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  1. Err.. well interesting story... but honestly, I cannot understand why the cut out couldn't have led him in through the door. All that climbing over the fences and the fire escape.
  2. http://www.advertiser24.co.uk/content/advertiser24/news/story.aspx?brand=NOROnline&category=News&tBrand=NOROnline&tCategory=News&itemid=NOED29%20Jul%202009%2009:20:35:377 So, what do you think of that one? Ghost or shadow? As for me, I am willing to bet it is a shadow.
  3. Hmm.. could it possibly be a military object? A test conducted by some military power or base on earth? We still do not know what most of mankind is up to these days.
  4. http://www.champnews.com/html/newsstory.asp?id=8100 What do you think? I am willing to be that it is a military object.
  5. Well, I don't know what exists and what does not. I just keep an open mind about it all, that's all. As for ghosts, many people have claimed to have interacted with them; and there seems to be no reason to disbelieve them.
  6. I have read about imprints, in which entire events in the past get recorded in the atmosphere and then plays back to unsuspecting individuals in the future. It can be scary, but imprints are harmless. It is just like watching a video clipping of what happened in the past.
  7. Nopes, I have never heard it. Sounds fascinating though. Do you have any links?
  8. Following link will be of great interest to anybody interested in paranormal investigation. Do check out. http://www.ledger-dispatch.com/life/lifeview.asp?c=266177&topStory=1
  9. Mm... I can think of a number of nice places. Curled up on bed with a nice novel is one. Another is at the top of the hill, watching the river curving its way to the sea, miles away from human inhabitation is another. I am not a misanthrope, but any place far away from civilization is nice enough for me.
  10. Well, it sure would be boring to remain dead several feet under the ground till God "calls." So, I would prefer to be a haunting spook. Frankly, I feel that most of the ghosts out there are just living people playing the fool. Some of the cases are genuine though.
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