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  1. The Moon Landing conspiracy theorists love to use this claim. It just doesn't hold up. The Apollo missions marked the first event where humans traveled through the Van Allen belts, which was one of several radiation hazards known by mission planners.[30] The astronauts had low exposure in the Van Allen belts due to the short period of time spent flying through them. Apollo flight trajectories bypassed the inner belts completely to send spacecraft though only the thinner areas of the outer belts.[31][32] The command module's inner structure was an aluminum "sandwich" consisting of a welded aluminium inner skin, a thermally bonded honeycomb core, and a thin aluminium "face sheet". The steel honeycomb core and outer face sheets were thermally bonded to the inner skin. Astronauts' overall exposure was actually dominated by solar particles once outside Earth's magnetic field. The total radiation received by the astronauts varied from mission to mission but was measured to be between 0.16 and 1.14 rads (1.6 and 11.4 mGy), much less than the standard of 5 rem (50 mSv) per year set by the United States Atomic Energy Commission for people who work with radioactivity.[30] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_Allen_radiation_belt SP-368 Biomedical Results of Apollo CHAPTER 3 RADIATION PROTECTION AND INSTRUMENTATION by J. Vernon Bailey Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center http://history.nasa.gov/SP-368/s2ch3.htm APOLLO ROCKETED THROUGH THE VAN ALLEN BELTS By Amy Shira Teitel http://www.popsci.com/blog-network/vintage-space/apollo-rocketed-through-van-allen-belts
  2. Busted! Good ol' Snopes http://www.snopes.com/politics/conspiracy/challenger.asp Still, one of the more interesting conspiracy stories.
  3. Mylo.X.; I really meant it when I said great find. Often these internet stories fail to stand up under further scrutiny. This one did not. I checked a few out thinking there might be a close resemblance but the names were added for effect. Seems these were not made up. If someone else has evidence to debunk these, I would like to see it. As it stands, it is an incredible coincidence worthy of looking at. I found more on it here: http://www.cluesforum.info/viewtopic.php?t=935&p=2395059 When I looked into it, I had to wonder how such a coincidence might occur and the cloning popped into my head so I made a little story to that effect.
  4. Great find Mylo.X. Apparently, no secret is safe forever. Here's the whole story. On January 27th 1967, NASA experienced the first loss of any astronauts. While this type event was anticipated, the outcry from congress, astronaut families, and the public was less expected. After this event, in an effort to help the space program survive, a "promise" was made to the astronauts... that they would "survive" future catastrophes. The study of cloning, first displayed in 1885, had been on going ever since. In 1952 it was shown that transfer of nuclear material from an embryonic cell to an enucleated egg developed into the original organism and in 1958, a transfer of a nucleus from a differentiated (intestinal) cell to an enucleated egg resulted in the successful development of the original organism. Advances continued with embryonic cells to develop mammalian clones of sheep and cows until the final development of the first successful mammalian clone from a somatic cell, Dolly the sheep, in 1996. NASA's promise could now be realized. NASA, knowing of the studies in cloning, promised to "clone" any astronaut killed in the service of NASA, at a future date when the science became viable, and began taking DNA samples from all astronauts after 1967. The first test of their promise came in 1986 and was conducted 10 years later. Cloning, being a highly debated and controversial subject, has been furthered in secret, in covert overseas labs. It has been used to clone government entities as well as those with the considerable "means" to afford, and there by support, this process. In these secret locations the process has been advanced to the stage where the growth process can be controlled. Some, later individuals, had the opportunity to express a desire to "where/when" in the process they wished to be set and have "begun" their new lives at that point, whether as adults or teens. Those that were unable to have offered a position were stopped at the age they "died". Academics and social experience was offered at an accelerated rate also so they would be at the necessary level of competence needed at the age they were set. Sufficient "back stories" were created to allow these individuals to exist with little, to no notice, in society. That part apparently has failed. You would have thought NASA might be smart enough to at least have changed their names. :confused: This also explains the appearance of "other" dead celebrities, among them, JFK, Elvis, and any others you want to add to the list. ;) That's my story and I'm... stickin to it. :whistle:
  5. I think this fits here OK with the AI development of a mind. I can't swear to it's authenticity but it is funny. Artificial Intelligence machine gets testy with programmer http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2015/06/28/artificial-intelligence-machine-gets-testy-with-programmer/
  6. Hello Giovanni, 1) No 2) It is indeed possible to travel through time. We are all doing it now. It is only in one direction, forward, and the grandfather paradox is irrelevant since time doesn't move in the direction needed for it to occur.
  7. Einstein is nothing but the resident provocateur, which is why I am done playing this installment of his game. He isn't going to change and I really doubt he is actually as stupid as he plays but, if he is... then there is proof, "You can't fix stupid". I just hate to see others mislead by him while he plays his games here. There are many gullible and unsuspecting people in the world. PaulaJedi, in her first post in this thread, said it was an optical illusion. That was during April of this year. In June, Einstein reanimated this thread by challenging me to prove him wrong. Since I already had, I saw little need to continue and simply pointed to the absolute facts that show it to be an optical illusion. Why reinvent the wheel to try to prove "it's round". Einstein continued to spout his illogical nonsense behind his claim and, by this time, he had PaulaJedi fully on board his bandwagon and together they chose to take a stand against me. I can't be sure if he got her to believe his impossible notions or if she was just still angry at me from an earlier disagreement but, I chose to respond with at least "some form" of physical proof and pointing out the inconsistencies in the things they have both said at other times. I added parallel lines to a screen shot of the video he posted. Of course that was still not enough, he said I hadn't shown that the background was aiding in the illusion so, I removed the background. The exaggerated height difference is no longer apparent in the picture with the background removed... at least to me. The only slight difference can be seen as the affect of the thickness of the plank they are standing on. As a result of my engaging in this farce with Einstein, Nicolas has an issue with my approach and Henry Stone thinks I am a third grade name caller that needs to show improvement in my debunking skills. I guess I missed the name calling. I haven't "called" Einstein a "name". I may have alluded to certain traits he aspires to or presents presently but, not directly called him anything... yet. Besides, Henry Stone, I thought you were a teacher. Certainly you know to "call someone a name", "it" has to be a noun. I've only used adjectives. As far as debunking, again, I don't claim to be debunking these issues...just offering another insight/approach to determining what's true. If someone is willing to PAY me a couple hundred thousand dollars like the "Myth Busters" receive for it... I'll bust the hell out of Einstein's absurd claims. As it stands now, he is not worth that much effort. Editing a picture was more than enough. I don't care if he ever understands it is not possible to actually physically change size by several inches in a few seconds by moving a few feet... or not. BUT, what I have put down here may some day or even now, help someone, who may be inclined to believe Einstein's ignorant claims, realize he is wrong. If I sometimes seem blunt in my dealing with some people, I usually start out amicable enough but, I have a low tolerance for continued willful ignorance while flippantly dismissing valid evidence. One more link to demonstrate how background affects perception... it should be enough for those with reasonable perspicacity. (That one's for you Einstein) Notice in the original video, whoever is on the "smaller sized", (lower) area of the house in the background, looks larger. That illusion, the Ponzo illusion, is demonstrated in the following link. http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/sze-shepardTerrors/index.html It's been fun but, I am finished with this Einsteinian frivolity. I await the next.
  8. Right' date=' a picture can't speak...but a picture is worth a thousand words. I offer one more picture. I doubt it will make any difference to you but, I hope others will see a difference. It is easy to "make it appear' date=' as it does" in these areas but, it is only an optical illusion.I AM NOT going to bother to "build" a replica to "prove you wrong". You are not that important to me.If you truly believe that a person can "physically" change their size by several inches by some gravitational difference between two points only a few feet apart... then you have absolutely graduated from ignorant. One more picture for you and then I'm done with you.Summary:1. Ignorance implies a lack of awareness, while stupidity implies the inability to understand.2. Ignorance can be removed by the acquisition of knowledge, while a stupid person is intrinsically so, and therefore difficult to reform.3. Ignorance is caused by the circumstances of ones life, whereas stupidity is due to an attitude problem or mental deficiency in the person concerned.4. While the reasons of ignorance are universally the same, stupidity is often defined by ones perception of what comprises stupidity.[url']http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-ignorance-and-stupidity/[/url] Really? As in; How do you know? Have you gone out in the world and measured it for yourself? Have you collected enough to differentiate between what would be considered "strong" and "weak"? How are you qualified to make that determination? Do you hold a degree in psychology or another related discipline? http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/precognition-or-psychic-ability-or-just-plain-weird.10188/#post-89258 I do not have psychic abilities. What gives you the right to claim I' date=' or anyone else, have/has an ability many, including myself, hold a derogatory opinion of? What proof do you have that these alleged psychic abilities exist for anyone? Have you conducted a valid scientific test on anyone, other than yourself? He's around 70-80 miles away. That's close enough.
  9. I find I am at odds with two of the most idealistic* persons on this forum. Oh dear, what ever shall I do. I have no need to lie to make my point. If you think it is necessary or acceptable to use lies to make a point, what does that say about you. I don't rely on "my word". I rely on the substantiative words of those that taught the concepts to me. Sharing things on an alt-sci web site is what the site is there for. Not caring what others think is not what you seem to practice. You get offended when someone challenges your point of view. I propose, if you want to post frivolous statements, and not be challenged on the absurdity of the claims, post them on the web site you own, where you can control the perception, that your statement is, in any way, close to reality. You don't need worry about being challenged by me there. I find the site to be, uniquely inane. You are free to and I would encourage you to, post anything you want to here but, do not expect them to not be scrutinized. The "reason" is not classified. It is available for anyone intelligent enough to receive it. Like much of what you say, classifying it would "not make sense", just as the statement you included after, concerning "disinformation", makes no sense. The one providing bad information, in many instances here on this site, is YOU. You are free to believe anything you want... you are free to be as wrong as you want... "we" are free to call you on it when your nugatory information may lead others to a flawed understanding. Just because you aspire to be an utterly foolish and senseless person, doesn't mean others should not be discouraged from following you. *a person who accepts the doctrines of philosophical idealism, as by representing things in an ideal form, or as they might or should be rather than as they are.
  10. OK, if 1% of the people "remember" something different than the 99%, who's wrong? 10% to 90%... 20/80... 30/70...50/50? At what point is one memory "more correct" than another? Wrong is wrong regardless of how many disagree. Why someone remembers something differently can range from a simple error to a cognitive disorder.
  11. Liked that' date=' did ya. That's one of them high-dollar college words. Did it cause you to stop and think for a moment? Did you have to look it up? It appears you missed it, the first time I referred to you with that word. If it grabbed your attention and caused some activity in your brain then, it served it's purpose. In any event, it absolutely fits you.I can't tell if your ignorance is willful or a result of some thing else. Regardless, having said before, that I thought you were a seemingly intelligent person, I find I must rescind that statement, in light of your persistent choice to deny facts and logic while you blissfully continue down a path of ignorance.Once again Einstein, you choose the facts, as you wish for them to be, to support your position. You maintain, there is a sufficient, gravitational anomaly, at this location, to PHYSICALLY change a person's height, by several inches, within 4-5 feet distance. Do you REALLY believe a person could expand or contract by several inches...AND SURVIVE!!!!Let's compare what you have said in the past. 2-16-2015http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/john-titors-questions-answered.8782/#post-84814 10-8-2014http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/john-titor-returning-october-or-november.8677/page-4#post-84373 12-14-2012http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/jt-is-fake-period.7730/#post-76505Maybe, you can do some of that fancy 'calculatin' and show us just how many of them there gee's it would take to "crush" a man by several inches...? Maybe...? Huh? 12-13-2007So, have you made your mind up yet? Can gravity severely affect something but, not the rest of the immediate surroundings...or not...??I include a picture with some lines drawn in for reference. As you can see by the yellow line at the board they are standing on, she is about the thickness of the board "higher" than he is, ~ 3-4 inches. She is also closer to the camera. These two differences, higher and closer will make her appear "taller", in comparison to him, than she really is.A mind is a terrible thing to waste... really does hold some meaning, doesn't it?[ATTACH]526[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]526[/ATTACH]
  12. Kafke; All I can offer is, a lot of people are bad at geography. That's not meant as an insult to your intelligence. I've had wrong impressions of where some countries are. As for the video games, there are often more than one trailer used to advertise games or movies. One version may run for several days, weeks, or months and then be switched to something slightly or completely different. It is more likely than not that your memories are simply inaccurate. You're still young and are still rapidly developing "new" memories. This is a weak explanation but, memories can over lap or run concurrently. They can begin at a given point and additional stimuli cause the path to alter to a given terminus* but... sometimes it goes to an unexpected terminus and we get a false or incorrect realization... false memory. If this memory gets reinforced by repeatedly referring to it, it can become a long term memory you feel is completely accurate and other things to the contrary are wrong. This is common. This is NOT a diagnosis but for a better understanding, you could look up confabulation for more information on what inaccurate memories can be caused by and different ways it can be manifest. Please don't go to your Dr and say, "So and so, on the internet, says I have, or may have, "X" disease". That (sometimes, often, usually, always...pick one...) pisses them off. If this IS becoming a serious issue for you then, you might want to discuss it with your Dr. *Consider this; Your recall process is similar to a yes/no diagram and your memories are the data in the steps that decide the next direction to take. Conflicting data or data that is too similar, are what lead to an incorrect direction in the process and the wrong conclusion.
  13. Einstein; As I have stated before, I think sometimes you just like to be disputatious. Did you watch the video? In it, the surveyor not only shows a graphical detail of his measurements (1:50-1:53) but, the camera operator does a camera swing from the water horizon to the mountainous area with the horizon "line" drawn in for reference (2:18-2:28). The Psycologist's demonstration at (2:26-2:56) is EXACTLY what you are being subjected to, by the design of The Mystery Spot and others. No mystery...it's an optical illusion... caused by your brain's compensating for the "discrepency" between the spatial map recorded in your hippocampus to the visual information being presented by "what your eyes are seeing" presently. Just because you are, for whatever reason, unwilling or incapable of understanding the reason why these sites can present the optical illusion of a change in size, why should I even consider trying to "prove" to you the cause. If I took a 10 foot pole and marked my height on it and moved from one side of this location to the other and revealed the mark is still the same... you would simply spew more nonsense and say... the pole's size changed too. Believe your fantacy if you want... it's your life.
  14. We have gone over this thoroughly and I offered "proof" in the video in post #20. You refuse to accept that proof, as measured and demonstrated by a surveyor's instruments so, there is nothing better than what was presented in that video, that I could offer you. It is "solid', measured in the real world, (like you prefer) proof that ,the hill that appears to let cars roll uphill, is actually down hill within a tilted landmass. That is the same principle that affects our perception at The Mystery Spot and all other places like it.
  15. This may have the easiest explanation. You have stated you are a gamer, whether avid or casual, you have certainly played games that include a map. Maybe a world map or just a regional one. There, the accuracy is of little importance and it would be quite easy for you to have formed an inaccurate memory of some continental positions along with your accurate memory. Spatial memory is very important to your brain. When spatially conflicting images are viewed, your brain tries to reconcile the differences and confusion is the result, like the visual perceptions in Einstein's post: http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/the-mystery-spot.10316/ Please don't misunderstand this post. I am not saying you have not experienced, what you say you have. I am offering one of several explanations for "why" your memories seem anomalous.
  16. OK, if I get this at all, here's what I am getting from your posts. We are existing in a "reality" that is constantly being changed by someone...anyone...even ourselves... from a future that keep going back in time to change some event that, then changes the "history" of all of us but, we continue on as if nothing has changed because we can not be aware of the change. Is that close?
  17. Absolutely correct... Gpa is my cover... my real name is, Bond...James Bond. :cool:
  18. o_O I don't understand most of what you are trying to say but, I really have no idea what your uncle's Russian heritage has to do with the price of tea in China. A Russian (R1b-) physicist is not really that uncommon.
  19. GW alarmists, you do have to give them credit for being "resourceful".;) http://www.foxnews.com/science/2015/06/10/climate-scientists-criticize-government-paper-that-erases-pause-in-warming/
  20. We have had some interesting discussions along those lines here: http://timetravelinstitute.com/threads/a-discovered-time-traveler.8201/ Check it out if you want.
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