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  1. If? So you are responding to a post asking time travelers for a favour (which is not motivated by money, but whatever) and you'd rather choose some unwitting stranger over someone who has a plan, and can offer something in return? I am starting to suspect that none of the people responding to this thread are actual time travelers, which makes me wonder why the Institute was set up in the first place. At least Skarpz could play the part of one on-line, but really needs to work out why a time traveler would need to worry about reading a post in time, when a traveler has all the time he or she needs. :confused:
  2. Hi Dave, Thank you for the Olympic "rant" and definitely agree that it will be a lot of hullabaloo for a couple of week, and then someone's got to start paying for it. Great to find out more about you, and something common to most of the posts I've read on this site is an optimism for better time - not so much nostalgia, but a sense that things today could be better. If you are into sci-fi-ish books that deal with an alternate England, Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series is a fun read, especially First Among Sequels which talks about "mining the now" so that culture can barely remember the last 15 minutes of fame somebody had. Would like to see some future time traveler fix that problem! Anyhoo, had fun with this thread, and if events don't shape up as I hoped, despite all reasonable arguments against, I look forward to reading more from you in the future! All the best, Kyle
  3. Isn't it interesting, Dave, how so many people can get behind shady government deals to bring the Olympic Games into an overcrowded city, and yet imagine the sort of discussions we'd be having if as many people were to sign up on this site with questions and comments about time travel. I was impressed with how Londoners are coping with the changes to their city, and hope more than just the "Olympic elite" (so called by the cab driver navigating through soon-to-be closed lanes) benefit from the Games. The Diamond Jubilee was a nice example of a city coming together to do something remarkable! I am familiar enough with the terms mentioned above and don't feel that they were used offensively; just a sense that I have when complete strangers start calling me mate and then go all caps lock, it seems less like a friendly chat, more of an attack. Could be my northern sensibility that caused the misunderstanding. It is great to see that Darby is entertaining alternative choices in how this future scenario will play out, so why not take on a freeloading "time traveler" for a week, even under the false pretenses that I will have won the grand prize in the lottery the following Thursday? The other question is why should I sue for fraud, if I'd be entertained for a week by someone posing as "a LBJ space monkey" from the future? It's not the money that I'm after, it's owning a place where actual time travelers could visit that is appealing. Seems like that inverted pyramid on the hundred dollar bill riddle, and it would be nice to steer this conversation towards the right hemisphere, and accept that nonlinear chaos can and will happen. Time travel itself is a break in the linear chronology of the universe, isn't it? Appreciate any other thoughts :)
  4. Ah ha, Darb, the gig is already up, it seems Yes, mathematically improbable to ask that an already-purchased ticket could be made into a winner. How mentally divergent! I would only ask that this thread not be mopped anywhere else, or removed in any way. The one "suggestion" to make is for more people to read and respond to other users on this site. Open network communities work best when a variety of ideas are thrown together. Why else would I ask such a far-fetched question but to stir up this engaging debate? Hopefully this post can stay where it is. Thanks again, k
  5. Hello Dave, Thank you for the reply, but "mate", "snookered", "comprendez"? If I didn't know better, this sounds like the start of an unnecessary flamewar over something not so difficult to grasp, as long as you abandon linear, cause-and-effect thinking. It is a theory I am testing out, and to reveal location, the lottery's name or any other personal details (asides from what is already available on-line) defeats the purpose. What good is a time traveler's hide-out if anyone can find it? It is a riddle of probability that some cleverer than I can solve, not that I am boasting of any genius-level intelligence. I just know whoever will solve it will need a place to crash from time to time. How is the UK doing with her Olympic preparations, by the way? My hometown never really recovered from its games ;-)
  6. Thanks for the reply, and not a silly question at all. The time traveler will have knowledge in the future of what number has won, and in this case where the lottery tickets are assigned randomly, it is really up to this future traveler to control events in order to make sure that the one of the two numbers I received is the grand-prize winner. It's not for the Washington State Lottery, by the way, but then the time traveler will be able to figure out which one I mean. Finally, this person will also know where (and when) the hide-out is located. Thank you for asking :-)
  7. With all the recent chat about time travel, it is pretty obvious that a receiver has been made, and time travel is now (and will be) possible. Here is one way that you can help me out, and get a place where you can crash/hide out in my future and your past. I have two lottery tickets (7263153 and 7263154) and the draw date is July 26th, 2012. If you can arrange that one of them wins the grand prize, I will guarantee a welcome place for you to stay on any of your trips into the past. Please help me, and in return I will help you. This is all I can offer now, and in a few weeks at least I will know for sure whether this time travel event has happened. I trust your ingenuity to make this potential actual, and I look forward to meeting you anytime after the 26th. For me, a matter of a week and two days, for you, infinite possibility. Good luck to us both!
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