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  1. Recently, I dreamed of traveling in time to traumatic events that had me learn to defend myself from verbal and physical abuse in school. It was the same situation and people, just different places. I ended up avoiding the fights, but it didn't change a thing. It seemed like the event and aftermath was inevitable. Could it be that I was meant to experience these things? Not necessarily like a path I was meant to follow in a religious life. Food for thought.... :confused:
  2. I've had an interest in time travel ever since seeing the Back to the Future and Terminator movies. The movie Hot Tub Time Machine (which is essentially Back to the Future for the Millenial Generation) sparked my interest as well as Command and Conquer Red Alert, the first game. Could there have ever been an opportunity where you could see your alternate self? Like one that is better in life or in the dumps constantly. I haven't had the best life growing up, but make some better decisions and I think I'd be better off now. But the thing is are our alternate lives better in life supposedly? I do think about changing the past sometimes so I'm not as miserable, but would it necessarily be better? I was just wondering what the opinions on this board were. I'm not trying to, just wondering...
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