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  1. I Know what you mean, but those lights don't look like that. They look like some crazy disco light show in the sky!
  2. Why the flashing sequencing lights? That can only be there for a number of reasons: 1. to attract attention, or 2: test whether it's cloaking was working or 3. used as some sort of timing signal to synchronise a distant viewing apparatus. I doubt it is sending Morse Code. I am sure it's there for a reason whatever. Dave
  3. so, what is spam? the spammer- or the the spammers supporter, or the open opposer who only aid the spammer when by arguing, ensure more coverage and attention is given to the spammer? All in all, I really don't care which answer you all wish to take. What I do know is, the thread is boring.... it is about as interesting as listening to Question Time from the House Of Commons- and probably as about as enlightening. If you have a book to promote-please be open about it! Then I am sure more people would be open to buying it at a REASONABLE price. These forms of pseudo cleverness, just turns people off- sorry, they will read the posts and decide against a purchase. There are far better ways to market, promote and sell your book. Step number 1 is to come across as not only openly interesting, but a likeable person. We ALL like someone who smiles! Dave
  4. BBC News - Hubble achieves deepest view yet
  5. Oh God! Yes! Did you have to remind me :eek: The name was even badly thought out!
  6. BBC News - X-37B US military spaceplane set for third flight You seen it Ray?
  7. Why? Vista has to be the biggest ballsup Microsoft ever made! XP is much, much, much better! & is OK too, but Vista- eeeek! I still have all versions of DOS from about IBM DOS 3 up. Still got my IBM PS2/70 Carry about with Win 3.11 on there and DOS 6.22? Still works like a dream, and fast as any other machine within its own limitations of course. I used to love Windows 98SE- I would still use it- but for file size limtations. VERY stable! Mind you, XP is close! Saddo Dave...:rolleyes:
  8. Well... it isn't! It is a deformed oblate spheroid, that changes rapidly to be precise! These changes are affected by many things, including precession with a cycle of approx. every 26,000 years! Dave
  9. Well, being English and 5 hours or more ahead of the USA- I must be both a Time Traveller and a damn Foreigner :eek:;) Seriously, you raise some nice points to contemplate there. Sometimes we just don't realise what we have on our own doorstep. Dave
  11. Well done Ray! I only fly models, a Cessna and a Spitfire (difficult) but, know a little of the thrill you are experiencing, even if only by a small percentage! My late father was a Navigator on the Lancasters- and he was a bit of a hero to me! So, the attraction and thrill of aviaton was bred in to me a little. I do, having said that- understand the myriad of complexities trying to make something afresh and better than has gone before, being an engineer! I so clearly recall those (oh so rare) moments of complete originality and inventive thought that flashes through one's mind.... usually, I found when all hope was lost, and nearly having given up- and understood how to spell the word despair not only backwards- but sideways, THEN... THE SMOKE CLEARS AND THE DOOR OPENS TO REVEAL A SHINING LIGHT! An unforgettable feeling.........always followed by a few beers, not always instantly (too tired sometimes!) but certainly later on! Well done, from the bottom of my heart! Dave:) PS: What is Doctor Who's K9 Robot doing chasing up to the plane before take-off? :P
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