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  1. oh you saw those things, well interesting i wanted you to know that 1861 is the year when north carolina seceeded from the union on may 20th 1861 thats when the civil war started at that time my great great grandfather is a confederate and he left on may 15th 1862 i was looking for ways to travel physically and time that will go backwards to december 1860 around christmas time on his plantation he had where he can see me and where we can have conversation chatting with each other when he learns i am from the future and his confederate descendant of the family and that would be my priority and my highest goal to go to 1860 by dec or at least 1861 where i am able to see the place as a real place where i can feel the air and everything horses and buggy.people in thier 19th century wear. homes and stage coaches and also trains of that time. even the sights and sounds ans smells everything i mean everything i may even spend a few months there why not i never rode a horse but was told its easy all i had to do was use the reins to control the horse to turn left or right and etc. how hard can that be, but i want to really be there in this real place where its real not like a dream where you can't touch or feel nothing.if you know what i mean well let me know ;)
  2. thanks for getting back to me well as for what you said about either me building one myself or someone building it for me thats a very good question i dont know who to trust as it can leak out and someone think me a crazy nut about time travel LOL no i am not like that i am serious about this. and as for DIY what is that i never seen DIY before?and also about keeping on searching in time travel how do i do all that to keep going i like to make contacts to get some help in that area and go to any good places where someone will lend a hand forget the goverment and conspiracies i hear everyday. they are trying to find anything to use for a weapon they dont care about nobody at all. of you have some ideas where i can search and to find more let me know and other things now for building myself or someone to do it for me GEEEEEE i dont know really i would like to find some way even if i dont have enough money due to the stupid economy being so bad and worse then it was in years well keep in touch and let me know :)
  3. hello all i just want to put some things here. i am looking for people out there who know about time travel to the past to approx the year 1860 or 1861 around that time period in winter of that time. and how it can be done. because i have been looking for ways to do it bodily and physically not in some dream or anything of course when i go to sleep at night i see the past and i know what i seen it was amazing i actually saw it and it was meant for me to get there.but it remains secluded to how to do it and how to arrive in the year 1860 or early 61 i know this may sound odd. but that is something i realllly want to do.very serious about it for a very long time now and i felt this is something i really would consider,because it definitely is important to me.so how do i do this who would know what i need to do to travel back to the 19th century period.if i want to continue to try to do this successfully because one thing is for sure i wont stop at anything till i have the chance to travel back in time to the past to that time period.with any suggestion,idea,whatever means will help or a way to open a portal or a doorway taking me back to that time too may even help. take care :)
  4. Re: Proof I'm from the future if you say you are from the future what year did you come here from i know the future is wow nice there and really cool but people dead by 2211 alive now in 2011 hmmm i wonder i am interested in travel in time to the past to 1860 or 1861 either one thats the only place i rather go to :)
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