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  1. She was a hardcore hacker, crazy amazing skills. She was a scifi geek with a passion. Can't stand this feelinlg. Damn, I just don't want to be here now.
  2. Was I racist? I can't find anything of that nature. I hope I wasn't.
  3. By the way, I lied about being a time traveler. I'm not really a time traveler, but I wish I was. lol I get drunk and carried away sometimes. :P
  4. Isn't it better to teach that in class?
  5. Oh sorry bout that. Didn't mean to troll or anything.
  6. Since I'm drunk, I'll add a little more. I've got a time machine and all, and I'm here for fun and learning. I wasn't always a drunk, but then I disocverd time travel and couldn't deal with it. lol Time travel alone is the worst thing, with someone else it's okay.
  7. How the hell is this real science?
  8. If Gore is ever elected president then we're beyond fucked. lol Obama is bad enough, right? But if manbearpig was at the helm, there'd be no hope for humanity.
  9. Who cares? I feel the jews will push this Hitler bullshit until civilization collapses or they breed themselves out of existence. Let the shit drop already. The nazis probably only wanted to get rid of jewish banks & interest rates anyway. Either way, let it be.
  10. Hi, I'm a drunk traveler. That means I travel drunk and have fun. My typing tyend s to be bad, and my wrods can be mistkaen, but I'm a good person & try to have fun. :-) Hope to be a friend to good people here..
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