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  1. It is unbelievable, I joined this site in 2012....Its now 2018...Where has the time gone?????:unsure::unsure::unsure: Well Any....Wayyyyy Hope you all had a Good New Year
  2. We perceive time as forwards and backwards, But if we had to perceive time/dimensions as upward and downward,as it is derived from the idea that to travel to parallel/alternate universes/planes of existence one must travel in a direction/dimension besides the standard ones. Could it be possible that: If the idea of time being the fourth dimension of space and it being impossible for two objects to occupy the same space at the same time,Then is it possible for two dimensions to occupy the same space at the same time?
  3. Hi This subject is really becoming interesting with the reactivation of the Collider. Interesting to watch Sky News where the scientists are speculating on the discovery of perhaps Multi Verses and found it very interesting that the general consensus is that they are charting new territory where the possibilities of every thing is possible. Any one have any comments regarding?
  4. As I understand the past can only be observed and not changed therefore you are able to change the future by the selection of choice you make from these past events. So My personal Theory is that the Past Present and future are one Time Line. When we are in the present, We feel the emotion and experience relief as well as dread, fear courage etc. so when in the present state of time we feel all emotions at once. The future on the other hand, we can only anticipate what our feelings are going to be!!! The past, We are only able to remember the emotions we had and to some extent block them and they allow us to change the emotions we have in the present, by learning from the past emotions. The present we are able to control 2 time lines by changing the now and the repercussions or decisions we can change having learned from the past and take them one step further into the present So what about the past??? If the future is a time line which is coming towards us and the past is moving away from us surely the past continues to move further and further from us as we add the present to it Therefore the past dose not just end once it is over but it continues to move away from us and is still an active time line. So the past present and future are all one in the time line
  5. I Dunno :) This guy really scares me. I have studied his material quite extensively, but when he talks about Aliens "Hi -Jacking" your soul when you die and take control of it with out allowing you to ascend......makes me a bit skeptical
  6. Hi Paula Always so enjoy your posts. This one is really interesting. There is a wonderful saying goes "IF YOU AIM AT NOTHING YOU WILL HIT IT EVERYTIME" So perhaps there is the existance of infinity afterall ;) Regards Michael
  7. Hi Darby Thank you so much for your reply, always great to be able to obtain explanations on such complicated possibilities. Pretty frustrating when NASA scientists themselves reply to my questions with "Unknown" :)
  8. Hi Vodkafan. Thanks for your reply. I am loving the possibility of all possibilities such as do you think a star (sun) could orbit a planet? providing that planet was bigger than the star? looking so forward to reading your book Regards Michael
  9. Hi Einstein Thank you for your reply and so appreciate you taking the time to answer Regards Michael
  10. Understandably. Our knowledge of The Universe is pretty primitive and we are only just beginning to explore the outer regions of our own Solar System. I have a question I have been eager to obtain an answer to. Obviously the answer would be speculative as per to my question. As Such an event has never been witnessed. Here goes: I refer to a Sanrio where a binary solar system exists. Both system have their own star and orbiting planets. Should one of the Stars go Supernova and the surviving Solar System is at a safe distance as not to be affected by the collapsing Star. Would it be possible for the outer planets in that Solar System which had collapsed-to take on a new orbit within the surviving System. I.e. detach from the collapsed Star and find an attraction to the remaining system which is yet close enough to draw the planet into the new system and incorporate the planet into the Remaining Solar system. A question probably not too important, but it originated from a theory I have and that is. Would it be a possibility for a star to Orbit a planet PROVIDED that planet is larger than the Star. Any constructive answer would be so appreciated.
  11. Hi Rainman Time Excellently stated and explained. May I say I so appreciate these replies as I so enjoy other aspects of Time Travel from others, which is how one learns and understands such subjects from such like minded people :)...I too had exactly the same view as Darby re: If time travel is possible in the future why has no one traveled back to our time on record!! This is were my comfort in stating the exact heading of my post being "Non Disclosure" of a Time Traveler. Perhaps I am being nieve in so thinking as am I always open to others view points providing they are constructive, as your is. At this present time Logic prevails and yes perhaps Time travel would be based on a completely different mind set, in space and time, as to what we presently understand. However, the future, I expect, may bring in so many more discoveries and understandings of which we have no concept of at this Time
  12. Hi Rainman. Yes very true, but if time travel is widely used and available to the masses in the future, surely we would then be inundated in Time travelers visiting our current time at this present time, with many "reckless Travelers" divulging it's source,mechanics as well as flippantly foretelling future events.
  13. Hi Darby Understood 100%. But I would like to think that time travel in the future would be closely guarded and only available to those who are completely versed and trained in the understanding and implications of one traveling in time. Therefore I would think there would be strict laws laid down and adhered to by a said Time traveler, one being not to disclose his existence to a time where Time Travel is yet not discovered
  14. Hi Darby Thank you so much for replying. I fully get your answer and have to agree with you. Just a quick question should the mother give birth to a child ahead of her time and the child becomes in someway instrumental in a catastrophic event leading to a genocide. Would that Time Traveler responsible have to take responsibility?
  15. Hi Darby Thank you so much for replying. I fully get your answer and have to agree with you. Just a quick question should the mother give birth to a child ahead of her time and the child becomes in someway instrumental in a catastrophic event leading to a genocide. Would that Time Traveler responsible have to take responsibility?
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