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  1. Demanding an apology makes you sound like a liberal hippy left-wing democrat. I refuse to offer apologies on demand, as they are utterly meaningless. But if it makes you feel better, I will be nicer in the future.
  2. If your actions are fully dependent on the interest of others, you will never accomplish anything. The interests of others are fleeting and worthless, changing with every moment. Do what you want because you want it.
  3. I am not Trollface. Never heard of them. Despite the negative tone of my post, it was a challenge (unspoken) to get mathematical knowledge and use it to communicate intelligently. I am a very callous personality uneasily offended by others' words, so it is infrequent that I find offense in the written word, regardless of source. That makes it easy for me to overlook the possibility of angering others with my responses. Know then that it was not my intention to belittle his or your personal status or feelings, but rather to encourage a universally understandable language.
  4. That is modern day. (You may say there are wars, but not really. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc., are not wars. They are a bully picking on retarded children on the playground.) That is the nature of "survival of the fittest" - evolution at is finest. You fail to see intermediate possibilities, however.
  5. I'm afraid you've gone off the deep end, as the contemporaries would say. Looking at your posts, you have become absolutely crazy. Maybe you'll come back to sanity; most people do.
  6. More distractions to displace imagination from the people.
  7. Is this the depth of your thought? Maybe you didn't observe something before? Maybe you're like 99% of people and don't remember what you had for breakfast, let alone whether some stranger is alive or dead? This is ridiculous.
  8. You're a bad person for making this. Hope you're proud of yourself.
  9. Which Hell do you mean? Hell, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hell, Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hell, Norway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I think some of them get lots of snowflakes. :D
  10. You religious nutjobs are exactly the types of people that should stay away from time travel.
  11. My point was that I believe all things, no matter how amazing, weird, or mundane, are part of nature and have a real, tangible, physical basis. If there are demons, they have a real physical substance and can be described scientifically. If there is a god, it has a physical substance and can be described scientifically. Inability to describe the science right now doesn't mean it's impossible forever or that it's magical or not natural. I've read the bible, and Jesus came as a teacher, not an object of worship. He even repeatedly told people not to tell anyone who he was because he didn't want to attract attention. He taught people how to be like him and said his followers would do even greater things than himself. Modern christianity has little to do with Jesus.
  12. Why must demonic activities be considered religious? Maybe they're just part of the ecosystem.
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