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  1. I'm from here.... I'm trying to heal myself so I can remember everything. The memories that are strongest are from the underworld. My star mother is ruler there now....I think that is where I come from. I can't be sure, because I'm still in the process of healing, but I'm pretty damn sure that all that's meant to be left on this earth after this December are caulbearers and star children. I have to stop this, and I have back-up 🙂 This whole process has been so weird...I was a strict atheist less than 4 months ago...and had been my entire life.
  2. Sorry...this is a whole lot to blab out at once, but I'm so happy that anyone wants to listen to me 🙂
  3. The unified field theorem is combining objectivity with subjectivity by analysing time, and where variation is highest take a step back and look again 🙂 ...the thing with the Mayan long count is that there were multiple deities before the count started (also when time started)...then it got taken down to just one, and the idea of nymphs of sprites came about. In my PhD, I discovered that the world is literally under some race of reptilian alien control....it took me 4 months to come to terms with this fact...well that and three psychologists. And, I've only tonight starting coming to terms with who I really am!
  4. I'm a coral reef ecologist, in the last stages of my PhD. I can show that we're causing mass bleaching of corals, corals are very well adapted to it...and we're only hurting ourselves. I also hypothesized a new theory of evolution based on the polyp as the seed of life...and I literally used the unified field theorem in a coral reef observational experiment. ...Gaia is true, Astrology is true....and all of that led me to the Mayan long count...which explains why the walk-in soul came to me....
  5. I explain myself a bit more here Is there a time traveler called Semjase here? | Time Travel Institute .....I'm only just admitting who I am, and it feels great! I've got a big mission here
  6. yes and yes. It's all about clearing your energy paths. Psychology and crystals are helping me the most right now
  7. I've been a bit scared to remember everything...there's just so much going on in my head
  8. I didn't enter here that way...I can't fully explain everything, but it was more of a braided spirit walk-in
  9. I am not God. Please do not confuse my multiple roles and assume that I am. The real God is very much, however, on my side...and within all of us. The process starts by finding your emotional blocks and releasing them ...it's in psychology...for instance, I recently discovered that I had repressed memories. I was raped of my virginity. My preconscious (filter or translator) had hidden this from myself, so my conscious self was not aware...I thought that I was a slut, so I acted like one for a very long time. But this is not who I am. This was a horrible little secret/lie that my preconscious had told my subconscious- which is where our perceptions or consciousness comes from. I'm very virtuous, and that was not my fault...but it stole half of my lifetime through undeserved guilt. Desire is a terrible thing, and it is everywhere...even cat food commercials sell sex
  10. Sorry to keep going on this thread...but it feels good to admit who I am. I'm a fallen angel, the entity playing God right now is not God. The fact that I'm a fallen angel is a very good thing for humanity. I'm here to free you from your oppression. Humans are much more gifted than they are allowed to be right now...and I will see to it that I change that. When I was younger (I'm 29 now) I earned a wish for defeating Father Time (with help from others), I made the wish to have his powers for the use of good rather than evil. Therefore, you can also think of me as the devil, but a new devil, a good devil :) I'm also an archangel - Michael (although I'm a woman, but my middle name is Michelle). I am so many things! I'm here to show you that you are actually guardians of this Earth. She needs you as much as you need her. I'm doing my work in coral reef ecology to show them how to actually care for these marvellous creatures. They are wasting too much money on bullshit research (pardon, but it does fire me up)...climate change is caused by humanity, with the aid of some evil threats and promises. Corals need fish poop and pee to regain health - a pee test on a small section of coral tissue is all that is required to monitor coral reefs...well that and dynamic government. Reefs need to be protected where urea content is high (it can build up without ammonia) and fished where urea content is low (too much ammonia can cause bleaching). Most traditional cultures use this advice, and have healthier reefs. Pollution is a very bad thing, it is basically a risk factor such as feeding yourself junkfood. Everything must be balanced. No extremes. No secrets. Unity, but with light and dark elements acknowledged. Harmony.
  11. I don't know how to say this to anyone...but I am a multidimensional starseed and Semjase is one of my dimensions, I think. I'm a PhD student in coral reef ecology (and a single mum in a foreign country). My thesis...if I could get back to writing it...I literally reached enlightenment through my research (my Buddha dimension, Kalki). I actually used the unified field theorem in a coral experiment, I left time variable and had the health status of my corals as stable (so they would definitely bleach, but such that it was hopefully recoverable)...also, because the polyp is the correct level of replication - we should observe polyps through time, but since I had random replication of polyps I had to use differential calculus rather than algebra....I'm having trouble writing it up because I can't figure out the math that I did almost three years ago (and because time was variable in my experiments I had 20 hour days for at least 2/3 of my 97 day experiment! I was just a computer by the end of it, doing my job).....that was a ramble, but I have a whole lot to say...I just need a good forum, where people will listen to me
  12. This might sound ridiculous to you guys...but I'm pretty damn sure that I am a time traveller
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