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  1. oh I agree: I just meant that at that time (back in 2013) the whole Titor thing had become an immeasurably overdone bore that was dumbing down every single discussion. Titor has its place in time travel folklore. The statue can remain up!
  2. I like the analogy I heard Desmond Tutu say way back in 1988... God does not say, If you touch the Oven I will burn you. He says, If you touch the Oven you will get burnt! Many (most? all?) of the bad things in the world are the short term or long term result of our choices and our actions. Once sin has entered the world it is virus like frankly.
  3. welcome back guys. Im so pleased its up again. Big supporter (of the sane variety)
  4. I turn my back for 5 minutes and its Titor Titor, bloody Titor. I wish someone could go back in time and kill whoever first made him up
  5. that will go well with that Stealth Bomber they built and then photshopped into the sky!
  6. back on topic: I'd like to imagine it as a machine about the size of a small car: all enclosed, windowless: but the capsule doesnt arrive with the traveller- its more of a shield and life support systems during 'flight' - and transports whatever is within it to a point in time and space: but its only whats inside that arrives. This would make the ability to 'return' to the future problematic... but maybe the vehicle can scoop up a specific time and space in the reverse way.. as long as you are standing in the right place!
  7. only if you are a character! Personally I think it would be better to tickle you under the chin, rub your ears and feed you little chocolates, while you chase a little bit of string around on the floor. No, seriously John, you are good fun. its only your titorisms we seek to mock.
  8. If I could go forward in time and kill Titor before he was born I would. .. just to save the world from this BS! :)
  9. got it: so - the wise prince would have to build incredible safeguards around the knowledge - safeguards that ensured the knowledge could never disseminate, knowing that once leaked, it would virus like, consume all. It would be a terrifying responsibility.
  10. by the way, love ethe concept of a society where they have no concept of inventing technology because its ultimate form has always existed! Can I use that?
  11. I think this is a brilliant post and thread, but none of this precludes the possibility of the future inventor/s of time travel from containing both the technology, the activities of time travellers and the 'perculation' of knowledge to the past. We could debate the 'liklihood' of the technology spreading and the procedures around it's use breaking down and leading to "temporal knowledge anarchy" (TKA )!.... and I agree history has many examples of technology defying the most elite and spreading out.. but there others that never did.. eg roman cement, greek fire, aboriginal pigment for blue, the pyramid building techniques and I imagine a few others.... Ultimately, even if the original point of invention is lost in the TKA loop.. it doesnt meant there wasnt an origin.. its just that it has become obscured. Its not a paradox, just a complication.
  12. the op is flawed logically: comparison of a time travel machine to a tv or car or other consumer good doestn hold water. Nuclear weapons were invetneted and i doubt I will be able to buy them at the supermarket soon.... and a time machine is probably the ultimate weapon bar none.. so as a means of maintaining control of pesky minions and enemy nations it will easily prevent it becoming ubiquitius.
  13. How easy would it be to pick up chicks as a time traveller? Theres definately not been enough research on that. I dont think John is claiming to be a time traveller, though: just that he's updated his haircut since the 1990's (As no doubt we all have)
  14. i was spookily close wasnt I? how do I know so much? how can it beeeee? Messaaaaaaaa, Arizonaaaaaaaa.
  15. dissecting Jon's photo is more interesting than titor. I reckon that photo was taken circa 1998. You shouldnt still be using it John! you'll be misleading female time travellers.
  16. yes Hawkings statement had to be a bit tounge in cheek... its like the first USSR cosmonaut entering space and, saying, I dont see God up here, therefore he doesnt exist. Im sympathetic to the UFO's being time travellers theory... but you have to wonder about their choice of places to go view things. Far too many end up in rural USA disturbing the livestock! Keeping a low profile is one thing, but dont these guys have a passport? I also a agree with your possible explanations - though the 5th is probably at the top most of the time... I'd also add a asterix to the 5th to include people who simply make genuine mistakes about what they thought they saw. Not all are disengenuous. Its interesting that for the 3 great folk-mysteries of our time - UFO's, Time TRavellers, and BigFoot... all three are desperately short of hard evidence, but very passionately believed in in some form... (me included). Its surprising our incredulity in such an educated era hasnt pushed these mysteries further into the margins really.
  17. great point: infecting the future.. I dont think any literature has used that as a theme have they? Dont got ot 1919 and get spanish influenza
  18. thanks Rainman.. I understand now.. and those spacecraft wont reverse engineer themselves. someones got to be at it. I'll keep your guidance in mind: no ad hominem, but will maintain the BS bashing.. cheers!
  19. Jpco... whatever it is you think you are on to.. could you please summarise it in 40 words? is that possible? would you please take on this challenge for me? the rules are: 40 Words no more, no less. No JARGON.. plain plain english.. i repeat NO JARGON or non-standard, pseudo-scientific words Do not assume knowledge on the part of the reader. Assume you are telling someone for the first time. make it releveent to the thread: are the mathematics of time travel understood? the stage is yours...
  20. Interesting to you perhaps Einstein, but none of the last 10 posts have really been on-topic: and unfortunately Im not really up to speed with the in-jokes around here, so its all a bit annoying to a newbie like me. But Im not without a sense of humour, and can take a joke etc...so not trying to make waves, just would rather the jokes were still on topic. he'res a new (theoretical) question in this topic. "when" (ha ha ) time travel is invented, and they are doing the first tests: do you think the mathematics will be complete - or still with a few rough edges.. so that while they have the mechanism to induce time travel, they dont quite have the tools to land someone entirely accurately in a desired time and place? Will the first few tests leave peoplesent to the wrong place?
  21. what about raw sewarage running throug hte streets? Cattle in the streets? no one washing for weeks at a time? but maybe smell isnt the main thing to contend with: what would the practical time traveller have to be prepared for?
  22. are there actually mods on this site? what is the point of trying to have a discussion if anyone can bascially pour shit over every thread? If its not Titor, its genuine certifiable morons who believe they have 'the answer' and the spooky sound effects to back it up. Thank god you and a couple of others are her eDarby, or I'd be close to giving up, just when I was starting.
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