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  1. Just to be ironic, THIS will be the guy who is legit.
  2. A QUARKS HUMBLE TREE = AH, BURLESQUE MARKET ICANN approves Porn Domain .XXX Wow, Zeshua is the gift that keeps on giving... and that's WAY more specific than boring old EARTHQUAKES RUMBLE.
  3. I disagree. I think it was a controlled gamble, like every other "prediction" made by potential time travellers. The whole "America calls for the bombing of facilities" fits the vocabulary of the whole "Iran's nuclear program" newsline over the past few years. It's no different than if I claim to be from the future and say "The 2012 election will see a new President and a larger influence by the Tea Party." I may be wrong, but currently things are trending toward me being right. When those predictions were written, he was trending toward being right.
  4. I just wanted to visit this thread to say: inb4 Zeshua is shoehorned into the current Japanese woes.
  5. Re: The TT Claimants' Hall of Shame Here we are, almost April... I'm getting excited. Will Chrono come back? Will he be 13 years old again? How about 127? Does England persevere into the 24th century? Can't wait for the exciting answers!
  6. Hey all you time traveling guys! A new year is coming, replete with chances to prove to the world (well, at least to the people who read this board) that you are who you say you are. So, use this thread, and let us know how it's going to be in 2011. Sample: I am D.D. Silver from the year 2010. In 2011, a major sports figure will find himself in legal trouble. I fully expect to be hailed as the 2nd coming of John Titor when this happens. Not a time traveler? Don't feel left out! Feel free to make a prediction, and we'll see how educated guessing stacks up against chrono-certainty! Good luck to everyone!
  7. Well, for all intents and purposes, we can stick a fork in 2010. We are one-tenth done with the 21st century. In just 90 short years, we'll be facing the 22nd century and ostensibly boldly going where no man has gone before. I, personally, plan to be dead… since I'll be 126 years old. But, what if, in the intervening years between now and my demise, time travel was to be discovered? I would immediately log onto my TTI account and find myself squarely on the opposite side… trying to convince others that I was legitimate. So, what would be my 2010 predictions to convince every one of my amazing time travel tales? Let's take a look: [*]The Haiti Earthquake [*]The Chilean Earthquake [*]President of Poland killed in an airplane crash [*]Greek Financial Crisis [*]Spain Wins World Cup [*]Wikileaks Fiasco [*]N. Korea shells S. Korea [*]Deaths – J.D. Salinger, Peter Graves, Corey Haim, Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, Tony Curtis, Leslie Nielsen (Graves did in fact, have the fish… however Nielsen had the chicken.) How did others do? Well, I checked the archives (these are predictions for the year 2010), and endeavored to edit out the globs of reheated Titor: [*]Teleportation becomes a commercial reality in 2010 (Hugo Steyn – 24 Jan 1999) [*]'Much disruption in the Earth's magnetic field between 2010-2015' (Time02112 – 30 Nov 2001) [*]Interaction with alien groups will be common (Steward Swerdlow, via Zxavier – approx. 28 Oct 2001) [*]A bunch of jibber jabber about aliens killing everyone, I didn't understand it, really. (Creedo299 – 11 Aug 2003) [*]Human cloning legalized in 2006, illegalized in 2010 (USATTA421 – 31 Jan 2004) [*]War engulfs US, Cuba, Canada, and Mexico (stealthweasle – 30 Aug 2004) [*]BNP elected into power in UK, Quebec recognized as sovereign state by France, Spain invades Morocco, Flanders breaks away from Belgium, Denmark invades the north pole (yes, seriously!), Russia declares war on the US, Greece declares war on Albania, Sweden takes in Muslim refugees. (youdontknowme – 3 April 2005) [*]Gas at $10/gal (roorichard, who claims to be Chronohistorian – 19 May 2006) [*]President Obama removes almost all troops from Iraq (Myster E – 18 Jan 2007… a surprising hit, considering he was just being a wiseass.) [*]Powerball reaches one billion dollars, winning number to be posted on TTI (Titorian – 26 Jan 2007) [*]The Hives 'officially retire' (Jimmy_Earth - 27 Jan 2007) [*]Corporate sponsorship of schools and other public buildings leads to something dire (DarwinMurphy – 8 July 07) [*]Major metropolitan areas destroyed by meteors (Paladius – 6 Jan 2008) [*]Britney Spears and/or Criss Angel get married (to each other or not) and/or die on 10 Oct 2010 (Razimus – 17 March 2008) [*]US no longer exists (PeterPanParadox – 16 Sept 2008) [*]The people of 2010 will see that Zeshua was the real deal (Peter Novak – 6 Jan 2009) Well, pretty much none of that happened, and that was an exhaustive search of the TTI archives from inception through around March or so of 2009, when the year 2010 was coming up far too often to sift through predictions and just mentions of the year. And, what about my "predictions"? [*]A search for 'Haiti' found no mention of earthquakes prior to 2010, and then it was all anyone could talk about, of couse. [*]There was a mention of a Chilean quake, but not the one in 2010. [*]Nobody cared about the president of Poland until he was dead. [*]Zero concern out there for the Greek economy [*]Nobody predicted Spain would win the World Cup (see, even in the future, nobody cares about soccer.) [*]There was discussion of Wikileaks, however, it was in reference to a California judge attempting to shut it down back in 2008. [*]Yes, everybody and their sister predicted war between the Koreas. I'm sure they're all slapping high-fives with each other down at the Titor Bar and Grill somewhere. [*]Nobody predicted any of the major deaths I mentioned. JMPet did compare RMT to Gary Coleman, though. What'chu talking about, Titor? So concludes 2010. It was the year that was/is/will be. To kick off 2011 in the right way, I'll be posting a "2011 Preview" of the TTI prognostications for that year (our first double digit year! Surely that means something!) And, no, I have not forgotten my Zeshua review... but, that is a huge pile to shovel. See you guys in '11!
  8. I'm researching Zeshua for my next Hall of Shame report. I'd just like to report that Zeshua dropped his "A 3rd becomes next" on 14 April 2005, during the interim between the death of Pope John Paul II and the selection of Benedict XVI on 19 April 2005. I'm pretty sure it was a dim attempt to predict that the next pope would be Whoever the III. (Most likely JP III, but could have been a couple of others.) This rolls into the whole "look in the paper and make a couple of guesses" mode that most time travellers operate under.
  9. Re: Just for fun...let's track Web Bot predictions! I see your point, Twilight. But, the window of the prediction has to be considered. If you predicted a Dem loss in the mid-terms during the height of Obamamania in early 09, I might consider hailing you as a psychic... or at least acknowledge your mastery of political trending.
  10. Ok, allegory isn't your strong suit, Rusty. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, science is science is science. Has been since, well, let's give Ibn Alhazen the credit for solidifying scientific method, that would have been around 965 CE, or roughly 1045 years ago. No, I don't speak Arabic, but I imagine that Alhazen and I would have similiar principles for pursuing scientific method. These principles have been laid out. And, btw, your English vernacular is great for a guy from whenever you are. That's the one thing I love about TTs, they always are hip to the lingo, daddy-o. They can pick up what you're putting down. They savvy your patter. They can totally dig what you're bringing to the table, y'know?
  11. This is a little OT, Twilight, but, you'd be man to answer this... In the art world, artists that are considered "great" or "a master" could have labored in obscurity during their own lives. This is very common with American artists, especially. (Think Wood and Whistler) However, the science world doesn't seem to have this problem. If you are coming up with interesting and revolutionary theories, the recognition seems to come right along with it. Are there any examples from the scientific world of someone producing works of genius, yet going undiscovered in their lifetime? If not, I would have to say it's pretty delusional for anyone to think they're just going to wake up with the Unified Theory solidified in their head one morning.
  12. This is a little OT, Twilight, but, you'd be man to answer this... In the art world, artists that are considered "great" or "a master" could have labored in obscurity during their own lives. This is very common with American artists, especially. (Think Wood and Whistler) However, the science world doesn't seem to have this problem. If you are coming up with interesting and revolutionary theories, the recognition seems to come right along with it. Are there any examples from the scientific world of someone producing works of genius, yet going undiscovered in their lifetime? If not, I would have to say it's pretty delusional for anyone to think they're just going to wake up with the Unified Theory solidified in their head one morning.
  13. That's the tl;dr postulate. Shall I round up a /b/tard or two to come in and translate?
  14. That's the tl;dr postulate. Shall I round up a /b/tard or two to come in and translate?
  15. Let's just imagine that I have a time machine, and I hop in and cruise on back to see Isaac Newton. Are we going to be able to communicate perfectly? No. Are we going to be able to communicate? Yes, Newton and I both speak something within the realm of English that can still find common ground. Are our respective concepts of "what science is" going to be compatible? YES! A lot of people fail on the semantics of what Newton being discredited (if you can even say he has been discredited at all) means. It doesn't mean that everything Newton ever said was BS. And it doesn't mean that Isaac Newton wouldn't recognize or appreciate scientific method. Quite the opposite, in fact. So, your assertion that someone from the year 3000 is going to have a totally different "concept" of science than me doesn't wash. Ibn al-Haytham was pursuing a scientific method over 1000 years ago. That's one of the great things about science, it translates easily across language and cultural barriers.
  16. This concept strikes me as very similar to a million monkeys at a million typewriters. Sure, they'll come up with the Complete Works of Shakespeare. (10 monkeys in 10 minutes can bang out the Twilight series...) But that doesn't make any of the monkeys Wm. Shakespeare.
  17. Re: Hall of Shame - Chronohistorian Well, I did notice that if you change your sig, it retroactively changes across all of your posts. This means that you were quoting Shinedown back in 2004. I guess we know who the REAL time traveler is!
  18. Re: Hall of Shame - Chronohistorian Somehow, I managed to miss the whole muscle tree thing... don't ask me how, cause if I'd caught that, it would be up there for sure. I'm still not seeing anything about timecake, other than his sig, which is about cake. (Doing a find on the word "time" or "cake" causes too many hits in the thread.)
  19. Re: The TT Claimants' Hall of Shame Subject: Akasha Active: 1 day, 1 Jun 2006 Time Period: Was not obvious See Thread: http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=ttclaims&Number=40625&Forum=All_Forums&Words=World%20Cup&Match=Entire%20Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=250&Old=allposts&Main=40559&Search=true#Post40625 Can't spell: traveler, skeptical, laboratory, novelty, afraid, modernized, counseling, overweight, organization. (I'm not being cruel, these are repeated errors, or obviously not typos) Doesn't appreciate the difference between 'affect' and 'effect'. Major Contradiction: 'Children are given different lessons, your government did decide enough was enough and launched the "Make children, children" scheme... We in the future learn all the things you people should have been taught at schools... social classes, learning to look after yourself in the big wide world. There is also more support for people trying to get into their chosen career.' – Akasha 1 Jun 2006 In the very next paragraph: 'Parents are given more responsibility, no longer is the government/teaching body incharge [sic] of getting children to school/ teaching them morals/ encouraging them to use contraceptives when they become aware of sex... we operate on a three strike rule... your kids behave badly, you let them jack off school, you let them have sex... you pay the fines' – Akasha 1 Jun 2006 Itemized Predictions: • Hover cars exist, but are not commonly used. • 'Green' cars and 'green' fuels were suppressed. [FAIL – both technologies are being pursued diligently, and new consumer product developments are rapidly debuting] • Computers become smaller, floppy and DVD drives are phased out in favor of USB drives. [sUCCESS – However, anybody with a passing familiarity of technology saw this coming.] • Sound is used to clean things • Cure for HIV/AIDS involving Silver. (Not me… the metal.) Cure currently exists in our time but the American government is suppressing it. • Cancer treatments and cures improve • Compulsory pregnancy and STD counseling (presumably in the UK, which is where Akasha seems to be from. Any Brits wanna chime in on this?) • Bird Flu reached the UK in a human transmittable form, but only affected people who worked with birds and medical personnel. [FAIL] • Obese people are taxed. The government provides a 'Gym for Free' scheme. • The pope will be forced to leave his position within a few years, after persuading people to do bad things. [FAIL – Benedict XVI has been pope for over 5 years and there is no sign of him stepping down for any reason] • Astrological event occurs in 2012 that will be both beautiful and deadly. I am uncertain as to what an 'astrological event' is. • Volcanic eruption between 1 Jun 2006 and 1 Jun 2007, with residual earthquakes and tsunamis. [FAIL – I could find no reference to any notable volcanic eruptions in this time period] • The Conservative party will win the next election. [sUCCESS – Gordon Brown led Labour to defeat in 2010, and David Cameron, a Conservative, was made Prime Minister] • The London Olympics will not occur • England will not win the 2006 World Cup [sUCCESS – Italy did. But, I predict the Kansas City Royals will not win the 2010 World Series, and I promise you I'm right.] • Big Brother will not be renewed past the 2006 season. [TOSSUP – In the US and the UK and around the world, Big Brother soldiers on. In the Netherlands, where Big Brother originated, it did in fact air its last season in 2006.] • There is a Channel 6 in the UK. [???? – There's a Channel 5, anyway. There's what looks to be 4 BBCs, plus a Channel 4… not to mention a few hundred satellite channels.] • One of the first commercial space flights ends in disaster because of cost-cutting measures. Summation: This one interested me because he did successfully predict a Tory victory in a UK general election at a time when no one could have seen that coming. As I looked deeper into it, I saw that he just threw a ton of darts and, lo and behold, a couple of them stuck. Submitted for comment, -D. Dodge Silver
  20. The TT Claimants' Hall of Shame Subject: Chronohistorian Active: 752 Days (7 Apr 2004 – 29 Apr 2006) Time Period: From the year 2522 Notable Threads: http://www.timetravelinstitute.com/ttiforum/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=ttclaims&Number=18972&page=&view=&sb=&o=&fpart=all&vc=1 CASE HISTORY: Chronohistorian is a time traveler from the year 2522. He was born in England, so we can safely assume that there really will ALWAYS be an England. During his first incarnation at TTI, he claimed to be 22 years old and had two children, aged 5 and 3. Although unmarried, he had a 'partner'. He stated that marriages did exist in his time, but were not as common as they are today. He travelled to the year 2004 via use of a 'matter transporter', and was scheduled to be returned to his time in 2012. The 'matter transporter' was capable of transporting anyone or anything anywhere on Earth within a 700 year time frame (which would have put his past limit at 1822), but was not capable of sending anyone forward in time. He was accompanied on his trip by a 'time guard' and a female doctor. The first sign that something was going very wrong for Chrono was his formula for light speed travel. He claimed it was accomplished via mixing water, hydrogen (which is already present in water), francium and 'lunarium' (which has not yet been discovered.) Courtesy of Kye, we learned that francium has a half-life of approximately 22 minutes. Chrono countered that their technology allows them to extend the life of any element, but he did not elaborate on how this was accomplished. The purpose of his trip was to recover history between 1970 and 2150 that had been 'lost'. He would not make the cause for this loss known. As a historian, he was to apply his History-Fu toward the efforts of recovering this lost history. However, it would appear that all he did was troll TTI and watch the Simpsons. In reality, his history skills left much to be desired. He was unable to answer elementary questions about history correctly, and did not even bother to look up the answers to easily researched questions. For example, he claimed that nuclear fission was discovered in 2095. In realty, Enrico Fermi conducted the first fission experiments in 1934. When pressed on this, he claimed that we were unable to harnass nuclear fission for anything other than bombs. In fact, nuclear fission is the basis for all nuclear power. Furthermore, history is a decidedly academic profession. Chronohistorian's use of language belied someone of little education. He had a quirk of saying, 'I aren't' as opposed to 'I am not.' While discussing the doctor that accompanied him, he mentioned that she had served on the ship Trinkamalee with his father. Trincomalee is a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka. The HMS Trincomalee is a British frigate from the Napoleonic Wars currently docked in Hartlepool, UK. Furthermore, there is a children's story published in the early 1990s called The Treasures of Trinkamalee. His original profile name was listed as Brick Burkstorm. RainmanTime was able to determine that there was a Sci-Fi serial in 1948 titled Brick Bradford. In this serial, a character named Dr. Tymak discovered a new element that originated on the moon. They named this new element, you guessed it, lunarium. Chrono went on to expound at great length about life in 2522. This was mostly cribbed from Star Trek and other notable science fiction series. Details are available in the thread. This did, however, segue into the first in a series of weird hops that this story takes. Of course, when anyone presents themselves as a time traveler, everybody wants to hear predictions of what is going to happen in the immediate future. Well, apparently, all that TV watching inspired Chrono, because declared that Britney Spears was to pose nude within the next two years. This engendered quite a kerfuffle, inasmuch as it was surprising that someone from 500 years in the future would give Crap One about Britney Spears. This fabulous advance in technology is possible courtesy of the 'life simulator'. Ever seen Star Trek? Remember the holodeck? Same thing. So apparently, in the future, people take a tool that could be used to improve the lives of every man, woman and child in the universe… a boon to all sentient entities… and use it to pork insignificant celeb-tards that have been dead for over 500 years. But, this is far from the strangest thing to come out of Chrono's mouth. By the time we get to the end of this tale, you'll be looking back on the Britney Spears thing with fondness for the simple normality of it all. A brief mention of the Lizarians would be appropriate here. They are highly advanced civilization of lizard aliens that are involved in a sort of 'mentor' role with Earth in 2522. They have two hearts and no intestines, speak English, and look like lizards, only bigger. They also enjoy chatting on the 26th century internet. As time wore on, Chrono started expressing admiration for Adolf Hitler…. No, really. He said that aside from the whole holocaust thing, and WWII, and running Germany into the ground, he was a great leader. Things really started to go downhill for Chrono upon the arrival of Trollface. Any assertion made by Chrono, Trollface was prepared to refute six different ways. Eventually, Chrono told a joke that was construed as prejudiced. Chrono then challenged Trollface to tell a joke that wasn't prejudiced. Trollface responded with an entire series of jokes, including a joke about squirrels: Chrono was having none of this! He may love Hitler, but insensitivity to squirrels is over the line! Just to compound matters, Godwin's Law gets invoked in the least likely to be Godwin'd thread in the history of threads. But, Godwin'd it is… and just to compound matters, Chrono continues to maintain the 'Hitler is Great' party line in the face of a Dutch moderator. Of course, this sets the thread on a course for 'Free Speech Island', in which Chrono compares being banned from the forum to being thrown out of an airplane without a parachute. (Good thing he isn't a squirrel.) This is equivalent to 'killing their spirit'. So, this wears on and on, with assorted tangents: Hitler, a race of sentient cats that hate the Earth because it smells bad, freedom of speech, linguistics, whether or not Chrono masturbates (yes, really), and other various and sundry topics. Suddenly, Chrono announces that he has been drafted to fight a war against the aforementioned cats. Chrono will now be known as Brick from heretofore, as the username Chronohistorian was taken over by 13 year old Kaine Harrison, who was from 2523, and was here to replace Brick while he fought in the war. Kaine was pretty boring, to be honest, and just re-hashed some of the old Chrono predictions. From a psychological standpoint, this was a good move for the Chronohistorian concept. The Hitler love had really moved the topic away from time travel and into a very political realm, under which a lot of folks were very upset. People were registering on the forums just to post their disgust. This removed 'Brick', who had made the Hitler comments and replaced him with, ostensibly, a young boy, who had not said anything so inflammatory. Whether or not anyone believed Chrono/Brick/Kaine, everyone seemed to be willing to play along with the narrative. Kaine was quickly replaced by Brick's cousin James, who was either 13 years old, or the person driving the Chrono concept forgot he wasn't Kaine for a post. James advised that Brick had been captured by the Skaarans. After giving some brief details about the war, and how it was going, James stopped posting. Nothing was heard again until 4 April 2005. Brick had returned! He told the tale of his daring escape from Skaaran prison, which relied heavily on plot points cribbed from the Bruce Willis vehicle, Hudson Hawk . Sadly, Earth of the future was left with no choice but to destroy the Skaaran homeworld and genocide the entire race. (This may explain why he was so comfortable expressing his admiration for Hitler, anyway.) He didn't respond to many direct questions, other than to give details of his escape and the destruction of the Skaaran planet. Again, Brick disappeared, but, almost exactly a year later, on 13 Apr 2006, he returned for his final pass at TTI. This incarnation of Brick claimed to be 101 years old, and Deputy Governor of England. His mastery of the language had not improved. He did however have another tale to tell. Despite the fact that he had declared multiple times that there would not be a civil war in the United States, he claimed that a race war was about to begin. The crux of it was that a sort of Ku Kux Klan organization would go around assassinating various politicians until they somehow claimed power. They would then engage in a war with a Latino homeland called Aztlan, and deport non-whites from the US. This war was said to CONCLUDE in 2013, so they may want to get going on it soon. EPIC QUOTES: 'I am entitled to forget a couple of things aren't I?' 'I aren't on any drugs' 'I know lot about history which makes me important as a time traveller.' 'They don't probe your asses I don't think or if they do they never told us when their ambassadors came.' SOMETHING I LEARNED: Martin Luther King, Jr did porn prior to getting into civil rights. –Courtesy of Creedo299 ITEMIZED PREDICTIONS: • Michael Jackson will live another 25 years (from 2004) – [FAIL – Michael Jackson died 25 Jun 2009, or about 20 years earlier than predicted.] • Terrorists will attack Big Ben in London NLT 2011. • Britney Spears will pose nude NLT 2006. [sUCCESS – Spears posed nude for Harper's Bazaar in August 2006] • The Simpsons will have a movie NLT 2007 [sUCCESS – The Simpons Movie was released in 2007] • George W. Bush wins the Nobel Peace Prize [FAIL – Unless he gets one for non-presidential work, a la Jimmy Carter.] • An asteroid or nuke will hit Russia and kill 3 million people in 2007. [FAIL – This didn't happen.] • A vaccine for preventing cancer will be discovered NLT 2006 [MODIFIED SUCCESS – In 2009, the HPV vaccine, which prevents various uro-genital cancers was made available to the public.] • First person on Mars will be a woman, in the year 2025. • UN/NATO troops marching in the streets of the US in 2006. [FAIL – Well, I guess American troops could be construed as NATO troops, but they were hardly marching in the street.] • Jesus Christ will be reborn in 2200. He goes on to contradict this prediction on 27 Apr 2006, 'Jesus Christ does not come back.' • Direct quote…'In about 30 years you discover an animal in the (like one of those cats with no fur but twice as big) amazonian rainforest and you you find out that it is over 300 years old. You bring it back to study and it dies within 6 months. You study it some more and you find out that it has a gene for slowing down the aging process. It is another 40 years before you can safely replicate this gene and it is a great success. The gene slows down the aging process by 2 thirds. So when your 100 you still look 33.' • Global warming happens in 90 years. (I'm not sure how it just 'happens') Parts of Britian and Europe are covered in a mini ice age for a couple of years until NASA reverses the effects with a terraforming device. • Martial Law declared in Britian for 3 months following the Big Ben attack. [ALMOST A FAIL – There was no martial law declared after 7/7, however, the Big Ben attack prediction will not be a total fail until April 2011.] • Democracy lasts for 5 years in Iraq, followed by civil war and dictatorship. [FAIL – 'Free and fair' elections were held in Iraq for the first time in Jan 2005. Here in Aug 2010, democracy shows no signs of waning, and recently, all US combat troops have been removed from Iraq. On 7 Mar 2010, a parliamentary election was again held in Iraq, and that parliament was seated on 14 Jun 2010. Considering the condition of Iraq in 2004, it is incredibly stable.] • Osama Bin Laden is captured, taken to Camp X-Ray, and subsequently freed after terrorists attack the camp. [EPIC FAIL – Camp X-Ray was closed on 29 Apr 2002, about 2 years before Chronohistorian 'predicted' this. Detainees at X-Ray were moved to Camp Delta, which is facing closure as well, as part of the Obama administration's approach to closing down the war effort.] • The Pope dies within a year (made 11 Apr 2004) – [sUCCESS – Pope John Paul II died 2 Apr 2005, at the age of 84. In 2003 the Vatican had acknowledged that His Holiness was suffering from Parkinsons, as the Pontiff was unable to speak more than a few sentences at a time, and was visibly in poor health. This was pointed out by Kye and RMT at the time.] • Civil war in Zimbabwe within 7 years (2011) So concludes the tale of Chronohistorian. But, every April, the denizens of TTI collectively hold their breath to see if he may yet return. Mod Edit: Changed Title to be generic HOS thread.
  21. I notice that we are fast approaching 2 Nov 2010, which, according to the front page, will be the 10th anniversary of Titor. We planning a party or anything? A big "Welcome Back, John" shindig? We can ask him if he enjoyed the Olympics.
  22. Also, Your first article about Cape May only says "Tens of thousands of fish" not millions. And the BoliviaBella article is some seriously questionable journalism. Forgive my colonialism, but, a bunch of Bolivian villagers are not a competent authority for making this measurement. I also have issues with their method of counting. You know, I'm all for recycling and living greener lives. But, I'm totally against these asinine scare tactics the environmentalists are using. When environmentalists act like "they know best" and anyone who questions them is ignorant, it invites a fight. That's when people start to discover that they are less than honest. If they really cared about the environment, they'd be out looking for easily adoptable methods for conservation and cleaner living, rather than trying to browbeat the world into doing what they say. Hugging trees doesn't excuse being a fascist, no matter how high-minded your ideals are.
  23. Remember when: * The fall of the Roman Empire was going to destory civilization as we knew it? * The Crusades were surely a sign of the apocolypse? * The Reformation of the Church was going to destroy society? * The Renaissance was going to lead to total sociological breakdown? * The Industrial Revolution was going to poison us all? * World War I and II were going depopulate the Earth? * The Cold War was assuredly going to end in Global Thermonuclear War? * The Communists were going to take over the world? * Rachel Carson said DDT would kill us all? * We'd all be dead from Chernobyl fallout in 20 years? * The first Gulf War would inexcorably lead to a nuclear terrorist attack by the year 2000? * Terrorists would detonate a "dirty bomb" in a major population center? Pepper into that list a million guys saying the end of days were upon us from rogue asteroids, alien invasions, and the 2nd coming. All predictions of total doom for humanity have one thing in common... not a single one of them has ever come true. I can't help but notice that the climate change people keep revising their statements, and suppressing the ones they originally made. According to the environmentalists, most of the US coastline should be underwater by now... at least that's what they were saying back in the 80s. Lo and behold, it's still here. Al Gore was whining 10 years ago about how the world would be "drastically different" in ten years. 10 years later, Al, I'm still waiting. So, when I tell you that your gloom and doom scenarios aren't going to happen, there's a chance I'm wrong... but 99.9999999% chance I'm right.
  24. I would say that your dead fish are decreasing in orders of magnitude, which is probably good news if you happen to be a fish.
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