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  1. Nothing like an optimist to brighten the day. ; )
  2. Thanks numenorean7. I've visited the Paranormalis site and like it.
  3. I want to start a time travel study group. This is NOT for skeptics, but for those who believe time travel is possible. The purpose of the group will be to try to build a time travel device using schematics from a number of individuals. I'm based in California, so the group will hopefully be geared to those of us in this state, although individuals from all over the country and worldwide are also encouraged to join. My email is [email protected] Use the Capital Letters TIME TRAVEL in your subject heading so I will be more easily able to see it or if you desire simply respond here. Thank you.
  4. As per the predictions in the initial post, no false flag at the London Olympics . . . and no discontinuation as a result. That said, word is that Galactic Federation Forces were reportedly on top of that event to make sure nothing went down. All the same, I believe your material is still worthwhile, Mr. Thomas.
  5. Was just referred to the thread below the other day. Makes for a very rivetting read in my view. Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative
  6. Basiago has appeared on Coast to Coast overnight radio a number of times, has a number of facebook pages and has appeared in a multitude of other forums to date. iNFORMATiON FARM: Andrew Basiago | DARPA Teleportation & Travel to Past & Future
  7. Agree with you to a great extent about GLP, Darby . . . there's a lot of crap there, but a few gems among the dross. It also can be entertaining if you approach it the right way. As per observing Planet X , I have seen some material which suggests it is cloaked. There is also conjecture that there are actually 2 objects around----a brown dwarf and then a planetoid(inhabited by dark ETs) which shadows it and plunders planets after the devastation caused by the brown dwarf. In any event, will try to get some Nibiru sighting stuff up shortly.
  8. Agree with you, rainman, that Nancy and the zetas lost A LOT of credibility when her/their original predictions failed to pan out. However, there is detailed current pole shift info with pictures posted on the current site that clearly indicates that there ARE pole shift events occurring. The zetas have indicated though that they are surprised that events to date haven't been more severe than what they are, indicating to me that some outside force/agency is working to mitigate effects. At ZetaTalk click on New zetatalk in the pink section(top left) to get the latest pole shift related updates from them.
  9. Jacob time refers to another time traveller referenced at this forum. Will put a thread up on that when I get a chance. Thanks for the info, Ren, regarding the aircraft carrier sale.
  10. Dates in previous post need to be corrected. Should read late 2012 and late 2012/ early 2013 . Sorry for the errors.
  11. Indeed, lying does greatly effect one's credibility, although we are reportedly in the midst of time travel wars , so his explanation COULD be plausible. Ultimately though, one has to go by the predictions themselves and see whether they pan out or not.
  12. Actually, rainman, if you go to http://www.zetatalk.com , you will see threads there indicating that Nibiru has already been spotted in the sky . The zetas go into specifics on this. Will try to get a post up on this. Also check out http://poleshift.ning.com for the latest pole shift events worldwide. You raise a good point on the Thailand/Taiwan issue. Wonder if the time traveller got his countries confused? Could very well be. In any event, if we see China making bellicose moves towards either country then I think we should worry a bit. It does seem that Taiwan would be the more likely target though of their animosity as you point out.
  13. I erred in my dates, Darby, should be late 2012/early 2013.
  14. Timeline39's profile said that he was born in 2011---POST POLE SHIFT---so it appears that if it doesn't happen shortly, it ain't going to happen as he said it would. The worst may actually be behind us. In any event, to keep track of pole shift events, see the following sites-- http://www.zetatalk.com http://poleshift.ning.com
  15. The "twist" then coincides with the material that time traveller Jacob Time has put forth. In late 2011 he saw a war build-up with Obama losing in the election, but being removed prior to January because of blunders apparently made vis-a-vis troop movements. Prior to the election, according to J.T. Tea Partiers would be marching en masse in D.C. to protest the war buildup. China would also be reportedly attacking Thailand in late 2011/early 2012. That would clearly be coming out of nowhere given current events stories at the present time. Perhaps that is the actual "twist" or event that sparks the next global world war? We certainly won't have long to wait to find out.
  16. A Pleiadian by all accounts. Reportedly she suffered a head injury at Meier's place and it was of such a serious nature that she is no longer operating in this dimension. That was the last I heard and that was about a year or more ago.
  17. More info rleated to the above site-- http://chronos.ws.hostlogr.com/
  18. Keeping it fresh as events seem to be following along the lines of what he predicted. Read through the entire thread on Godlike Productions(will post that link when I get a chance). He also stated that weeks prior to the election the Tea Party will be marching in the streets of DC protesting the war buildup, also the current pope will die sometime before or after the elections, and that China will attack Thailand in late 2011/early 2012 before the Chinese New Year. Interestingly, there is also another thread from another time traveller at GLP who was actually sent to apprehend Jacob Time for violating the rules of his mission. His disclosure of upcoming events according to the time cop will only make matters worse. In any event, that's where things stand.
  19. Keeping it fresh as this is relevant to our present situation.
  20. Keeping this thread fresh because it is EXTREMELY RELEVANT vis-a-vis what very much appears to be an impending pole shift---see page 1 of this thread----timeline_39 the poster.
  21. Food info at Zeta Talk website on pole shift http://zetatalk.com http://poleshift.ning.com
  22. Well the weather is clearly out of whack. It does seem we're on the verge of a new ice age http://www.iceagenow.com and I recently learned that that NASA missile that was fired into the moon affected its orbit/wobble which would also have affects on our weather. Go to Cosmic Awareness Communications for their 2011 forecast(based on channelled material---credible in my view). Late October of this year looks like the time of greatest possibility of major earth events. Also the zeta talk website is a good source for Pole Shift info.
  23. Actually Obama is that Lincoln-like President. Both great orators. In fact, there is speculation in some circles( and which I do buy into) that Obama is actually the reincarnation of Lincoln. Lincoln did not hold blacks in high regard and that was his "punishement"(to be reincarnated as a black) for so much bloodshed during the Civil War. Both Obama and Lincoln from Illinois too . . . coincidence?
  24. Evidence of MULTIPLE John Titors--see video below. Bible codes also point to this possibility. See link after that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbwH8r4VD8w http://www.revelation13.net/KingJames14a.html
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