but a lie, a gimmick for a movie production. Pamela on here is also lying too. She isn't saying much about her 'past history'- Florida anyone? ROFL! (just don't take it too harsh, Pamela- I am just giving it as an example) Its a very good way to analyze all the "intel" by many people posting, to gather the percentage of thoughts from each individual in an controlled environment. One person says "I am from blah blah blah" - I think maybe we all are nuts in someway somehow. You really want Titor? - why don't you ask him? - bring up Titor again, for the popularity vote soars high with Titor fans everywhere. Gee.. why don't we let it die? - we don't need this anymore.. Titor was once a good puppet of time travelling claims. He was fascinating when I first read his stories- but the more I thought of it, the more I know the facts that its all a lie. Maybe- let's say that I am a time traveller from the year.. hmm... 14000 B.C. ??? -- why not 14000 A.D ? - .... 14000 BC, nobody had the technology? - are we sure about that? - Are we absolutely SURE about that? - There are things found all over the planet.. weird things..small things, etc.. in rocks and all. I was watching the History channel some time ago- about the future. I was like WOW..it's a real eye opener.. Did you know that in 10000 years, everything on Earth would be wiped clean- if noone were here to keep things 'in shape', that natural ingredients in the air would dissolve even the toughest metal on Earth during all that time and convert it back to dust... then Earth will repopulate itself with fertile lands once again. Its the famous word of 'corrosion' So what really did happen back in 14000 BC? - hmm.. hmm... We don't know because all the evidence disappeared due to mother nature's acts. Pyramids in Eqypt are fascinating.. they found a way to keep those stones all alive for thousands of years- We have some records, but not enough to construct the time period for 14000 BC. (Back then it wasn't even called "BC" as they had another name for it?) hmmm... Science says 'this is what happened'.. and I say.. "Are we sure? absolutely SURE?" It's all about LIFE- the way it is, and why everything's a LIE. Maybe its meant to be spelled as LIE instead of LIFE? lol- The Hadron Collider - it's a joke. Mini blackholes created and dissipated- because its due to the lack of energy to supplement the looping of a black hole...or even a worm hole. Trying to find the Higgs Boson particle, to study it. There's no such thing- its all a lie. One thing, though, if they keep fussing around with the energy displacement fields, they're going to find themselves with missing parts of the Hadron Collider. Small things like screws, metal bulbs, just enough to cause it a problem. Those items are sent back into time and 'incidently' dropped into molten lava, an molten sea in which millions of years later, they are accidently found in coal, lava rocks and so on. It may very well be proven that time travel is possible with a displacement field of that magnitude. Again, its harmful and they shouldn't keep doing that.. the more energy they build it up to, the more it will have effect on human lives as well. We're basically all 'electric' within us to control our bodies by having the brain to 'send' electric impulses to our fingers to move the muscles and so on. Having that much of an effect on those who are working at the Hadron collider, will end up with pre stage tumorous, mutating cancerous cells in their bodies caused by manipulation of such energy fields. They say it's safe. I do not think so. There are energy fields that science hasn't discovered yet, not for another 44 years from now. We are so young in this field of technology- and yet we keep toying around with it. Sooner or later it's gonna go BANG! An accident on the news worldwide, with a silence of the population of untold billions. To John Titor- It was good while it lasted... but you're just a dude who loved playing mental games with Pamela and others. I know you're watching these forums, watching everything and everyone.. sitting back in that luxury chair of yours, laughing at everyone.. it's your EGO that's gotta go.. -Paradox.
  6. ???? Why would you need to invent a time travel device when everyone else already have one? We look at it but never use them?
  7. Many words- of thought of my own- any can be true or false- Anyone cannot judge because Anyone do not truly know some of it. Maybe a Schizo- Maybe not. What if you're the Schizo? Ever think of that? ;) What if everyone is? What if Stephen Hawkins is right? Alien beings know the mind of Man... and those who are 'elective' can view them of their own actions. Where did we really come from? - many stories and many theories. A worm hole is not stable with a singularity. A worm hole becomes stable when the current becomes diverted and one string looped. We travel away from Earth.. into space and out of the 'spheres' of the solar system.. We become ageless.... as we are no longer effected by the 'spheres and it's laws' in the solar system... <each time we enter a solar system, we become effected by "it's natural laws" of that solar system> Our bones in space ... become stretched over time.. we no longer have the need for gravity... Our blood... our DNA starts "correcting itself" when exposed to long term residency in space... We listen to the music of the Sly Fox... Many claim they're time travelers.... Only .01 percent is true while the rest is false.. .01 percent out of a billion chance, it must be true. Life on other worlds are watching us. We're beginning to understand them. Mars... hidden and a grand conspiracy of all time... Many movies were made- It does not matter what we think nor how we think... It does not matter... Life matters, not the thoughts of man... Lives of many ... birth and death... Birth in all sense are same, regardless of how it is thought of, regardless of how it was done. Death in all sense are same, regardless of how it is thought of, regardless of how it was done. You see... Love counts... Life matters.. Faster than the speed of light... only Thought is... Thought is faster than the speed of light. It only takes a micro second for one of man, to think the ends of the universe. All senses are played into it once the wish becomes true.... Is Man ready to greet an other civilization?- a space faring civilization who resides just above the Earth.. and not far from the Earth and are in this Solar System.. Been here since the dawn of Man... Want Proof? ... There aren't any for the people on the Earth, except those who visit space. They sign a classified ND contract with NASA to keep their mouths shut on anything they see out there. A few come forward telling the stories, but yet are not believed- because of the narcissism against others which is considered as 'hatred' not love.... I am Paradox... I am here to show you a few things. It does not matter how smart or stupid I may be.. but I have some things to say, and it will effect your every thinking process that you read this... You will naturally with intuition rebel at all my statements, saying "Lies.. Deceit, False, " etc, because Life is meant to be a lie, only those who discover the true path of the Spirit, will only learn the truth for themselves and it cannot be shared... on any levels.... Rebel, many will... many... until that one fateful day... living proof will be shown to all.. The world will be in a chaos over beliefs... riots, street fighting, plundering, will only increase in intensity. Haiti is one prime example. Earthquake? NAH.. its all a lie. No Tsunami present.. News on TV.. media news- far far away from you, telling you things.. you think about yourself, and its entirely up to you on what you believe or not believe... for that's the way LIFE is.. Life is all about lies.. I am Paradox the Spiritual Time Traveler, The Vampire, Psychic medium,... is it a lie? perhaps as many will think.. but it does not matter.. your thoughts do not. I lay in bed.. in a small motel.. in the town of Twin Falls Idaho...as it is raining, typing away on this small travel laptop of mine... I lived in this motel for a couple months.. they are a nice people, those who own it, to let me make weekly payments to continue living here.. This town and it's neighbor towns in next door counties away are most interesting. Very many strange things occur here, a natural hot spot for these UFOs... cattle/sheep mutualated (sp) - and few strange people. Men in Black if you will, and others... Magic Valley they call it.. makes the most sense. National guard army men encountering strange beings up in the desert not far from here.. Many things happened here for the past 6 months- It had shown in a increased intensity of these things occurring here, which is why I am here. Love is life.. is it a lie also? - Is chocolate the answer to appease a woman during the time of their month? Is it also a lie? - many things, many thoughts occur to me - :) so .. am I still a Schizo? ;)
  8. Yea Darby- you're probably right. I aint too smart for the likes of you ;) But.. I think maybe there's something going on here. I had this thought when I was reading your post..I have been thinking this. I wonder.. really wonder.. that maybe our brain waves or something in the brain is effected by the intelligence level that 'would allow' a person like me to see "things in the sky" when the rest of the higher intelligent population (higher IQ than me) cannot see them? I have been wondering about that.. It bugs me. Maybe intelligence levels have something to do with "seeing these UFOs?" --- probably had a great effect in the titor stuff too. hmm.. :confused:
  9. Ok COOL!- If it was really scientifically proven.. that time does stop at the speed of light... Then.. time travel really is possible!!! :) right? hey look at me, I have low IQ here, don't blame me for not being 'smart' like the rest of you ;) I really think I do have an IQ of 100 or less. hmm..
  10. RMT- Very true.. I think we are all limited in such knowledge of physics. I feel quite limited- because I have not studied much of it. I lost all motivation during my college years and know it deep inside my heart, that everything we have been taught, could be a lie. It is of a common sense that when these things occur, it is our responsibility to at least try to explain the phenomenon.
  11. oh- and- I better not dare to say that Time Travel is impossible. When I see these things zig zagging all over the place, defying all known laws of physics, who would say that time travel is impossible then? - I think its a matter of perception for each individual- including such realities that you create for yourselves. ;)
  12. -Darby- The reason I said "Its an illusion" is because I have seen things which defies all laws of physics and even defies any understanding that I think of regarding mathematics. On several occasions I have seen unidentified flying objects going around, doing things which is impossible for any airplane, bird and any vehicles to do. This is the main reason why I dispute that 'scientific fact' that time slows down or stops at the speed of light. Now don't get me wrong, there are things like that which are seen by thousands if not millions of people. I believe that if it is definitely proven that time does indeed come to a halt at the speed of light, then these things that I see occasionally, must be figments of imagination or hallucinations and is virtually impossible- Once you see these things for yourself, with your own eyes, it will probably make you reconsider your position of statement in current mathematics ---like it did to me--- To be honest- at first sight of these things, I felt like a caveman, just like those poor guys back 2000 years ago trying to explain what that silver thing in the sky was all about or how the sun functioned. It's that apparent to me, technology that we know it as today, we still do not understand that kind of technology "which defies all physics". Heck, I am not even sure if it could be called 'technology'- I am quite sure that sometimes in the future, a new form of physics comprehension will appear and the old forms of physics comprehension will be discarded. That is much as I can say because its mostly relied upon obtaining such evidence of new knowledge-
  13. Have you ever walked pass someone, a total stranger somewhere and you felt an immediate disturbing feeling that the person you just walked by, may be someone who is from another time? bad vibes and all? All of us have this 'natural intuition' gridlocked in our minds of how we perceive time and place on someone. In most cases, people ignore this feeling as like it is an everyday routine.
  14. :) Most interesting- But one question remains - which I would like to see answered- A. How do we know that 'time' itself 'stops' at the speed of light? From what I know, it has never been proven that 'time' itself stops or can stop.. Isn't time itself a man-made invention? Theories are applied to this particular science but hard solid evidence about 'time' itself is given? I had dreams like this before. Of course, everyone would have dreams about time travel. A real dream ... when you're asleep- dreaming about going 'back into time'- One dream I will never forget- and that particular dream got me interested in time travel because 'time' itself is just a name, In that dream, I was told that time does not really exist in our reality, it's just described for the forward motion that we experience on a every day basis as what science would call it. Therefore, I dispute the fact that 'time' itself slows down and stops at the speed of light. Science calls that a 'fact' which is nothing but an illusion. Just like when someone dies, where does that person go afterwards? Energy is transformed? Heaven? Space? Time Travel? Never proven and is easily discarded by Science because it cannot be proven. Religion plays a great role in 'time travel'- but for me, "time travel" has a different meaning than the one we are accustomed to. my 2 cents and it probably will be nailed by someone here lol ;)
  15. Re: Earth's Crisis When that date comes- I will have three things with me- 1. A chair. 2. Ice 101 Whiskey with a shot glass. I am going to laugh at those who think that doomsday is coming. If it does occur, its the will of the people that had occurred it. I will sit there and get drunk. That's all I will do, besides thats all I can do and there's isn't much I and everybody else can do about it-
  16. Yes- You're right. It was my little oversight that said 'reported in cnn news'- However thats not my point. Check this out: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/guest/abdulla-gentill/43263 http://twitter.com/GentillAbdulla and others if you look on Google for the name of 'Gentill Abdulla' Can a child really do this? Was John Titor himself a child who lied to everybody about everything that had occurred? - I have read some other articles in here.... its interesting to note- that another person is following the footprints once left by this Titor person whoever he was. This should die off and remain off the internet forever because it had been debunked countless times... but it hasn't.. why?- Why keep going with this hokey pokey crap? Its all make believe. Yet people keep going and going.. They dont have anything better to do?
  17. Guess they made this important so they posted it in CNN news- http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-367891 13 Year old boy Has Time Machine plan that works December 11, 2009 | Houston, Texas | Vetting explained timeguy Posted by: timeguy * Viewed 9,596 times * Shared 43 times * Last updated: January 16, 2010 CNN producer note iReport — One 13 year old boy , named Gentill Abdulla, has said that he has a time machine plan that is going to work. I have personally met him and he is an extremely bright boy. Gentill says that his ingenious plans can allow time travel to be possible. He told me " I have done a lot of research on the areas of black holes, time travel, wormholes, magnetism, light, and most importantly gravity. I have devised an experiment that if done correctly could allow time travel . Here is the theory. If you had magnets in front of each other and had one beam of blue light that had been traveling for thousands of years and put that in the middle of these two magnets then turned on lasers on each magnet , and the side they are pointing makes the magnets face each other, and when the magnets are heated have eight smaller magnets on each magnet and make those magnets so that they would repel the big magnet. Then move all these magnets toward the plastic magnet so it will compress it on all sides so it will become smaller than it's Schwarzschild radius. After this is done the magnets both should become black holes. Since they are facing each other their gravities will act and join these black holes together. There will still be a singularity but it will be magnetic. Now you make a device, that I have also made, that will split the singularity into a ring.This device that will make a hole in the singularity. Since the string is no longer there the magnets will expand enough to make the singularity into ta ring. You will know if it works because you will be able to see the other side of the hole from the entrance. Since the beam of light is old and the light beam is what is creating the effect you will be able to go back to when that beam of light was first made.So through this it will make a traversable wormhole. The negative energy really won't be negative energy because since the smaller magnets are repelling the singularity it will push it outward in the opposite way or just rotate the 2 magnets from the begining so you don't have that problem.Contact me at [email protected]" he has also told me that he has all the paperwork and schematics with him at all times. Gentill says that he is working on a new Grand unification theory and perpetual motion machine. -- Now wouldn't that be possible? hmm.. Eeerily sounds like Titor doesnt it? lol :devil:
  18. lol- There are two stories- 1. You want to believe. 2. They want you to believe. People want you to believe in UFOs, Aliens, Time Travel, etc- People DONT want you to believe in UFOs, Aliens, Time Travel, etc- This is why its the perfect cover up for anyone. Hardcore evidence is taken and hidden if any found, Hardcore evidence is exposed, given if any found- It's all about Mental warfare. Those who try to guide you on a 'path' of believing or non believing- to 'force' you to make the 'choices' in life. So what choice do I have out of this. 1. I do believe 2. I do not believe Alas! there is a hidden '3rd option' - I choose this one: 3. I choose to believe and NOT to believe in UFOs, Aliens, Time Travel, etc- "Wow.. I feel free from all this brain bashing BS that goes on around here" A thought appeared... "Maybe this is the grand illusion of all time? .. hmm" Awww I chose PARADOX for a reason. ;)
  19. Re: Earth's Crisis 2012? aww that dooooomsday movie- what about 2010? - Hmm... err 2011 ? ... so.. is anything supposed to happen on 10/10/10 ? lol. ;) :P
  20. titor- 0.o too many stories about that dude. I saw a black triangle 'UFO' the other day... then I determined by thought that it was nothing more than a man-made blimp. Same reference with titor- IMO.
  21. bah- i know a major plane crash will occur on December 21st '09. Even if that doesn't happen, then most likely everything changed again. I just feel it, but its a great feeling to know I am probably 95% wrong and 5% right! :)
  22. Every time I see your name on there as rainmantime I keep hearing this sound as "grewman"- Is rainmantime a time traveler? :confused:
  23. I got a prediction- 'touching the crystal ball...' Tiger Woods will get into an accident soon. -Ahhh wait.. it already happened- darn. :oops:
  24. Paradox


    OK.. we got a cat murderer on our hands- stay away from my cats! :) Anyways, Laser device that can refine itself into molecular analysis? Well I wouldn't say thats impossible. One light strand holds gigabytes of data? It has been a lengthy read, mate - not sure what your point is, for typing all that up on here- I know of a paradox- Real time travelors (TiTOrs) wouldn't be posting on the forum on the net anywhere- anyways- people will not believe until you show definite proof - they all know that- Proof that is tangible and shown it works- Almanac! LOL.. probably got that off of "Back to the Future" movie part 2 I think- If I was a time travelor I would probably go back into time and live in that time- I don't want to live here in this time- forget it.. everything's too expensive... wars and rumours of wars, dreams that shatter into the night. However, like I said.. Its a good read, mate.. I enjoyed that as I have read many articles here for my enjoyment- I am a SCI FI freak who likes to read these such stories :) Thanks for writing it up, mate - I really like that -
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