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  1. I dont know if I would be authorized to leave but you can check. quote="lledbetter2266, post: 79416, member: 4546"]It is possible that some type of time travel existed, at least briefly, around 2036, when Titor may or may not have been working. As you mentioned though, there is no actual evidence of him, or his work. Otherwise, we have no knowledge of any time traveling technology in existence before 2230 that would be capable of producing any sort of results, verifiable or not. It is difficult to 'prove' a valid claim, that is true. But, as you asked, I can provide you with two forms of evidence; the equipment we carry with us, and our own biocoding which would be unmatchable at this target point. If anyone would like to meet for further study, it would be acceptable. Further, if anyone would enjoy leaving with us, I do believe that would constitute verifiable proof. We are currently navigating the country once again, per standard protocol, until we are able to 'link' with a viable 'hot spot' as you might say here. It has become apparent that nothing I have offered here has been of any value to our work, except; our own verification of an ability t0 communicate both to and fro. Otherwise no suspicions have been aroused. dont
  2. You came to the conclusion I had since 1998 and even drew a diagram of my interpretation: Stable Change. Some things change and somethings stay the same. I saw math behind it but that site is gone now.
  3. Interesting. Seems plausible. I'll find this out tomorrow in my own experiment but yes I feel exctly what you said is true. See you next time.
  4. How can I stop the endangering of a family? Don't know if I can prevent it or even if it tends to lean towards the worst for me.
  5. We are taught this and our separation will destroy us. It is about to tear my life apart where I could only be able to survive outside since no one will let me inside a home even if I have the money to afford one. It's getting ridiculous and out of control. I got called the cops on for a simple religious discussion that I thought was safe. We aren't safe from ourselves anymore. No one wants to help anyone anymore. Everyone is looking out for their own needs which in turn backfires on the whole. We need each other. Simple as that but people are so worked up about fearing this little thing or hating this little thing about anyone that it gets in the way and separates us so that we can't work with each other or survive. Something needs to be done and I don't know what exactly but I'll be out on the streets soon it seems and it might be harder after that point. It's becoming a reality to me and I hope it doesn't for you but it may soon well be. Be prepared, the beginning of the worst is coming soon. Something must be done and I don't know where to begin.
  6. Back to the future Trilogy The Terminator movies and series Deja Vu Bill and Ted's excellent adventure Bill and Ted's bogus journey Timeline Timecop Premonition Donnie Darko
  7. Could be. Sometimes I have dreams that could be a similar but different. Sometimes I've had dreams that take place within the place I'm in now but those dreams never happen when I wake up. Some have and I've experienced while other dreams are absolutely random and don't fit into anything. I really don't know though.
  8. You have to find the truth in the lie to get the real story. I think there's very little truth and mostly lies in his story. Kind of a puzzle to be solved.
  9. What is it about and why did it seem like I was involved? I was told about my future thrpugh a book after coming onto this forum and 8 years later that book gave me instructions that saved my life. I don't really know what is going on and so what is going on?
  10. Maybe someday I will have you have. I can hope right? I wish i could get better as well. What are you doing with the information from the 5th dimensional computer? I don't need details but are you happier in the end because of it? Just wondering. BTW I'm still in a sad state and was wondering if what you found made you more happier? Knowledge of my future made me happy but I still had choices to make whether I wanted to go that wayor stay on the told path. Good luck on life. Enjoy what is around you before it is too late. Smell the flowers. Peace.
  11. I would be interested but I need to set aside more time, but I could check it out and when it's time I can see if I can get into it. Summertime would be better for me I think. Just having new experiences this year.
  12. In The Time Traveler's Wife, the guy who is the time traveller has interactions with his younger self in the very beginning of the movie and even grabs the younger self' shoulders. That chart is inaccurate.
  13. I was not in that specific experiment with John Titor. Something happened in 2004 in which I got a message from a Jonathon when I first started coming to these forums. Last summer I was taking a prescription drug that made the altervus more apparent and I stopped experiencing them so much once I stopped taking those pills. The shot form of the drug didn't give me those affects it was just the pill. I experienced things like people acting a little more out of control than usual by people wanting to speed a lot in town just randomly everywhere and a ton of accidents in a short amount of time. A shop owner that I usually see a lot dyed her hair for the first time and one day her hair wasn't dyed and she was really worried not herself and told me that one of my friends was married but the thing was was that she wasn't even engaged to her boyfriend at the time yet and thr next day the shop owner was back to dyed hair again. Just one day that week back to her normal hair. Another time where I was waiting for a friend for many hours where she set up shop and I called her later and she said she was there the whole time. One time I visited her at her street shop her hair was down she wore glasses wore a different kind of dress and spoke in a different tone and manner. That was kind of odd for me and I've known her for 11 years now. This last one might not be too much off a variation but it was like the gothic trend just came back for the summer and I remember a tweet with a picture of a gothic woman and some preppy woman saying that it was disgusting. Just randomly seeing gothic women allaround town seemed word And it was just the summer. That may have been normal though. A couple of years ago (before taking that one pill) I got baptized in a church that I now don't belong to but the strange part was that this guy remembers getting baptized on that same day with the same woman I got baptized with and at the same exact time except he couldn't have since I know that out was just me and her that day. It was odd that he remembers my baptism as if it were his memory and on the official paper his baptism was my day but that doesn't add up. Those were some of my experiences.
  14. My story is different. I didn't hear about John Titor until 2004. Strange thing was that I was talking to someone on this forum and they wrote a book. It happened to be written by another guy named Jonathan. My conversation with talking with someone about John Titor was in tje book and that converzation happened after the book was published. After I bought the book I didn't read it right away. I read the book in 2012 and that is when I noticed that there were things written in the book that were happening in the summer of 2012. But if I were to send messages back in time then what was written in that book was the perfect messages for me otberwise my life would have been much worse.
  15. I've experienced an office depot sign that changed it's sign to become different, a traffic stoplight zone with a new street that I never noticed before but people said it was always there. Also, people have memories of me being in this town longer than I know I've been in this town and even had memories of me that never happened in my mind even with people I know I've never known. That's just some of my experience similar to yours.
  16. I found this more than a roleplaying site. It is weird that when talking to a lot of people on here in private they know my life. But this thread here, I asked to be a part of the experiment and I haven't heard anything since.
  17. Because we think it is real therefore it must be. I believe I've met some time travellers and people just think I'm crazy. Also, I know I'm being watched and tracked closely all the time and I don't know why. It's not paranoia, it's just something I found out a few times within the past few years. No one wants to believe everything. They'd rather doubt even if it is happening. I believe that someday I could time travel if I choose to. It just seems like a possibility but I'm not certain about it it just seems possible. If you think something is possible eventually it could happen. If this were a triangle of universes controlling the life of each to make one's own universe seem real then maybe there's an existing fourth just watching the rest.Or if the first one was failing and needed the emulation to keep alive then that could be the case. Just trying to figure it out. I'm only an average guy.
  18. I have a similar personal story with the meeting wife thing and someone saying that they were a time traveller. I don't know if i would be with the person if I didn't get that message even though I still wanted to date her. It was also a turn of events where if I didn't take this one class then I would have never met her but I wasn't told that in the message. I still met her and my course went on.
  19. Cryosleeper:"The only way that I could envision that time travelers from the future could visit us here in the past or our present would be if we were somehow we are in a closed time loop as what was shown in the movie "Ground Hog Day". If that is the case, then are we have all died and are just living the same life times over and over again." I know two people with just that same belief and her belief is that we could live other lives over again even if they were the son or daughter of who you were before. I don't understand the belief fully but it's kind of I think living it over if you until you learn. It's like you are doomed to repeat your entire life over and over again. I don't know how much I can explain of it since I just heard of this for the first time in the summer of last year.
  20. A big event can change the timeline. If no event then everything in that timeline stays the same or head wherever its going without any force back. A big enough event can effect what is going on. If we see things gradually going worse such as we are being cooked like a frog being boiled then by the time we want to do something about it then it's too late. And once we are the frog that is boiling then that can be an event that was caused slowly but effected the time line greatly. That event could have taken 250 years or even 50, but when it's really bad and the end goal created an event then that event that was caused could make time slower just like you were in your own prison outside of walls. A single event that would stop this from happening would speed up time and get us out of the mess and more events would occur to make time seem faster. I'm trying to make sense but I have trouble with words and getting out what I want to say sometimes. Maybe you can make out something of what I just said.
  21. I consider John Titor to be fiction because it's like a code to be solved and the dates might be off for a purpose. I may have new information, but I don't know what I'm allowed to discuss. We can talk about anything John Titor here. I'm still interested after 9 years. I can tell you what I think about whatever information you have and add whatever I can discuss. I'm more normal than I have been recently. I don't know exactly what's going on but I have more of an idea now. Maybe he's saying that something needs to be done. You don't want to see the future that happens if nothing gets done. Let me hear your input and I can share mine. Let the revealing begin. (Hopefully.)
  22. John Titor has been helping me so he is not fake to me.
  23. John Thomas: Would you be able to help me figure out any relations between me and John Titor? Maybe you can help? Just trying to figure it out. I wouldn't know all he knows though. I know most is fiction but there is some truth.
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