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  1. Just shut up! I do not care what you think. I know he will contact me. And about this, I do not care if you want to look smart or ridiculous. About my age, is in my profile, but as you may have only 12 years old, I believe you can not read. I'm 24 years old and I do not care your opinion, I'm here to meet other purpose.
  2. Please, John Titor, I need to talk to you. Please. This will be our secret, you can trust me, nobody needs to know. I'll be waiting.
  3. Accession Number : AD0682747 Title : THE STRUCTURE OF THE TRISM THEORY, Corporate Author : ARMY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT GROUP (EUROPE) NEW YORK 09757 Personal Author(s) : Heaston,Robert J. Report Date : DEC 1968 Pagination or Media Count : 65 Abstract : The trism theory is a general theory of knowledge. It is proposed as a single framework for the analysis of theology, philosophy, and science. The theory consists of five axioms and five corresponding definitions. This report contains a detailed analysis of the structure of each axiom and definition. Various symbolic representations, matrix patterns, and network forms are also described for different applications of the theory. Two major examples are used to explain aspects of the theory. The philosophy of existentialism is one of these examples. A second example concerns an analysis of the structure of the English language. These two examples, however, are only used as tools in order to achieve the main objective of this report -- that of explaining all the elements and components of the trism theory. (Author) Descriptors : (*PHILOSOPHY, THEORY), MATHEMATICAL LOGIC, ENGLISH LANGUAGE, PROBLEM SOLVING, RELIGION, PHYSICS Subject Categories : Humanities and History Distribution Statement : APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE
  4. We need to talk... this is really serious. Unfortunately, I do not know useful means of contacting you. So please, make contact. I'll be waiting.
  5. What you refer to as being flashing sequencing lights is commom in any aircraft. Navigation lights, strobe lights, beacon lights (I don't know the corrects terms in english...). About the speed, you said "I've never really seen fighters fly that close enough at that velocity to assume that it was"... Well then you'd be surprised what the Sukhoi aircraft family can do about speed and maneuvers. Military or not (yeah, it's military) is just an ordinary plane for me.
  6. Anyway, I watched all seasons of X-files. Really very good, Fringe is also good. ;)
  7. Some kind of "V" formation flying. Assuming that UFO means unidentified flying object...yeah, this is a UFO. Just because it's very dark and you can not recognize the "fighter plane". "There are more military airplanes in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy" :D Little green men doesn't exist.
  8. I'm the only person here who still prefer Windows XP with Service Pack 2? I stayed in that time. :(
  9. It's just a book, kid. If there was conspiracy, the book would never exist. :)
  10. I heard the word "DNA"? How this prove the existence of Jesus? What kind of holy "special polimorfism" Jesus have? DNA does not proof anything, anyway. It's not like a paternity test. :eek: Returning to the subject... Why do they abduct cows? :D
  11. Memories, pressed between the pages of my mind Memories, sweetened thru the ages just like wine Quiet thought come floating down And settle softly to the ground Like golden autumn leaves around my feet I touched them and they burst apart with sweet memories, Sweet memories ... (8)
  12. Assumign that the Everett–Wheeler–Graham theory is correct, if everything has already happened and the time is'nt a straight line maybe all "wordlines" share a "common point" that comunicates with each one. Maybe the "point zero of the creation of the universe the space and time" is one of the bridges that interconnect all the worldlines. I don't know. Anyway, time travel makes sense. Bla, bla, bla.
  13. Pamela Moore. This is my first post in TTI. I think I have answers about the band B-52s (Trism). Please. Need'ur help. Contact me by e-mail or Messenger: [email protected] ~ "Time will devour all things" ~ ;)
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