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  1. True, Rainman Time, you are correct. I was being far too vague in order to not appear too odd. So, I will give you a more concise explanation. 1. People here have labeled me as a hoax item. That is ok, because I know that I exist and what we have experience is real. 2. I have seen it, and been there, and so have the people I work with. We know what it is like; the entire sensory experience is as real as we can possibly expect it to be, being so identical to what we already know to be reality, as to therefore make it reality. 3. Label me a hoax, I do not care. 4. Contact me, and meet with us, and then make your judgements.



  2. Consider this for a moment if you will: What is thought ? How does conscious thought evoke physical manipulations? Not only within the brain of the host vehicle, but also at the macro-scale? Such occurrences of physical manipulations, transfer of information, etc., can certainly appear to be proven, but the question which remains unsolvable, is how? My presence here is a good example. I am disproved, and recognized as a fraud, or some type of hoax, yet, I "know" that I exist here. So how can this be? It can be argued that I am constructing the reality within my own perception of reality. This argument would be correct; however, it may also be incorrect, as it could be possible that independent observers could also be conscious entities, separate from my experience. I have no proof this is the case, but I also have no proof to the contrary condition.



  3. It is possible that some type of time travel existed, at least briefly, around 2036, when Titor may or may not have been working. As you mentioned though, there is no actual evidence of him, or his work. Otherwise, we have no knowledge of any time traveling technology in existence before 2230 that would be capable of producing any sort of results, verifiable or not.


    It is difficult to 'prove' a valid claim, that is true. But, as you asked, I can provide you with two forms of evidence; the equipment we carry with us, and our own biocoding which would be unmatchable at this target point. If anyone would like to meet for further study, it would be acceptable. Further, if anyone would enjoy leaving with us, I do believe that would constitute verifiable proof. We are currently navigating the country once again, per standard protocol, until we are able to 'link' with a viable 'hot spot' as you might say here.


    It has become apparent that nothing I have offered here has been of any value to our work, except; our own verification of an ability t0 communicate both to and fro. Otherwise no suspicions have been aroused.



  4. I noticed that you are focusing all of your attention and energy on informational time travel techniques. This works fine, but there is a lot more to it than computations.


    One point you made certainly caught my attention, and that is the point of verification. This aspect will probably never be resolved, because a given target, regardless of range, can never be verified. This process can be demonstrated mathematically, but I am not the one to explain it. As a result of the 'verification problem', most of our projects focus entirely upon attempts to gather not only information, but also physical artifacts, in an attempt to acquire some type of evidence that we have indeed time travelled. The process is exceptionally difficult. While we can retrieve valid physical artifacts, and recorded information, there still remains no way to prove that such is nothing more than some sort of alteration of the present, or, as some think of it, a type of parallel existence. Due to quantum law, it will never be possible to know for certain if we are experiencing actual past events, or simply a parallel version of our own 'present'. Also, if you continue to make any type of s here, you will be included in their hall of shame. At that point I would suggest creating some type of fictional expressions; if you tell them the truth, they will not believe it. If you lie, they may believe it. And then, perhaps we can continue to attempt communications at this address. Otherwise, we can not do so. And once again the dilemna arises; is anything we observe here really from 2013, or, are we deluded consciously, as a result of our lab's mechanisms of altering our own present locale and our conscious awareness of such? This question unfortunately has no absolute answer. I could get into the more complex reasoning of why this technology is even being pursued, but this is not the place to do so.



  5. KasperR, refrain from it. Here no one will know a thing about situations. You will be regarded a faux presence and ridicule will be obtained. There is no goal in this place. Contact me and we can discover the information between us of similarities. I only visit here for pleasantries now, and not for constructive reasonings of pursuation, as it is not posiblive.


    They will not be pursuade.



  6. Hopefully, you agree with the fraudulent nature of the photographs. It required a great deal of time to invent a female character, then compose a convincing apology for posting fraudulent work. The photos are indeed real, yet they are fraudulent in the essence that they were all taken from various web sites. Why do it? Because as a scientist and as a curious person in general, I was hoping to gain some sort of interest in the topic we here are interested in. Requisition of someone else's internet identity is not difficult, so thank you for being so quick to believe the ridiculousness of whoever lledbetter2266 really is; be the person either male of female, it really does not matter.


    Photos: exceptions noted, but for one: and that being the hotel room photo. Mylo, please excuse me for not providing a higher quality image of the hotel, but encoding an image such as that one into a legible format required a great deal of time and effort. That one, you will never find on the internet because it was taken, by me, in 1885, and stored on a device which was never intended to communicate with devices used here. If I could give you a higher quality image, I would, so that you could further study the ink drawing on the wall. I never studied the wall drawing, so I can not say where it came from, or who the artist was, but, if you want to know, I would suggest scanning it carefully, using software that can emulate missing information in order to produce a probable total image. Then, try to find artwork created in the late 1800's, in india ink, as I do recall the drawing appeared to be an ink drawing. Perhaps you can locate similar works, then compare findings, and narrow down the artist and the name of piece.



  7. OH my goodness! At least one of me has been exposed as a fraud. . Sorry guys, I just now found the "hall of shame" section.. Ok, so I'm exposed now. My name is Lynnette and I am from Texas, but not Red Oak or Waxahachie. I'm from Dallas. My husband left me and I was pissed off so I guess I would get a little drunk at night and post a bunch of made up stories. Usually every night I drink and then surf the internet and post a bunch of stuff. Sorry, please don't be mad. You figured it out anyway so whatever. It's like an escape or something, sorry. Don't get too mad please. I'm only 28 so I think I can get it all straightened out somehow and quit drinking and do the right thing. I have no idea who stole my email and posted flicker pictures or whatever the other stuff is you said. that was not me cuz I'm not a guy.



  8. His information given in the video is quite elementary if you listen carefully. He states absolutely nothing that was not already well-established in the 1990's. This is some sort of scam speech, in my opinion, as even in the 1990's, once again, every property he describes was already well-known. What he fails to mention, however, are the following items: a) the location of the 'threshold', or more simply, the boundary at which behaviours at the planck scale become behaviours at the macro-scale. This is crucial, but is not supplied. b) No explanation, and nothing relating to the necessary equations required to explain his ideas. In other words, he is simply talking a lot, but supplying no information. c) He speaks of superposition by elaborating on some sort of model concerning a metal in an apparent condensate format, yet, provides no new information. Condensates were well-known in the 1990's, and their relationship to quantum mechanics was also quite well established. d) He makes no mention whatsoever of photon behaviour when directed through a sodium ion condensate. This property is crucially important, as it is fact, and will be a factor in proving (eventually) the property of the universal constant. I believe in 2013 it is referred to as 'dark energy', 'ether', or something similar.


    Concerning John Titor: He may have existed but it is highly doubtful. There is no historical mention of his name. I had never heard of this person until visiting, at which point I studied about his work. I found it to be plausible, but highly doubtful, mainly because he suggests the idea of a fixed 'timeline', yet, said timeline did not occur. This suggests a parallel timeline, which he did not mention, therefore I may quickly deduce that he is probably a hoax.



  9. Sometimes, people from outside of your experience may come to visit, and conduct various studies. However, you would most likely never be aware of their presence, unless they intentionally desired such.


    I can inform you in this way: 253 years from now, there will still exist no valid evidence whatsoever, that any sort of intelligent alien life exists. There has been conducted a very high volume of work in the effort to locate and/or communicate with some type of extra-terrestrial life, with no success. Currently, there are well over 15 thousand discovered 'solar systems' containing extra-terrestrial planets (as of 2266, that I am currently aware of, there may be more or less, the number is approximate). Of the known systems, none of them contain planets considered to be 'life-friendly', as we understand the processes of 'life' at this point. I can, however, think of about five or six planets residing in outside systems that somewhat resemble Earth. But, no signals have been detected from them, and, the position within the galaxy of these systems suggests that no life could exist there, as they are not within a habitable zone, as you call it.


    As a result of this knowledge, and these facts, it is highly unlikely that you have been contacted by 'aliens'. As far as we know, no such beings exist, at least not within the detectable regions of our galaxy. They may certainly exist, but they would be required to exist either on the other side of the galaxy in a similar habitable zone as Earth, or, in another galaxy separate from our own. If so, there is most definitely no possibility of detecting them, at least as of 2266. The technology simply does not exist. If, however, an alien culture does exist outside of our galaxy, or, on the other side of our own galaxy, it can be suggested mathematically that such a venture to Earth would be excessively impractical, as to render such not a possibility. Many studies have been conducted concerning the possibility, including not only physical abilities, but also practicalities, as well as possible cultural suppositions. None appear valid by human thought processes. This does not mean it's impossible, just that it's highly unlikely if the alien life form thinks similarly as we do.



  10. Everything he speaks of is pure conjecture. There are no valid theories or experiments to back up any of his statements, except, perhaps, the work done in South Africa, but that particular experiment hardly concerns parallax.


    Take a look at physorg.com and note the recent article concerning quantum magnetism. This is real work being conducted, not conjecture, and will become at the very least, a building block of knowledge eventually leading to practical 'time travel' experimentation. The only problem: I was completely unaware of this discovery, leading me to believe that although it is certainly valid, most likely leads in the wrong direction, and therefore must be discovered again at a much later date in order to become part of the historical sequence that leads directly to the projects currently in progress as of 2266.



  11. I have no knowledge of such a person or any claims thereof. Of course, there were many 'claims' being tossed about during that era, none of which I am aware of, with the possible exception of the Titor stories. There does exist some historical evidence that Titor may have been, and I must stress, "may have been", a legitimate scientist and/or theorist/experimentalist in this particular field, mainly due to some historical evidence which suggests some possible early experiments (2030-2076), that may have yielded some valid results. However, keeping in mind that from my perspective, such historical details have been lost, and no current provable evidence of his work, or even his existence, remains. It does appear possible, however, based on his supposed work, that he and his team may well have stumbled upon at least a few key components that are required to initiate some type of manipulations. Perhaps he was aware of the universal constant at that time, but it is not known for certain. Further, if it is assumed that he (or his team) had some knowledge of the necessary requirements involved, it could be plausible that he was at least partially successful within a very limited range, but of course that can not be proven. Currently, the only known model capable of achieving any type of 'time travel' is the Torus Model, and even now, it is quite limited. Curiously, this model seem to exhibit highly defined range limits (or sharp boundaries if you prefer). The reasons for the limitations are not yet known, although several theories do exist (as of 2266). As far as I am aware, no model exists as of 2013 that allows for any type of 'time travel'. Many more discoveries and developments will be required before such a thing can be realized.


    So, therefore, I can state with absolute certainty, that no such 'time traveller' existed known as "Bishop". Such a claim would most certainly be false, as well as any other claims as of 2013. There just does not yet exist the practical capability. The first verifiable evidence of any type of 'time travel' was first acquired in October of 2226 when laboratory experiments achieved a highly limited type of bi-directional information transfer.. I think you could crudely refer to this process as a type of rudimentary quantum phase shifting, universal manipulation, or maybe entanglement.. But of course such terms are antiquated, so I offer the previous terms only as an initiator of the thought processes involved.



  12. JCPO,


    Yes, exactly, all of these things are known, and that phi is connected to life (and everything else), the intelligent core, etc. ..but they aren't aware of the unity just yet, not here. Maybe it's best not to divulge too much information or you may appear as a hoax product.


    I noticed you are using your natural language, mixed with a bit of vintage English. It is obvious to me that you are engaging a project goal. May I ask of your origin? Our team originate Texas, SAH mtrpa, take project data continuum all data collect in general per the point. Provide coords if you can, maybe we can collaborate.





  13. Very interesting observation, but while the concept is similar to what we would refer to as a level 1 observable experience (devoid of any type of interaction or transfer of information), it is highly unlikely that anyone would be aware of our presence in this particular type of experiment. Of course, this is not proven, so it could be safe to assume that anything is possible, concerning the experiences you describe.. This gains my interest, since your observation is the first that I know of, to suggest some type of possible awareness of our presence. I believe it could be to our mutual benefit, if you would like to talk about this subject in more detail.





  14. Very good, but don't forget the influence of gravitational fluctuations as influenced by the sun (and most importantly, magnetic influences). Remember, the sun generates a high volume of magnetic vortices, many of which reach the Earth's surface. That is going to be key, so keep up the good work but do not lose focus by concentrating too much on dead end conclusions present in the small details (or, that is, fixating upon tangential branches of the thought process).


    To Einstein: 1) Phase-shifting is currently understood as to be viable only concerning the behavior of photons, and, such behavior (that is; quantum phase-shifting), is an natural consequence of pre-existing "time travel" efforts, therefore, the idea of producing some sort of device to influence the behavior will prove to fail, although some interesting results may be achievable. You can think of this process similarly to applying electrical charge to a muscle: the muscle twitches; however, no useful work is achieved. However; the muscle, when naturally controlled by the host organism, produces meaningful work. The concept is similar, indicating a more in depth thought process concerning the matter should be pursued. 2) Divergence, as you title it, I think, if I am reading your wording correctly, may be what we call 'tuning', or, much more simply put, the 'vibrations'. Multiple dimensions, while they may exist, play no part in practical experiments involving 'time travel'. Instead, it is currently understood that thresholds are achieved by a process in which vibrations at the planck scale are manipulated. I am not certain if your definition of divergence is similar to the idea I am talking about, but if so, then it should be safe to assume your idea is similar to 'tuning'. 3) Producing some sort of device to travel back to win the lottery is not likely, as measurable velocities, movements, etc., which have not occurred, do not exist. This of course implies that 'return' from past 'time-travel' will yield an unknown future. But, keeping in mind that all events which have contained energy, and which developed velocity, never cease to exist, but only change form, it is clear that manipulation of a current or "moment" event may be manipulated in such a way as to so closely resemble a 'past' event, or 'time-line', if you will, as to be un-measurable. So in other words, the 'traveller', while perceiving and transferring information to the 'past' certainly experiences the event as reality, it is understood that such experiences are merely reproductions of the original (although so accurately as to be perceived and 'lived' as 'real'). Therefore, when the 'traveller' returns to the lab, it appears as if he has 'travelled' to the future, however no such occurrence has been achieved, only a 're-tuning' is evident, and no loss or increase of overall energy has been realized.



  15. I can assure you that such claims are most certainly false. I know this, because it is well-established that 'travel' into the future would require either one of two situations: 1. The 'traveller' would need to physically reach a velocity of very near the speed of light (this was proven even in your era using atomic clock cycles, but now, is not fully accepted) and 2. The 'traveller' would need to have some sort of knowledge of things which do not exist (that is, future event cycles).


    Now, to the subject of what we call 'the past', or, events (or cycles) which have existed; a) "travel" to the past is not only possible, but practical within certain parameters (complex, yet achievable as of 2236 when the first successful experiments were conducted utilizing particle manipulation [simple 'time travel']). Later, the technology developed further, to include physical objects and successful transfer of information, which, by the way, is currently the benchmark for determining 'proof' of the experience. The model remains incomplete, yet provides the only known process for 'time travel' to the 'past'. Return to the 'future' would indicate some sort of future time travel, however, this is not the case, since returning would require a violation of physical laws, the process involves a type of manipulation of the 'present'. Keeping in mind, however, that 'time' itself is an abstract and as such, plays no valid part. It will not be possible to understand the physics, since from your perspective, the required understanding does not yet exist. But, I can successfully transfer information to you, without risk of damaging the 'future' (any alterations are so minute as to remain theoretical in nature). Now, theoretically, given enough 'time', alterations of the 'past' may be the initiators of dramatic change at some point, if one assumes incorrectly that the event line is linear, which it is not. If such a process were determinable and certain, the calculations suggest an exponential increase. However, since no such event line actually exists (at least as currently understood), such worries are not necessary.



  16. I think my reply may have been a bit too blunt. Our goals certainly include the sharing of knowledge, and as such, I would invite you to inquire, concerning the subject of what to do next in your search for credibility of 'time travel' as the process currently exists from my perspective. Key point: Event lines are not linear. You should already know this if you have any understanding of quantum physics (even as such ideas exist as of 2013).


    Now, to appease your curiosity, if you are so, then you should contact me and we can begin a conversation, and discuss this topic in much more detail. But what I will not do is make any attempt to convince you of anything, as that is not our goal. So therefore, if you wish to communicate, please do it.



  17. Certainly you can't honestly believe that we have nothing better to do than predict generated numbers. Also, your premise is flawed and appears to depend entirely on the continuation of a specific event line. That is not how the process operates. It will be necessary to think "outside the box" if you will, in order to gain any insight into the situation.



  18. Gregoricalogic, that is true, you can not travel into 'your past' because it is really all integrated and co-existent. You should be thinking more along the lines of how it could be possible to manipulate what you perceive as reality in such a way as to initiate (and successfully maintain) an experience in which you are capable of not only perceiving it as 'real', but also interacting and sharing information (bi-directionally). My thinking, and I admit it could be a bit abnormal, is my skepticism that this is actually 'real', when in fact, as we are seemingly incapable of altering historical events, regardless of great effort on our part. Of course, theories exist that attempt to explain this phenomenon, but none of them are proven. Therefore, we can only achieve an experience that we 'assume' to be true. I think the projects are yielding valid data and successful bi-directional transfer of information (a key goal), but concurrently, we are observing either no event line alteration, or, an alteration so minor as to not be measurable. All of these observations, not surprisingly, support the strongest current theory of integration and co-existence (or cyclical existence). In any case, please feel free to examine the photo provided, and compare it to the other original collected at the same moment. Preferably, you should be concerned with angular measurements and size discrepancies which indicate the position of the photographers. The basis of my argument is not to provide any sort of proof, but only to provide a point of study and hopefully initiate interest in this field, as it has already be established that actions will not result in alterations, at least not from our perspective.



  19. All of these occurrences that you mention are natural phenomena and have to do with naturally-occuring 'bubbles' or 'blips' moving through the resonation. Think of it this way.. if you can.. I'm sorry I am not from around here. . But think of it this way if you can try; All of reality is based at it's core of identical design. At some level, which is called the 'threshold', things change, and SEEM to give rise to normal things. But this is really not the case at all. In reality, there is indeed a threshold, but it occurs as a result of 'resonance', sort of like vibrations that move 'just right'. It is the 'vibrations', that give rise to diversity, all created brilliantly. Alterations within the complex symphony result in what you are calling 'jumps' in time. Certain high energy sources tend to produce magnetic vortices, like a tornado if you will, that move through space and time and sometimes penetrate Earth's magnetic shield, and collide with the surface. Many times, humans are in the path of this collision, or lets say for simplicity, 'touchdown of a magnetic vortice' with the surface. Some theories of your day mention a type of holographic reality. Of course that is not what is really going on, but the idea does have a basis of truth, in that, what you see, feel, experience, etc. is not 'really' what is real. So what IS real? That remains a mystery, as it is an abstract idea created by the mind. And the mind, in itself, is yet another factor involved with perception of what you think is 'reality'. Now, something else you mentioned is 'memory', and this is a key component for future discovery of how realities are perceived, altered, and controlled (at least in the lab).



  20. What you are referring to as quantum entanglement, is indeed a required factor; however, that alone can not accomplish the goal. That statement should be corrected. "Quantum Entanglement" can, in fact, and does, accomplish the goal, but at a scale that is not useable for the macro-scale. Discovering the threshold will be part of the solution, but even then, many problems will remain. Even now, while the experiments have yielded great results, it is quite limited, and not without a great deal of risk (mostly psychological risk factors, which I can describe in detail if desired). At this writing, the "Torus Model" is the best and most successful model for 'time travel', and it only works in reverse, and not entirely reliably (quantum phase-shifting occurs more dramatically nearer the extend of the range). Unlike the theories in your day, this model does not require a great deal of energy expenditure, but it does require a large number of other complex factors (a qualified team of scientists, a great deal of lab equipment, and subjects of very sound mind). Also, remaining at a target, even if the said target appears sound and of pure reality (containing all the aspects of the accepted defining range of 'reality', and successfully yielding bi-directional information transfer with interactive aspects as well as retrievable 'physical' artifacts), is not usually an option and if stranded, could result in termination of the conscious factor. Or becoming 'dead' as you might say. This is not proven, but does provide a level of anxiety and uncertainty. For example, digitally-obtain photographs usually contain artifacts which suggest (or prove, in some cases), a level of quantum phase-shifting wherein collected photons appear to deviate or 'blur' the photo, when concerned with objects more distant from the photo gathering device. No one as of yet understands this phenomena, but there exists a few theories, and some address the factor of gravitation (since this process remains mis-understood for the most part). As a result, photon deviation (or quantum phase shifting), at least in my experience, may be indicative of range limitation and provide a level of concern. Normal vision during the experiments, however, is un-affected, providing yet more questions. I will provide a digitally-collected photogram that I collected during the 1910 project, which clearly indicates photon deviation. Clearly, the effect is exponential, as the clarity is marred quickly (exponential deviation). Consciously observed reality is not distorted however. Physical action upon our direct environment during a project appears to have either no effect, or effects so insignificant as to be un-noticeable upon return. There are many theories which attempt to explain the reason.



  21. The first 'time travel' experiments I am aware of were concerned only with information transfer, as you said "email". That is correct. However, the process involved is not developed and successfully tested until 2236 (information transfer only). This remains a new technology and continues to defy historical ideas, especially those from the early 21st century, which were all in error. Think about that before making any claims, because all claims previous to 2236 are most likely in error, as the ideas required had not yet been conceived, and the previously false physical assumptions concerning this technology were still being investigated in earnest (yet quite falsely). I could easily provide the answers you seek, but they would not be believed. As such, there also exists no "paradox". The subject becomes quite complex, and will not be understood in your era, as the processes involved have not yet evolved. Perhaps from your perspective, it may be similar to wondering why the Romans could never believe that space flight is possible. (Since first it must be discovered that Earth is not flat, and resting on the shoulder. Therefore it is highly unlikely that any explanation I may provide will appear ludicrous to you. Our main project goals, however, are quite simple; establish bi-directional information transfer, observe and collect data.



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