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  1. Remember when there was a post about Steven Gibbs acting like he didn't know who somebody was because this "Steve" had shifted to this universe today? Well, Carlos Novela, the guy with two HDRs pulled that one on me a couple of days ago. Apparently, this Carlos also talked to me over Yahoo! Messenger except in his universe I lived in Canton, Ohio, in which I do not. He said other stuff, but to me it just seemed that he was messing with facts that he already did know about me. I think he is Steven Gibbs himself trying to get people to buy his stuff, or a good friend of Steve's.
  2. Frog, would this person by any chance be Carlos Novela? The guy with two HDRs? He told me the same stuff about Colin Powell being the president in 2004 and everything about that.
  3. The person I have been talking to about the HDR, CarlosX, he gave me Steven Gibb's personal cell phone number about a month ago. I was gonna say that before but I forgot to say it before. Carlos said that Steven Gibbs might start selling a "cheaper" time machine for $75 called the Space Time Modulator. You can find out how to build one these in Report #10: The tenth key to the Riddle of time. But for some of the people who are to lazy (people like me) or people who don't understand electronic shematics(also me) this would be good to buy...I guess. It is cheaper than the HDR so if you would buy it and it was found out to be a scam then you didn't lose as much money. Carlos said he was thinking about just giving me one of his for free. If you want Steven Gibb's number just e-mail me. My e-mail is [email protected] .
  4. What is all this stuff about remote viewing and scanning I hear about? (I am a new member) Can people in here actually astral project or remote view me and find out stuff about me? If so, I might consider having somebody try this on me. Nobody do it yet, because I am not sure I would want invisible people or something like that looking at me. But even if you could do that, I find it fascinating. I still haven't found the link to those videos, but the person I was talking about WAS CarlosX.
  5. Hi, I am a new member. Recently I have been talking to a person through Yahoo! Messenger who claims he has an HDR. He said he has been to the future, leaped into himself from a different timeline, and used the astral projection stuff. He even has videos with an HDR effecting a watch. It shows the HDR turned on messing up these two watches. I will look for the link and put it up here the next time I post something. The stuff he said about the future is: Sometime in 2003, Bush declares war on Iraq. 2004, Colin Powell becomes the president. 2005, the military becomes the police. 2675, all mechanical things are operated telepathically and all the people are skinny, tall, and blonde. Very few speak English, the main language is Parimbo which uses alot of fast hand movements. That is about all I told except something about things get real bad for America in the coming years. He also said he went to a different timeline where Al Gore became the president instead of Bush. In this timeline 9-11 didn't happen but something else just as bad happened. The years 2010-2015 are blocked off to time travellers according to him. Well, he heard that from Steven Gibbs. It seems that they are friends are something because he knew Steven Gibb's personal cell phone number and gave it to me. Does anybody in this group have an HDR? If you do, I would like to talk to you. Well, that's all for now.
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