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  1. But what if you CAN? If you believe in alternate timelines, going back in time and killing yourself, your grandfather, doing anything that would change your future an alternate timeline would be created. Your own timeline where you were born would still be intact but you just created another timeline where you wont be born so all the things you would do now wont happen in this timeline/world. "However, a number of hypotheses have been postulated to avoid the grandfather paradox, such as the idea that the past is unchangeable, so the grandfather must have already survived the attempted killing or the time traveler creates - or joins - an alternate timeline or parallel universe in which the traveler was never born."
  2. Does all this not depend on "what kind of time travel" you believe in? Regarding all the paradoxes (and we by no means which ones are right) there is no way at all telling you the positive and negative effects if we dont first determine what kind of time travel we are gonna talk about.
  3. Assuming the grandfather paradox is wrong and by going back in time and killing your own grandfather would create an alternate timeline. Can you then go back to your own timeline? How? Are we going to assume the traveling device (if it's machinery) is gonna have some sort of feature so you can jump around not just in time but in alternate timelines aswell? Example: If you would go back in time and do something that would create an alternate timeline, going forward in time would not send you to the future of your timeline but to the future of the alternate timeline you just created.
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