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  1. Of course. The movie has time travel as a backdrop based on the Titor story. The purpose of the movie is not to convince, it is to give an account of the story that Titor recounted in 2000 in a meaningful and entertaining way. The gems were my idea and will (hopefully) make it into the finished product and are not necessarily meant for the general movie - going public, but rather a nod to those "in the know." As I have come to understand, the Titor story (TT in general, actually) has many moving parts to it, and my small input will respect and demonstrate those parts. Simply declaring a Time Travel claim a hoax does a disservice to the complexity and larger picture of our world. By including these aspects into the story, in some small way I hope to spark interest and curiosity in the general public. Again, this is not my project, so I must remain respectful of the producer's intent and vision for his work. " Thank you, I'll check it out.
  2. It is in the works and has not yet started filming, which will likely begin later this year. The script is finished and is based on the Titor posts and will be a major release production with a budget over 5 million. I acted as a consultant to the Cydonia Pictures Project and suggested some changes/tips regarding certain script elements and technical details. Distribution has already been established and talent is now being identified. Suffice it to say, considering the budget for the film, well-known talent is currently being courted for various roles and cast will be added this summer. Theatrical Release should be 2014. Also, there will be "little gems" in the film for those who know the actual truth. At the risk of being accused of promoting a commercial product, I am not. This is not my project. There is an IMDB link John Titor (2014) - IMDb Content to the IMDB link is added continuously as events develop.
  3. An interesting story regarding likely actual time travel: Le Petit Trionne.
  4. "Titor's" family was identified in COATT, John. Kind Regards TR
  5. Titor made no references to salt or its shortage. Who was the one other "oldster" who recognized the parallel besides yourself? Kindly TR
  6. Among those who study the JT posts, the book Alas Babylon by Pat Frank (his pen name) is known to closely follow the Titor plot line in a general (and sometimes very specific) sense. It was published in the early 60's (IIRC). Many have pointed to this improbable parallel as evidence of a hoax; that the Titor author(s) merely took Frank's idea of survival in post-apocalyptic Central Florida as inspiration for the Titor posts. I have a question for those who have been following and researching this longer than I: How did we find out about this book? Who was the genius to recognize its close parallels to the JT story? TR
  7. I made no statements on liklihood or outcome, John Thomas.
  8. Was the Revolutionary War legal? Was the First American Civil War legal? Was the French Revolution legal? Insurrection is never legal. But it is sometimes necessary. Are we to forgo liberty because defending it has been outlawed?
  9. Everyone, I have a feeling that the topic of this thread appears to be spiraling a bit out of control, so at the risk of allowing this thread to devolve into an argument about Temporal Recon's true intentions, allow me to set everyone straight: According to the information I have discovered, over and above the original posts, time travel is real and happening now. I have compiled the Titor - specific information (as I knew and understood it at the time) in such a manner to be available to anyone curious enough to avail themselves to it. There is simply too much information to go into it in a website discussion forum; a book was needed. You can read it, or not. It is ultimately your choice to make. As we all must discover, life is a series of choices. Here is one now. Contrary to popular belief, there is a great deal of room to move beyond the original Titor posts that many appear to get hung up on; many believe that those self-same posts are both the beginning and end of the time travel question. This is grossly incorrect. Making silly tail-chasing statements such as "TR just wants to make a sale" does not further our understanding of the larger question, it only serves to waste people's time. To reiterate: Buy my little book project, don't buy my little book project. The choice is yours and your alone. Which brings me to another subject: As to the assumption that my intent in discussing the time travel question in general or Titor specifically is to merely sell my little book, this is also not true. While I can appreciate people's skepticism of someone with a widget to sell, I say now that my widget is not a financially-inspired endeavor. It was a surprise to me at what I discovered, purely by chance and curiosity. I merely wrote down what I found. I take great pleasure in discussing both the basic tenets of the question as well as the more advanced and esoteric topics of time travel that many leave unexamined. Accusing me and others of something as base as wonton huckstering to sell "one more book" is a bit naked in its shallowness and attempts to strip me of my very real interest in this topic. I will not allow this to happen. Similarly, I will also not allow statements without substance or support by others to go unchallenged. If we are to have an intelligent and intellectually honest discussion about this topic, speculation must be identified as such. Attempting to derail the intent of my original post, to expose an individual's unqualified statements of knowledgeability of book sales (as innocuous as that may appear on its face) which he has no knowledge of, thus implying expertise and attempting to support a false position of authority, is beneath this forum. I expect larger questions to be asked; a higher level of discussion. I supplied a short list of questions to Mr. Rainman a few posts back. Perhaps we all should start there? As ever and Always Temporal Recon
  10. Not all of the facts regarding the Titor story are known by me nor are they revealed in Conviction of a Time Traveler. Nonetheless, many facts are presented there that were, heretofore, unknown. Likewise, many of those facts did not even come into being until after Titor departed the first time in 2001. COATT should be the beginning of one’s inquiry, not the end. No opinions form the basis for the conclusion that Titor was a “time traveler.” No. Presenting evidence of a lie is not an an example of an unsupported belief nor is it an opinion. Titor “lied” about several aspects of his story. It really is as simple as that. No prayers required, Mr. Rainman. But your point is taken and I can understand why you might ask it. Centrally, your question is: “How do you know when someone is lying?” Simply put: Expertise and Experience. Yes, this is possible, but is it intellectually honest to oneself? Your question is actually a restatement of an earlier argument for Titor’s “missed predictions;” That being the “it’s a different world line, so his predictions didn’t come true” argument of the true believer. This is an example of the contortions of logic that I make early on in COATT The hype is not for sale Everyone needs a nemesis. I wonder what a psychologist might say to that? Neither do I, Mr. Rainman. It would appear you make my argument for me when you highlight this.Though I am sure there may be some who take offense to being called "gullible." Conviction of a Time Traveler is nothing more than a clear, concise presentation of the facts taken within the context of posts made in 2000-2001. It is up to the reader to decide for themselves if the evidence presented rises to the level of reasonable doubt and to then to take, or not take, actions based on their own conclusions. It is extremely important for many to understand that the assertions made those who share your enthusiasm for falsehood and obfuscation are not the last word on the subject. Titor even warned of this 12 year ago. “It is a mistake to give anyone your unwavering belief” – John Titor Yes, that would surely shorten the time it will take to get up to speed on the latest information, though it is by no means the only path to the truth. The information presented is readily available to anyone with the curiosity to find it and knowledge to ask the right questions. That much is certain! I was very disappointed in the lack of professionalism I have seen over the years. Though it might be asked, are these the words of someone who puts financial gain (“some coin” as you put it) above objective truth? What is the motivation then, if not a financial one? I am not the only one with the facts, Mr. Rainman. There are others present here/now who know even more than I. Yes One might argue that the bait has already been taken, though I find it interesting that you think the bait was laid out for you. Nonetheless, your curiosity betrays your foot-stomping. I would humbly recommend you recognize your unrequited curiosity and start asking questions instead of making statements so sure of your conclusions. A few to get you started might be: 1) Do I even want to know the truth, or is this simply idle curiosity? If not, then maybe I should just move on then? 2) Am I able to accept the truth if I find it? 3) Who might have lied to me before now? Am I merely parroting statements of others before me? 4) What assumptions have I made over the past 12 years that I need to recognize and revisit? 5) If I find the truth, am I willing to take action as would a responsible adult? I’m assuming here you are of the age of majority, I have no evidence of this. Those are just a few, I’m sure you will come up with others, or not. It’s entirely up to you. Geez, is that all? I need to raise the price! As ever and always Temporal Recon
  11. My posts were not an attack, they were an observation. Some on this forum make statements without the foundation of facts on their sides. Darby's statement, in particular, had no basis in fact, and as his previous posts of the last 12 years demonstrate, he is not an authority on the topic. Many reading these forums and others would do well to recognize this and not rely on the judgment or opinions of others. That puff of air you just felt was the point of my posts whizzing by your head. Belief based on knowledge and evidence, evidence that does not exist in the literature most are aware of informs my statements. I cannot help you if you will not avail yourself to the full evidence of Titor's (and others') statements. Hope springs eternal A conviction without full knowledge of the facts is lazy and sloppy. This is true, though I did that quite a while ago. Thank you RMT. I wonder, how soon will we be able to move on from the Titor posts and expand our inquiry? As Ever Temporal Recon
  12. Did I mention my gender at some point? that seems to be par for the course for some on this forum facts purporting what, exactly? again, of what, exactly? I have proposed no opinions. Only pointed out that some on this forum present themselves as knowledgeable of things they have no knowledge of. I'm not the only one.... Understandable There never was any argument. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Kindly TR
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