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  1. 25 million reward for OBL. Calling all scanners, time travelers, phyc enhanced people. Find OBL and be rich. Not many takers? Or how about the sniper before he was caught? No takers? Someone get the guts to try what they believe, scan to you bust, jump in the car or (machine) and go for it! Blab Blab Blab, yadaa , yaddaa yaddaa, and so on. over and out. Time Index 111402-94930 Geo 395703.0-885205.0 EM down
  2. :mad: Seems like this area is starting to slip! what you say!
  3. Yes Scanner and Viewer A long dissertation essay for sure, but not boring. I have two ideas, A Residual Scanner, and a Temporal Viewer. Residual Scanner- Scans Electromagnetic spectrum and displays traces of past events, or by a form of light wave bending and warping delays time in stationary observation mode to be viewed later. Temporal Viewer- A temporal field is created, a pin hole is generated, on other side is time selected. Phase One: Video Camera is placed on real time side of hole. Camera views through to TV placed on other side. In effect Time Television. Phase 2: Portable Field Generator mounted on 4 wheel van or smaller RV vehicle, Same as above but now you follow past events in real time by moving with events, or setting up at event and viewing. Past event participants would not notice viewing as time window is only pin hole size. All viewing and scanning would be recorded for later analysis. Also would have Zoom, Pan, Tilt, on remote control to follow action. Time window would swivel with camera.
  4. I think the noise you are hearing is called atmospheric interference. Also electromagnet interference caused by solar radiation can cause noise. In regards to AM radio it is a strange bird, I have drove down the road and heard a station 1000 miles away then it fades out, once I thought I was in side some kind of warp field listening from all over the country, and in some way time warped. I don't know its weird.
  5. I think the most intriguing ideas involve acceleration, near or at light speed and beyond. When you think of this, we can generate light speed! Its called a laser, also Electromagnet waves travel at light speed. A sphere of electromagnet waves should generate a window, or a geodesic sphere of laser light, or as posted on main page harmonics of laser light can travel faster than light! Maybe these waves could carry messages, pulses through time. Or if you entered the sphere you would enter a time field. Theses ideas interest me.
  6. Re: age I am the TimeTravelActivist, TTA for short. I am 22 yrs. old male born and raised in So.Cal. I am a Martial Artist, Cellist, Video Editor, and Time Travel police. aahh hey kid :confused: by the way I played the first pong game :P
  7. :confused: It seems that time travel is locked into a Para-normal type mode it can not escape. like a black hole sucking the life out of good ideas.
  8. Back to post subject I think G-d and his kingdom exsist in some timeless way, he travels in and out of time, "before Abraham I am" in a way time traveler.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Today's science fiction is tomorrows science.
  9. I was looking for a war room to ferret out ideas, but I concur is this the place? I think so but sometimes my filters are on overload! Be that as it may I have made good contacts here. Today's science fiction is tomorrows science.
  10. RE: Lotto numbers message \"proof\" LAST EDITED ON 06-Sep-02 AT 04:48AM (EDT) http://www.sharemation.com/vistronic/htt2.gif Today's science fiction is tomorrows science.
  11. RE: TTA (lOl) clever. "Not to worry though, in time I will improve, only to clearly paint a picture with my words to make it plainly obvious." In this box, in this time, words are all. 25 years ago who would have known the great universal mind we have today, the Internet. I still find it intriguing this web, the great link.
  12. TTA TTA, I disagree with most of your post 60/40 I guess. Those who give Jesus a real try find something. This something is good. Jesus hung out with the common man, and even some breakers of the then jewish law. He helped the low, the smart rejected him, as many do now.
  13. "time it will use more energy then the sun. " I have some indicators that it will take a lot of power, but I hope not that much. I have a drawing some where that shows a time machine 25km across! Now that would take power!
  14. RE: time antena LAST EDITED ON 04-Sep-02 AT 11:39PM (EDT) LAST EDITED ON 04-Sep-02 AT 07:51 PM (EDT) HHHHaaaahhhaa(lol) kicked out of town, dont I know, I have story of "friend", aternate energy guy, the hardest worker I have ever had the pleasure to work with, I mean this guy new how to work. We removed an elevator and rails and electronics from an old building being torn down, literaly right when we where in it!!! This guy carried full metal elevator doors down 5 levels and back while guys half his age still on way down! and he was a smaller guy at that! I remember we where in electric room in basement pulling large 300pd transformers out and you could hear a boom, boom, BBBoooMMMM, as ruble pentrated 3 levels above our head! any way I digress, he built a machine I was sceptacle, I am afraid I was not very supportive back then, to much of an "engineer" oh well, to make a long story short he got run out of town because he did not get it to work right. Just got infected with w32.datom.worm virus so I have to make this quick as my network is in jeporty later. Good Idea about noise. LET ME STATE I WOULD NOT LIE ABOUT HOW I GOT THESE NUMBERS! I WOULD STATE THE TRUTH OF HOW I OBTAINED THEM! THIS WOULD PROVE MY THEROY BEYOND doubt. Them I think money would not be a problem, personal saftey yes.
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