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  1. That's the theme of every episode of Ancient Aliens. It's not like it hasn't been heard of before; only becoming apparent when ET's may be announced. Yes, some people may over react to the news but, I have no problem with it. Even if "they" come here and say, " Sup dudes? Wachabenduin since we created you?" Or something like that. I think the "most" disheartened reaction to that news would come from the evolution theorists. That shoots that idea all to hell.
  2. Nope. Weather can fluctuate dramatically from one year to the next or, be consistent for a decade or more. That's why "climate change" has to be considered over many decades, even centuries or millennia, to determine climate trends. A GLOBAL climate trend is much more indeterminable, outside of the waxing and waning of ice ages. Over my short 60+ years, I too have noticed less snow. Partly because as a youth, I lived much closer to Chicago and winter included a lot of Lake Effect snow but, I also remember 1977, the year my third son was born, driving to the hospital through a one lane path cleared through the 10+ foot high snow drift that was blocking the rest of the road. (10 foot on the low side and maybe 20 on the high side) lol, you wish. Have you read Genesis? Considering the level (what we believe it to be anyway) of scientific understanding at the time, it follows the evolutionary timeline quite well.
  3. kimberlyd; Out of scientific curiosity, may I ask; Did you walk; potty train; talk; or any of the other usual advances early?
  4. The existence of ET's doesn't indicate they are God. Also, last time I looked, there were religious folks in the north too...and the east... and the west.
  5. Millennium (1989) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoJA6tGJhGU If you haven't seen this one... you'll love the ending.
  6. There is no doubt, people can make crop circles. It is likely that ALL of them are man made. Here's proof in a video, with links to more within it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puDF0hJpzWo That being said, could there be another, "natural" reason for perhaps some of the crop circles? Geometric shapes appear all over the place in nature from, Nautilus shells to Basalt rock formations and crystalline structures. I remember, one day after a storm I watched a "point" of wind dance across a large water puddle. It lasted several seconds as it moved across, back and forth, and in what may have been circles, it was hard to tell. I have seen twisters dance around also so, my question is, could the wind actually move in a pattern to form geometric designs in a field? I might believe that before I would believe extra-terrestrials did it.
  7. I can see that adds to the mystery but, if the Titor story was contrived by several people, perhaps wannabe writers, developing that conclusion to their story is reasonable to see. Several Hollywood movies use that theme, the protagonist "disappears" at the end... leaving the end open to speculation by viewers; K-Pax, Powder, among others.
  8. It's part of the processes collectively called cognition (or your brain's internal spell checker) Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.* Stain and Stein are common surnames or part of the surname. That even 50% of people might remember the name one way and the other 50% the other way is no big deal, except to those that wish to make it so. It is simply a mistake; a misinterpretation, as is the whole Mandela Effect phenomenon. When people don't understand the reason for something, they tend to "make up" reasons they feel fit the situation. *This text appeared on the internet in 2003 and is multi-sourced but, interestingly, denied by Cambridge University. "This text circulated on the internet in September 2003. I first became aware of it when a journalist contacted a my colleague Sian Miller on 16th September, trying to track down the original source. It's been passed on many times, and in the way of most internet memes has mutated along the way. It struck me as interesting - especially when I received a version that mentioned Cambridge University! I work at Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, in Cambridge, UK, a Medical Research Council unit that includes a large group investigating how the brain processes language. If there's a new piece of research on reading that's been conducted in Cambridge, I thought I should have heard of it before..." http://www.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/personal/matt.davis/Cmabrigde/ More info if you want. http://web.archive.org/web/20070307073659/http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~pjm21/papers/LCP.pdf
  9. My statement is not incorrect. If you wish to discuss this further, feel free to begin a new thread in, maybe off topic, or elsewhere. I intend to "try" to not take a thread off topic, too much. ;) Exactly... If they ever find the brain's FAT file, imagine what could be done. Again, further discussion on this can be in a new thread. Trying to play nice with other kids. I did get a U in deportment. :whistle:
  10. Nicolas; You've been around for awhile now, not only here but in the world also. Nearly every informal conversation I have been in, (that's what we do here, just in written form, not verbally) has wandered about; returned to the subject; then wandered off again and a new conversation begins. Don't be disappointed that occurred in this thread. The premise of Titor being more than a single entity has been discussed here before. I think everyone can agree, TimeTravel_0 and Titor were/are a real entity. Someone "did" post. Was it a collaboration among two or three or even more, is a valid question but, no more likely to be discovered than, Titor's validity as a real TT'er or fake story. If the story is fake, as most believe it is, "who" becomes irrelevant and "why", since there has been no real attempt by anyone to capitalize on it, is also.
  11. Neurons are being formed/created (neurogenesis) during the development of a fetus. When you are born, you have, pretty much*, all of the neurons you will have for the rest of your life. A fetus is cognitively unaware but, will have reflexive motor neurons and "react" to stimulus. That may be what Dr. Tillet was explaining to you. *New studies seem to have shown neurogenesis, in rats, and possibly humans can take place in certain areas of the brain. I offered this before on another thread. http://human-memory.net/
  12. Just think about it. If you discover how to TT while you're here... you can deliver pizzas before they are even ordered. Hey, wait... that may explain all the times the Domino's guy showed up at a house only to be told by the people living there, "I didn't order a pizza".
  13. I wouldn't worry too much about the end coming soon. It appears you are around 19 years young. I have already lived more than three of your lifetimes and, you know what? There has been... corruption in politics in every country, earthquakes, famine, hurricanes, and much much more during each of those lifetimes and the lifetimes of everyone going back as far as recorded history will allow... and then, before that. People tend to think they are experiencing "dark" times during their lives... "It's never been so bad"; when actually, to most young people, history only goes back as far as their lifetime. The human condition "is what it is". It always has been.
  14. Certainly not in the cases of Manson and Son of Sam killer, Berkowitz. Their crimes were ~7 years apart. Were there/are there copy-cat killers, Yes, then and now. It would seem more so now. With wall to wall 24 hr media frenzy attached to every despicable act committed today, all the little mentally deficient sociopath wanna-be's see their chance at Fame and Glory.
  15. The UN is used as a shell company to further the desires of the governments that support it. The US, BTW, funds over 22% of the UN's general budget and the majority of the cost of sub-divisions of the UN. The next closest country is Japan at 10%. The US, under this current regime, has pushed AGW/Climate Change. Obama has threatened to use the UN to push his Nuke deal with Iran. If, the supporting countries of the UN, wish to "allow" the UN to assess a Global Tax on each countries carbon emissions, who do you think will be paying that tax? Each country can then use the UN as the reason carbon taxes need to be collected, "from the producers of the carbon emissions". The ignorant consumers, a direct result of the "Government controlled schools", will happily support this call for a carbon tax, all the while, having no clue THEY will intimately be paying for it. So, governments, especially liberal led US and European governments, if not directly, will indirectly tax the people. The UN is just the cover, as I already stated. As far as GW or CC being a fact, you're correct. It has been a fact for 4 billion years. For 3.9999999(00) billion of those years, SUV's and the people that drive them had nothing to do with it... but suddenly... they do.
  16. There were three. I can't recall whether I liked them or not right now. I'll have to watch them again. Guess they weren't that memorable the first time though.
  17. DulceBASS; They don't want anyone to stop consuming. That has nothing to do with it. They want to TAX your consumption, all the way down to the smallest level, even if they have to make that level up. If given their way, eventually, the animals raised for human consumption will be taxed, paid by the farmers, and ultimately the consumer, for their carbon footprint. Then even people will be required to pay an existence tax to "help" the government offset their carbon contribution. It is pure BS and is used as the cover to take more from "producers" because of their production and the government will, of course, put that money to better use for us, the hapless citizen.
  18. Doctor When; Just curious, do you know what your avatar is?
  19. Gpa

    Jade Helm 15

    For starters, are people aware this entire conspiracy BS was kicked-off by Alex Jones? I am going to say, up front, so anyone that might be offended can avoid reading any further... If someone can believe "anything" that comes from the proven ignorance of Alex Jones, then should that person's intelligence to be in question also? If some find that offensive, the truth can be offensive. If anyone is left (and I know there are intelligent people here, I've seen their posts): This is a TRAINING exercise under the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (SOC). There are supposed to be (about) 1200 Special Op personnel including, Green Berets, some Navy SEALS, and Air Force AFSOC in the Texas operation. Now, I was Navy so maybe I have a little bias toward the SEALS being the best but, even if it were 1200 SEALS, they aren't going to take over Texas. Someone would have to be at the top of the gullible dupe chain and be someone who BELIEVES all of the BS Hollywood puts out in movies about Martial Law, to actually think 1200 SEALS, or 1200 anything, could take over Texas with, approx. 1.6 million veterans and 18.6 million citizens 18 and over and one of the strongest, "Don't f--- with me" attitudes in the country and a whole-lot-a guns and the know-how to use them. DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS isn't just a road sign. Now that's just Texas. If the citizens of the rest of the US saw this conspiracy theory actually become a real event, there would be more angry "armed" citizens,(this would include the intelligent liberals) than even OUR military could hope to subdue. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Second Amendment to the Constitution of The United States This is in the Constitution for exactly the reason the conspiracy theorists fear and is exactly why the above conspiracy theory has no f-n chance of succeeding. If you do want to fear something... fear the attempts by the left wing liberals that want to take your guns away. They are too blind to see, they are walking right into the scenario, where the Government could take away all the rights of the citizens... even theirs. Then, there is also the fact that the President has no authority to call for "preemptive" martial law. The Supreme Court, I believe, would stop any attempt at that. Congress would also have some say in this and, need I mention the Governors of the states involved. ex parte milligan, 71 U.S. (4 Wall.) 2, 18 L. Ed. 281 (1866). Milligan firmly established the right of the U.S. Supreme Court to review the propriety of martial law declarations. Again, if Alex Jones has any credibility with anyone, after all the conspiracy theories he has been behind that did not develop, they have to be the elite among the ignorant. If you are offended by the word ignorant, imagine how offended the others are that have to hear the ignorance of people like Jones and his followers. Look up the definition of ignorance before you attack me. It's not the same as being called stupid. A person can avoid ignorance simply by learning and understanding. I know, the first reaction will be to tell me I am the ignorant one because I can't see what the government is trying to do. I assure you, I do see what the government is trying to do and while I will never encourage insurrection, I will encourage people to vote to remove those that are not an advocate of the people, and the government will only take away my gun when (cliche to follow) they pry it from my cold dead fingers.
  20. So, back on track. I do agree with your premise that Titor was most likely a collaboration of several persons with knowledge in different areas. Are they still around? Maybe... If this was some social experiment to see how people would react to threats in the future, It would appear whoever was behind it did try to make the most convincing story they could. It is also apparent, that it was falling apart very quickly. Hence, only about 4 months online interaction. It is also just as likely, that by now, they have moved on and forgotten or couldn't care less about this.
  21. Sorry if I've disturbed your thread. This is how the Titor discussion always ends up, the rational having to justify their disbelief, to the irrational disciples of The Titor. :oops: Besides, she started it. :sneaky:
  22. I've built my own for many years now. That way it does what I want it to, with no surprises.
  23. Gpa


    First I need to clarify, this story is not about a time slip, as I first thought. It is a time travel story. The lead-in made it seem like it was going to be about a time slip. After watching, I know it involves traveling and being "trapped" in the past. The proof of this, (not a time slip, but a) time travel story is "in the book"... :roflmao: by, Diana Gabaldon. Seems she isn't afraid to stand behind her story. ;) If you read it you'll know.:p That was fun to be able to say that.:cool: Remember, it is fiction... just like the Titor story... and every other time travel story. I do hope everyone that wants to watch, enjoys the show.
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