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  1. I am leaving. I will deactivate this username. I will not return. Thanks to those who were kind.
  2. Eye shadow is applied above the eye lids on a downward tilted area of the face. The idea is to darken the eyes and accentuate the eye color. Usually the color used is blue, even if the eye color is not blue. Often there are multiple colors used on different parts of the eye area. There is the eyelid, the boundary between eyelid and brow bone, and the brow bone itself. The contrast between the applied colors can be fantastic and bring out the color of any eyes. :)
  3. What do you want to learn from "them"? :yum:
  4. Not right now. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix what's been done.
  5. I'm sorry. I have been conducting time travel experiments, and I have found some small success. But now I find myself reliving the past and knowing the future. Those around me have done the same. It has driven them mad. I don't know how much of time and space have changed or will change, but I am sorry for the confusion I have caused.
  6. As I have said before, I like finding songs that describe people. Here is John Titor's song :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr7a7tNZutU
  7. The painter swashes his brush across the canvass and reveals a terrible image. All hope seems lost, until he realizes that he can paint over his mistakes with divine beauty. Only when the picture is complete can we judge the quality of the work. :)
  8. There was much negativity in that thread, but it was also from 2008. If you met me in previous revolutions you might realize that I was not the same person as now. What we must all understand is that every personality is in perpetual development and never truly complete. Even the most heroic and kind person has regrets and mistakes from which they've learned. The remainder of us all the more. When I say you're kind, I speak of present interaction. :)
  9. I am basing this assertion on limited information. You are free to disprove me. :)
  10. I was just guessing based on Einstein's post. :oops:
  11. Well you seem a lot more positive than many people here. I've read some of Rainman's posts, and he seems to have knowledge of a first level university degree. But I have not seen evidence surpassing that level, despite him teaching others things. It's okay, it doesn't really matter. Maybe he would like to tell you why a stress strain curve looks similar to a lift coefficient/angle of attack graph. :)
  12. Rainman, I found your song :oops: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBlbPw7WAqM
  13. What happened between ruthless and Rainman? I guess I should ask ruthless. Ruthless, what happened (if you want to tell)? :P
  14. Well that's really sad, cause he seems so nice on face value. On a side note, I've noticed you never post on this forum unless you have something bad to say. It would be nice to see you make happy conversation. Are you just an unhappy person? :(
  15. I haven't read all his posts, only the funny ones. I thought because this is fan fiction it was a made up story? :S If what you say is true it's really creepy.
  16. Rainman is it true? I think creedo's posts show a neat personality!
  17. I'm bored and nobody's talking. :) The terms of service and rules forum is blocked.
  18. I have responded to every forum on this site except the 1 that is blocked. :kiss:
  19. Re: Sign out front a little old. We need my little pony time travel edition! :)
  20. You shouldn't listen to BS stores. :confused:
  21. Humans are silly because they are insecure about their place at the top of the food chain. They want something above them, and maybe there is. But they can't stand being the best. :oops:
  22. I bet u weren't alive when he was killed. :oops:
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