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  1. Something going down this year 2015 and part of 2016. There is a total of 26 entries in the bible code for 2015 this all happened before our mother were in existence or our mothers mother mothers etc. get it. Note all other dates are really don't exist in the codes except what was stated. Your time travel machine looks only to be mechanical. Where the schematic capture and the PCB. I thought time machines used EM.
  2. TimeTraveler_19 There are a lot of video on what will happen September 23. This date is prominent because of whats in the bible and bible codes. In the bible code 2015 show up over 20 times in it. So is there anything going down in this time frame or what; one clams climate chaos? So will there be a collision with planet Earth of any type or will there be a coming market crash in the current or near future be it stocks bond or currencies. If you get any of this right in the future it will add to your credibility. So give us a date on any of these events and it will be just wait and see for us all if it pans out. But note there always can be temporal divergence to mess with your predictions right.
  3. Here a video that shows multiple world theory is true thus event line can have a divergent point since there are real quantum computers in existence. When a new event line is born gravity particles higgs boson enter into it which was formally just a probability and thus earth quake occurs since the line become real resulting in a new trajectory into the future or what we currently call a new time line. The Temporal Divergence Meter should detect this. I believe the gravity between timeline will be different. Please watch video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyUbWl8jPQU
  4. Here a site that monitors world events including earthquakes. RSOE EDIS - Emergency and Disaster Information Service
  5. Guess what gravity has changed. Here is the article. Strength of gravity shifts – and this time it's serious - physics-math - 11 September 2013 - New Scientist
  6. Mylo. X. Another significant quake there and all the contaminated water will dump into the sea. They want to do something with an ice wall there who know what that will do. Here is the link. BBC News - Fukushima leaks: Japan pledges $470m for 'ice wall' I just found out they announced there having the Olympics in Japan; is that really a good idea?
  7. Precursors M6.5 - Izu Islands, Japan region 2013-09-04 00:18:24 UTC M6.5 - 77km SSW of Atka, Alaska 2013-09-04 02:32:33 UTC M6.0 - 50km W of Sardinal, Costa Rica 2013-09-05 12:29:15 UTC Now war in Syria.
  8. Dexter Temporal Divergence which I indicated all throughout the text was quoted by John Titor and I highlighted it in previous pages. The Temporal divergence is small. Divergences is created over time as we progress down the time line as things splinter off and change. Multiple time lines do exist on a quantum level since an experiment was done many year ago in which current was past in one direction in a loop simultaneous with a different current going in the opposite direction using the same conductor at the same time. Using John Titor as a example we know he claimed time divergence increased over time so what causes divergence event in the time line since changes as I stated earlier cause a unique event line to the future where there was nothing before thus divergence increases. The ideas of memorizing the least significant bits should be no big deal that is if there is retention of memory over the event line when a switch occurs. If this does not work; using a quantum computer to do this function would also work since technically a quantum computer is really two computer in one that exist simultaneously. The nice thing about this experiment is it easily testable over years waiting for major event to occur and thus resulting hypothetical divergence. In the end is can kill John Titors theories once a for all since many wish it; but if true? Designer
  9. In working it memorize the temporal divergence number in the gray matter if you change time line value should not match thus the timeline changes. If would be nice to know if we all constantly or periodically change between time line and not knowing it on a constant basis. It is an experiment if it is not true we don't jump between time line if it is true we possible might jump while retaining all our memories between timeline. The experiment give us valuable data wether successful or not isn't that the point of science. If it does not work it will be a jumping point of new experiments i.e. using a quantum computer. But if we don't get the designer result we still get valuable data in the nature of reality. hint hint. Note you have to memories the least significant bit and not depend on the computers memory. My personal belief system is if it is thinkable and testable then you do it with no reservations or judgment period let the results tell the story not us since we are all human. If an experiment deals with the mind and physics is not interesting to know then problem is not with me period. If a person has no vision then how do you get experiments to get data anyway. As a child I was fascinated about the toilet and how it worked the water went down and then up that defied gravity now its no mystery and thank god I'm not a plumber not that there is anything wrong with it but I prefer designing the toilet. In the end I am not giving the source material where I got the idea.
  10. Every choice in reality is determined and tried out. With an SPI bus you can have one device feed in a ONE and another feed in a ZERO and see a difference in divergence. The word Event Line would be more appropriate then Time Line since you know it's to loaded word and has many wrong preconceptions that are not based on any form of reality. The idea is model able in the SPI protocol bus world and should be able to model it in reality real world because the bus is based on reality. So what's a quantum computer based on anyway since entertains all possibilities outcomes therefore it is model able. The same thing is also true for us since we are comprised of quantum particles. Note an SPI bus is used in SD Cards if you want to know and a vary simple protocol. The idea came from examining the SPI bus then trying to prove it in the real world even though it is in the real world including quantum computers theory. The flood event example Katrina is the result of choosing the ONE over the ZERO that could be detected. The ZERO is the baseline of no change in the event line. In a quantum computer you can't never say that a ZERO does not exist or is not possible because it is a probable outcome and is entertained. Note Quantum computer already prove my theory by having two event lines simultaneously OK. This is not pushing it but you can say you have two computers in each event line figuring things out right since there are two quantum states. Designer. What is a quantum computer? Video shows available quantum computers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sICXOwOwS4E
  11. This I hope should clear things up. Let say there is a change in gravity after a flood people run around in the site. People running around is a temporal event. The other setup in an alternate event line is where it does not happen and guess what the gravity does not change since water effects the gravity. What I am proposing is very subtle change in thinking I hope you get it. If you think otherwise you are delusional right. If there is something more to it great if there isn't .... What we will find is we are all linked with nature(Earth) on multiple level including gravity. Thus if events change then gravity changes who knows what came first. The two example test for this would be the recent Calgary flood and Katrina. My conclusion is temporal divergence goes up whenever there is a Earth change thus geography in the future is different which it all points to. The revealing. In a SPI data packet there is clock and data but if there is a one instead of a zero for data in a given clock edge we have temporal divergence or data divergence. Data Divergence is equivalent to what I am taking about in the physical world. My reality is modeled after hardware, software and firmware other are philosophers and most are mathematicians. If we live in a programmed world LOL; then this module might be true OK. I just module reality as an SPI clock. I am curious how that SPI packet of data can have divergent effects on whole system as a whole ie (Earth). I hope this clears up everything. In conclusion. Temporal Divergence Meter. Temporal = SPI Clock Divergence = SPI Data 1 to 0 or 0 to 1 error. Meter = Input PIN of IC I guess you know where I am coming from. Now you know how I think. Designer.
  12. The only reason why I came out with this idea is it is testable. Everyone has grand ideas on there own but they are not testable and will never come out. The Princeton Egg was an out there idea but for some reason some people embraced it. There is no point creating the device I am just going to order the evaluation board for now. Everything is event driven; if an event occurs the temporal divergence meter should show the change in event line of time and should pick it up. The only problem is if the least significant bytes don’t have enough precision then the event line will not show up. This device seems to be the quite accurate so I will uses it. Please note I use the term event line over time line there is a difference. Please note all the information on this website is data and should be used whether true or false all I am doing is testing old post ideas and extending them that’s it. Its not about us its about the post on this website. Designer.
  13. Einstein we been going down the same path all these year and not knowing it; the problem is we have been to secretive. I know that you know we know we all want to build something stupid dealing with time travel right. The whole point of a more accurate accelerometer is who knows what data we will find in the least significant bits. I have a theory of how divergence works but I won't bring it out for now I don't want you guy to nail me to the cross just yet you probably have theory to; that's why we are all here in the first place. Designer.
  14. Hi GPA and Dike Tater The reason why I selected this accelerometer is it is super accurate at 0.016 mg/LSB and just came out in the market look at the date stamp. Anyhow. GPA this theory should be able to be proved or disproved fairly quickly in my opinion. All we need is ground gravity measurement station data in specific locations around the world. Then select specific event dates; big event. 1. 911 2. Fukushima 3. Katrina 4. All Presidential Elections etc. Since all these event changed future outcomes in the time line this should be obvious to everyone right because if it did not happen we would be living in a different world where people are dead when they should be alive and the other way around OK. Now get the dates for these events. Look at gravity two weeks before and after the event to see if there is any real changes in local gravity compared to the average mean measurement. If would be interesting to see if there was a lasting change in gravity after these event. If there is a change then this helps prove that gravity is some how correlated to time we hope while living on Earth. Designer.
  15. John Titor Temporal Divergence between world line is 2.5% and to technically be home it must be around 0.0002377%. The Temporal Divergence Meter Accuracy is 0.016 mg/LSB. You do the math if the accuracy is good enough to detect world changing event in the time line. Here is the attachment for the full data sheet on this web site I got the IC from: http://cache.freescale.com/files/sensors/doc/data_sheet/MMA955xL.pdf. If it is not good enough you can go to the National Research Council for real time gravity measurement of you local area. And you can get the past history over many years and try and correlate world event i.e.) Presidential elections, world changing events, wars and natural changes on Earth Flood and Eruptions to see if the theory is true in the past. I believe this should be an easy check of the theory I hope. Something interesting to do right. Designer.
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