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  1. May we have the pictures already?? Pretty please?
  2. I hear ya darby. I'm far from being upset. I'm just super tired of people constantly disagreeing with someone's work whether you agree with it or not (Razimus aside). I am just as inclined to let this go as you are but on the other hand, I would love a resolution no matter how it works out. I'm a huge fan of you darby. You are never afraid to defend your points and you do that with facts. I just hope you aren't one of the few who could end this debate but choose not to because you feel we need to search it out in our own. I don't want to waste anymore time than I need to. I truly respect both you and razimus in your own, independent ways.
  3. Onesix, I feel as though you take his approach the wrong way. We can't all accept something with blind faith. Some of us need proof. I personally would love to believe John is a real time traveller but I need proof. If there is something you know that confirms he is a true time traveller, without any shred of doubt, please share and stop acting like you are the only person who really knows what's going on. That's the problem. At least raz supports his argument. I have yet to see anyone with any type of evidence to support John's existence besides John. And I know I'm not the only one with this opinion. I certainly don't want to take away anyone's new found belief or hope that John has inspired but I am one of the few who needs proof. Take what you want and give what you will but in the end facts are all that matter. Cheers.
  4. Raz, I appreciate your diligence on this. I know you are over it (and rightfully so) but at least you have pursued a resolution. I have followed your research on this and enjoy following your videos becuase you at least care to come up with some sort of answer as opposed to the false belief that somehow, somewhere there is a "john" eating it up and "laughing" at your work to unravel it. Well done my friend. You may not be 100% correct (and I certainly don't know) but it sure as hell beats the crap out of the people who just wait to comment and hate on anyone else's hypothesis. At least you tried. And damn well at that. Anyone else have anything to bring to the table? no. I didn't think so. And if you do you aren't willing to share. Shame. People need to stop talking $hit and either bring something to table or keep their mouths shut. I know it's a discussion but hating adds nothing. Just my two cents. Cheers Raz.
  5. I would really like to hear this "search for sanguina" story. Darby, I'd be extremely intetested to hear your breakdown of the entire titor saga but I would never actually ask you to do that (I will say that your posts are the ones I look forward to reading though due to your zero tolerance of the bullshiz). I don't think I'm alone when I say I'm ready for this to be permanently debunked. I know there is information that we aren't all privy to. Sooooo... stories John? Darby?
  6. If you don't mind me asking, what was your reason for posting this here?
  7. It's such s shame that a) people would do this and b) that anyone would ever fall for it. I guess a sucker is born every day though. On to the next thread!
  8. That was evident from the beginning. Just wondered if anyone had heard or seen of anything like this. I guess I just wanted confirmation that this whole thing was complete garbage.
  9. Not sure on the rules of reposting another site but I'm interested to start a discussion on this sh!t regardless. Seems like a horrible scam on people that are truly interested in tt but I should be honest and I have to admit that I haven't fully read into this. I was just so frustrated with what I had read that I couldn't wait to post about it so excuse my impatience if I'm out of line. TIME MACHINE 1212 - Time-travel experiment NOW! Will trips through time ever be possible? - Experiment
  10. Not possible. If it was, we would be emailing ourselves every day.
  11. Sounds kinda like your friends may have played a lil prank on you. I agree with Darby in suspecting you may have heard of John Titor before which may have given your friends an idea to set your clock back, search for very specific things on your cell and convince you it all happened "naturally". Sounds a lil far fetched but it's more believable than say.... you traveling back in time 30 minutes.
  12. Are you referring to some of those ridiculous YouTube videos of time travel proof? I'd like to hear this "evidence". I'm not sure how anyone would be able to prove a phone call is from any other time or world line. It's a voice on a phone. Unless you're skyping and the person you're talking to is standing in front of a visual landmark unlike anything we have. Just sayin.
  13. Holy jeebus! Proof at long last! Well played sir.
  14. Dirty spacy rock! Feel free to check it out. Would love the feedback. But that's off subject (as to not self promote here). I'm not a political person but this is super interesting to hear the possibility of tt intersecting with modern day prominent social and world issues. Puts it in a whole new light.
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