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  1. "Buh-bye And I did make my point. You don't have a clue what "barns", "outhouses" or "sheds" are. They have nothing to do with taking information off your computer (though for the life of me I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in anything on your computer) but I digress... You're supposed to be the resident expert in nuclear physics and nuclear reactor engineering. Says so right on one of your websites and in your original handle here. Expert? You have to know what the SI unit "barn" is if you are going to be involved in nuclear fission. Sheds and outhouses are exponential expansions of barns. How about the neutron capture cross-section of a nucleus?" I just brought up my computer because when people want proof they want the files I produced from my counter. Oh old site. I miss that. I did put up a older version to it but I have not maintained it. Yeah I remember you were against that site from day one. And when I came here you brought it up again and were against it. Dude, it was a hobby. Get over it. (Hey, I called Darby dude. Haha.) I mean that in a nice way. You want to do me a favor not that you would review my book then load up both barrels and let me have it. I dare you. I posted the info on my blog so as not advertise on your site.
  2. Im gone. I have to come here from two different computers just to see what is posted because what I see on my system and what I see when I come here from another system is two different things. You guys can always ban me again if you want but the truth will go on no matter what.
  3. "You can't even verify that barns, outhouses or sheds are proper units." Darby - It has been my experience that people want the files off my computer they want my personal property. Well, this is a forum and as such is limited to what you will get in the way of proof. Now, as I said in a post which I think twice now because I went back and did not see my first post that my first book in a series of books is now for sale. If you guys want your proof I will be happy to post a link to my book but you will have to ask me for it because you guys have gotten onto me in the past about advertising. Or you can just go out there and search for it. I am pretty sure the opinion here and the public opinion will defer. I am a train that can not be stopped.
  4. Well my book went on sale at kindle/amazon. I still have some editing to do so a update will be uploaded but it is another nail in the coffin for my critics. I will skip giving out the link and info as it probably is not wanted here.
  5. Changing the past: Well today I did not go far for my favourite TTI site. When I was done visiting http://timetravelinstitute.biz I changed the biz to com and WOW I was here. So yes Ray, I do not have to go very far. You are very correct about that. By the way I like your beer mug in your avatar.. You and I have that much in common HaHa. Oh well now back to the topic. When people talk about changing the past and I question if that happens and the past is changed then there is a questions? How the heck did the future become the future before the past was changed? Does that not in and of itself indicate that multiple time lines are possible? Multiple realities are possible. I do not expect any help on that question from the researchers because guess what? There are none here. Leaving out the laughing but I just thought I would throw that out. Just saying. This was FYI (for your information). If the time line can changed with the past being changed for a different future then that indicates that having more than one time-line is possible how ever that must happen. So for those that say time is fixed. Time can not be changed then guess what. If it can and there was one time-line then there were two time-lines that is a pretty good indication that space-time has multiple time-lines and that if someone did time travel they jumped from one space-time pathway to another. Here is food for thought. At the upper dimensional level space time is just one structure implementing every possible time line and that at the big bang this structure was created. It is only our internal perception in our place in this structure that we exist. What we are really doing is as we live in our conscious being from one pathway to the next in this structure that we were born in like climbing a tree but a poor example. But, we are all really in just one space-time structure floating in space after it was created. But, I am the only researcher here who really experiments with this S*^&. Ray and Darby your welcome for me helping out with your site. You guys need all the help you can get .
  6. Well as far as getting my facts straight Darby I am just a servant of the media. What I read in the media is what I only see. Not all of us get our information first hand like you do. Understand. To ren1999 question for you. Why? Well as usual I do like to come back every now and then and check on this place to see if it is dead yet. Still kicking I see. I will give credit to this place it stays up in the search engines even though nothing very original besides myself seems to come through any more. So, you guys get a A rating for keeping a site floating even if there is a hole in the boat. Question is why is that so? What for? How? Oh well, food for thought in my future writings. I often wonder what is it that people often expect from time travel. And what I get is that they believe that time travel will fix something about themselves that they do not like, Or, they want to correct for an occurrence in their lives. Or maybe they believe that time travel will help them find themselves. Somewhere along the line with time travel they see themselves in the story and that is what draws them to the subject. For me it was pretty much a accidental discovery. I wanted to see what was out there. I wanted to see if it could help me find out the things I wanted to know about. I knew what I wanted to know about but I could not go to the public library for that. No, the history channel would not help me either nor with the sci fi or should I say now the scfy or something like that channel. Any more they should change their name to the slasher or horror channel. Pretty much they are getting away from the topic. But, when all is said and done time travel can go into what is possible to happen but it is up to the individual to actually make it happen. No easy short cuts. No easy outs.
  7. In my experiments with hacking computer media from the future and the past and with messages to myself with temporal communication from the future and the past using computers as way to hack and find that information. I have realized that most people believe that the time-line is suppose to be static that there can be only one past and one future. But, what if nature intended the time-line to be dynamic where multiple paths exist in the time-line and the time-line can change and that nature really meant for it to be that way. With the time-line being dynamic it is ok to change the future or the past. Now granted once your stuck in your time-line your just there and nothing can change that because events in the time-line cause other events after them and those changes are always there for the future and present inhabitants of that specific time-line. That is a physical property of time. Just one event in the time line is always there with every event that happens after it. But, what we can not see is the junctions where one event can have multiple out comes to other time pathways. We can not see that we just experience time where one event had one outcome and that outcome created one other outcome so we see that as one fixed time-line. But, again in reality the time-line is really dynamic. But we see is just one (time and space) as one static non-changing time-line. That is the hidden nature of the universe. Time and space really branch out which is why we have a choice to our future regardless how fixed that future really seems to us.
  8. The vehicle can be over whelmed by the numbers. Under massive attack it runs out of ammo and is taken out and taken down. China and Russia have tactics for these sort of vehicles.
  9. Oh, I play with my time machine all the time. Rolling check-sum binary counters and data-mining search programs that create a searchable 5th dimension for computer time travel medial Here a link to a video on youtube where Morgan Freeman confirms my method of time travel is the way to go. It is a 45 minute video. Mr. Freeman wont talk about what I do until about 44 minutes into the video. He ends the video saying computers are the way to go for time travel. Which is what I have been saying for years now. Which is what I have been doing for years now. I have not kept too many secrets about it. Just the technology itself to myself. But the methods I have readily discussed over and over. For years now. In all reality I have done the public a service not a dis-service as some would have the public to believe. Here is yet again and again. More proof. You asked for it. You got it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNKXi2va2Ws
  10. Well I saw today what the DOD does when public technology hits the internet. They take it down. Im referring to the 3d printed gun. So, what would happen if time travel software hit the internet? A form of time travel where information was free for the taken regardless of the time or place it was developed. Oh I am sure the DOD would have a field day with that. But all it not lost. I noticed when the DOD went into action the 3d plans was given out to hundreds of web-sights across the internet still free for download. That gave me hope. Well, got to go my 3d printer needs my attention.
  11. Nice speech. Too bad it had no feeling too it. No truth to it. No spirit too it. But, instead kind of a sad sarcasm. Bitter but in no way sweet. I hope you get better. Oh the wonder of it all. A 5th dimension computer simulator running in all its wonder revealing the secrets of the universe to me and me only. And, I am the only witness to this show. Eat your heart out Skarpz in what I enjoy every day that you will never have.
  12. Ok, here is something I picked up during my travels and the subject again became of interest to me as of late. This is a paradox and can be a good question to apply to real space time. Here we have three super civiliations all running computer simulations of the universe. A is running a computer simulation of Universe B. B is running a computer simulation of Universe C. C is running a computer simulation of Universe A. In each simulation mankind feels he is the real deal and seeks to understand his origins and his future. Question here? In this example is space-time real? If it is then why is it real?
  13. When I first arrived here off the boat the first time before leaving again (another story). I was interviewed and I even complained about being interviewed because I felt intergated. Well, later on as I developed my practice per the subject on this forum. I found the most attempts at investigation of time travel was a pretty much a touch or go thing. I found conflict amount users as to how that might happen (again another story) and later I was told to just write a paper. Which I am doing that now. Later I was just flat out censored on the subject. What I had to say was covered up and deleted and denied and evidence was made fun of. and I have the proof for that but I cant post that here and I cant go into that here because this is not my turf. This is not my plot of ground that I can operate freely on. But, now days who handles time travel investigations? We have people that handle it for UFO's and for ghost and yes even for cattle mutilations but my questions is who handles time travel investigations? Does anyone know? Is this so top secret now that only the government does it? Or is the subject as I have found out from my real experiance from talking about time travel very heavely censored and no one knows anything and everyone has an excuses for not bringing anything forward or has excuses for deleting and censoring proof and material on the subject. Boy do I have a list for that but I cant give that here. So, my question is what happens if a time travel person becomes of interest? Is just the post archived as with Titor? or is the truth brought forward in some public manner? Not!!! I am going to say that every one will probably go on watching the evening news and no one will know nothing about it. But as I am reminded "Time Travel is Fictional". Oh who said that? And I have been reminded that this web-sight is fictional too. Everyone have a good a day. Coming to you from time travel one station until I am blocked out. Oh my favorite TTI websight? No your just the one listed at the top google searches. If that ever changes I will have a new favorite TT websight. Nothing personal. Once upon a time that may have been true but I have been educated since then.
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