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  1. I like your information on 3D. I think the next dimension discovered is the mind and brain. Tapping into these two will be the next leap. But the key may be psycodelics. Under these substances people have reported going to other planets seeing beings, going back in time going forward in the future and seeing objects around them that seem to also see the traveller. The mind is more powerful than we can IMAGINE. The brain is not fully understood there are parts of it that are a complete and total puzzle to our current medicine, if we want to time travel the mind may be the only way.
  2. If the earth is immersed in a magnetic field, to what extent does that magnetic field effect us and what other features of this field are present that have yet to be discovered? We know that magnets record and retrieve datam, magnets are used everyday by almost everyone 24hrs a day. As a computer hard drive floats and spins between magnets, a signal is passed through that signal has code that is broken down and stored. I think that the magnetic sphere around the earth could be a means of time travel. You have everything present on and around earth that is present in a computer. A spinning core. Energy, information, signals and magnets really big magnets. the only thing is the signal. If the right signal can be sent from the brain which by the way there is really no seperation. Every thing is connected to every thing. What we call empty space is filled with atoms and energy, there is no space between you and the chair you sit on only perceived space. If we then are immersed in this field what signals can we use to connect with this. Astral travel and remote viewing seeing ghost, precognition, seeing ships, abductions all seem to center around the following:The past, the present and the future........................................
  3. Hi, Thanks for the question. There is the question I was seeking. What is Astral Projection and what is remote viewing? How have we defined these strange aspects of the mind? Think about it. On a DVD there is no past present future. All aspects exist at the same time. You can see the end of a movie the middle or the very beginning. Its a matter of signal from the remote to the sensor and BAM you are there. Nuts and bolts may be the way to travel time and distance travel, but it may not be the only way.
  4. Okay, so the most powerful computer to date is the human brain. Many people seem to think that time travel can only be possible if some nuts and bolt machine is created. What if the means is already among us? The human brain. So far it seems that all senses are electrical signals that are translated into chemical signals that are then deciphered by the brain. When we see something we are not really SEEING anything at all. The light is captured by the eye which is then turned into electrical signals which is then sent to the brain and then chemically broken down and then decoded by the brain, so is sound, touch and smell. What are we really seeing? What are we smelling? What are we touching? What if the mind is the only way to time travel or travel through vast distances through space? Would psycodelics be a possible gateway to this mode of travel? I pose these questions simply because it seems logical to me. Any feedback would be grateful even if it is from a mean faceless troll that wants to spew hate and venom, while hiding behind the fact that his or her identity is veiled. But I would much rather hear from sound, nice open minded people.
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