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  1. I have wondered whether Tachyons could be found in interference patterns. With to light wave fronts crossing each other at a right angle for example,the peaks and troughs of the interference pattern will be moving diagonally and as the diagonal of a square is longer than its sides they will be travelling faster than the speed of light. And if where a peak of one wave meets the trough of another they cancel out to nothing then where both troughs meet do you get negative energy, which would be a tachyon.
  2. In the unlikely event that it works I will want to patent it. So that will wait until I post a link to the published patent or an amusing story of peculiar contraption that does not work.
  3. I am going to try build a space warping device of my own design. A couple of components are a custom vacuum tube. So I am asking for suggestions on what are the best pumps for making a high quality vacuum on the cheap? I also need a cathode at them moment I am looking for a tungsten lightbulb for the tungsten wire as minimum order size on Alibaba for tungsten wire is much more than I need.
  4. If these 2 statements: "Intelligent life is common" "Interstellar travel is not too hard" Are both true, then I would expect all available planetary resources in the galaxy to be consumed by exponential growth. So as the solar system has not yet been strip mined, I think one or both of those statements are false. So I will be highly surprised if aliens visit Earth. If they did turn up then I guess it would mean we just happen to be around during the short period when an interstellar civilization expands across the galaxy. These frontiersmen would used to moving into a new solar system and and staking a claim to all the best mineral resources and habitable worlds. Earth life would likely be seen as a nuisance spoiling a good habitable world, maybe the first few generations will ignore in in favor of easy to seed worlds around nearby stars but as this region of stars gets more settled it will become increasingly worthwhile to get rid of these pests on valuable real estate worth while doing an extermination, or perhaps ship off all the humans to sell as curiosities to the zoos of more civilized parts of the galaxy.
  5. I do not think there has been any conspiratorial cover ups of aliens. I think it is improbable to be able to cover up something like that so well. I dont think there will be any "mass panic" or anything like that if contact with aliens was announced. There would mostly be allot curiosity for while before it becomes accepted as normal. people might get a bit pissed at the aliens for not sharing more technology with us.
  6. My 3rd birthday was in the year 84. I would explain to my parent my knowledge of physics which should clue them in that I am not kidding, and tell them the history to the present day. I would then do the boy genius novelty act of a small child that talks like an adult with allot of knowledge, dont think I would tell anyone outside the family that I know future events although certain disasters would make that tempting, try to become a child actor so that I can get some money to buy Microsoft stock, in the late 90's shift from microsoft stack to apple just before the Ipod comes in but by then the butterfly effect will probably kick in. Hopefully in the 90's I have succeeded in creating the first paypal, ebay, facebook, amazon, google website with a user friendly interface, so I have enough money to create my own mp3 player/smart phone company and operating system.
  7. Maybe the the skull will need t be stretched a bit but by 5 the human brain is almost as big as the adult. Maybe I could of even used 3 as the detination age. I dont think anyone is sure how memories are stored, I heve read theories about quantum states in nuerons. As there is always spare nuerons a mind can probably be compressed to a smaller size although that would limit the ability to learn new things. But can we just assume whatever magic is required rearrange your neurons so that they are identical to your current configuration happens quickly without a hitch. I intended this to be a fun what would you do thread. No offense but this must make you quite old perhaps people should give the context of which year this would put them in in there replies.
  8. I do not claim to be a "time traveler". I claim to of had an interesting dream, I dont know how to tell the difference between plain old wierd dreams, and those that turn out to be prophetic. I had been thinking and reading a bit about magnetrons, and early radio and radar technology a few months before hand so maybe it is not surprising I had a dream about a radio wave resonating chamber. But if I find any large hollow metal spheres at a scrap yard I will give it a try.
  9. A resonating chamber must have its dimensions an even multiple of the wavelength of the signal it is intending to resonate. The wave length is the distance between the neighboring crests in a signal. Light travels at a speed of 299,792,458 meters per second, so a 300mhz radio signal has a wavelength of 1 meter, or close enough. I think 1 meter was mainly just a convenient size for construction that most people could fit in, different size chambers would presumably require different frequency signals. In my dream I dont think anyone really understood how it really worked, phrases like "quantum entanglement", "morphic fields", "quantum uncertainty" where thrown around rather speculatively. Old people where shut in, the device was switched on for a few minutes, then then came out looking like 20 year olds which I thought was rather handy as I am already developing a bald spot myself, amputees got there limbs back. The subjects did not seem to be aware of any of the time that passed while the device was switched on.
  10. How would you go about doing that? Why? Where to?
  11. -Copper is a good conductor so is makes a good reflector of radio and microwaves. -The wavelength of a 300mhz radio is 1m the same size as the sphere. (I am not surprised the dream got that right I am fairly familiar with this conversion) The radio wave oscilating in a cavity the same size as its wavelength was supposed to produce some kind of quantum effect. What is the shark chum agreement?
  12. As I dont carry a cellphone most of the time I would have no evidence I am from the future. All in all I would be pretty screwed. All in all I would be pretty screwed, I would effectively have no usable ID or citizenship anywhere. So I would have to survive off casual cash in hand work until I get a birth certificate for some random grave. If I travel back to the same place I am in a different country than my 3-4 year old self so it will be a while before I can contact my parents who are now the same age as me. All technologies of today where already in research stages in the 80s there is not much room for amazing backyard inventions. As others have said I will buy some Microsoft stack when I can but that will take a while to pay off to make a fortune you need to know lots of detail on profitable short term trades. A couple of world cup results I could place bets on but I am not into that kind of trivia at all really, and the butterfly effect may kick in. Guess I will try to get into web programming in the 90's and make the first Paypal, Ebay, Amazon, Google, Facebook etc all rolled into one hub. If I get a serious fortune from that in the 00's I could start make business moves and Research in the technology sector smart phones easy to use mp3 players etc. Some things I know about graphene production could be useful then.
  13. I your mind with all its knowledge and memories was sent back to when you where 5 years old, what would you do?
  14. All radio waves heat things up, its mainly a matter of the power and duration of the signal. When radar was invented at first the program was for the creation of a death ray that would boil enemy pilots in their seats.
  15. He did not lose any memories it is e just did not recognize his future selves for what they where. He just listens to the story in the bar for old times sake.
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