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  1. Most of the terms you use are not defined and have different meanings depending on the individual. What would give you the impression that gravity change = timeline change (relation, but no testable link)? The only conclusion that can be drawn from your experiment is that the meter reads differently (if the reading has indeed changed). There is nothing to relate a change in gravity, to world events; you would be assuming that the difference in gravity was due to a major event. There just isn't enough testable "evidence" to support what you are doing, and too many variables that are dependent on the individuals own interpretation of the situation.
  2. Just because something can be proven wrong, does not mean that it is; theories are presumptions, so they can be either correct or incorrect at the same time. Just because a theory isn't wrong, that doesn't make it right.
  3. Even so, when speaking on a relative subject, we'll say computer networking, some words tend to be used as a basic adjective even if other words were available; e.g. Infrastructure. Most of the connections are between the phrases that the two used, which could be labeled coincidence, but a coincidence is quite unlikely as the speaking styles between them are relative. The main question is: Who is the orchestrator?
  4. What you're saying is somewhat like the Donnie Darko principle of paradox, where when an object coexists in the same dimension, one of the dimensions becomes tangent or unstable, existing for only a short period of time until either it is stabilized by the object returning, or goes from existence. I don't like to believe in destiny.
  5. Wouldn't time exist if those two Spheres were cubes instead; or even then would it still be an illusion? From what I gather, you're saying that if there is not an event to cause a difference in the universe, then there is nothing to distinguish the past from the present, resulting in time being at a standstill. I can grasp that much, though I still do not understand what you mean by time slowing down before an event though.
  6. I actually didn't find Windows Eight as annoying as most have described it. Sure the Metro UI was a tad bit annoying, but I had the ability to change the UI on my own back to a classic theme. The performance was slightly improved from 7, but not really anything new. It wasn't bad, in my opinion, but it wasn't good either, just Windows 7 with some pros and cons thrown into the mix; not worth upgrading to if you already have 7.
  7. Technically not, traveling backwards in time only works as far back as a machine was activated and as long as said machine remained in an active state.
  8. Yes, I do realise that what I said was contradictory; what I said was intended to find contradiction in Mylo.X.'s theory, rather than my statement conflicting with itself. Thanks for restating argument, it was somewhat poorly phrased. :(
  9. If we follow your theory of time being fluid/river, now could've possibly never had existed; given the possibility that the past was altered to fit the current now. If that is assumed, the previous now would still have subsisted at one period in another time, when the past was in an untempered form, but does not exist anymore because the past was altered to make the previous now never exist, making the current now in place of the previous now which would have never existed.
  10. Yes, I was relating the amount owed to the worth in dollars. The fact that bothers me the most however, is that even though the U.S. government owes various nations large sums of goods, like China, the government continually aids these nations financially, and gives over 100 million worth in U.S. currency for environmental purposes purely. Soon enough, the citizens are going to be upset enough to take action.
  11. 51% of Americans pay no Federal Income tax. Welfare is not free, 49% of America is paying for 51%, and themselves. Sure the 51% not paying Federal Taxes are glad, but what about the 49% paying half or more of their gross income? Surely that demographic must be quite upset, and soon file for tax-cuts, as did the 49%. Soon enough, with enough not paying federal taxes, how does the government make money to pay for it's welfare programs? Borrow money from China? America is already Trillions of U.S. dollars in debt, that deficit will come around to bite in the arse. The fact of the matter is that the country as a whole does not have enough funds to continue on the path that it is traveling. Minimum wage going up is often misinterpreted, as it is due to inflation and a wage/price spiral. But I do agree with you somewhat, times have changed.
  12. As would I. Only I would do this so Unix type OS' would become more popular, making .exe, .msi, and other Windows file types irrelevant, resulting in Unix being more supported.
  13. Like you said, how insurrection is sometimes necessary, I do agree. Some conflicts cannot be handled by peaceful means.
  14. There is a possibility, but it is unlikely that anyone would pull that elaborate of a hoax in a city in Chile. If any place to pull it, I would try Tokyo or New York. It just doesn't seem logical, but there may be reasons.
  15. True, it is unidentified, but that is what we are here to do: Identify. I've never really seen fighters fly that close enough at that velocity to assume that it was. Then again, I haven't seen any aliens either.
  16. December 18, 2012, South Santiago Chile. At 2120 a triangle pattern of lights was caught in the sky, said to be a "UFO". But I've seen more than my share of the X-files for my generation, and haven't yet undermined the possibility that this could be military technology. Your thoughts on the matter, Go! Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyUP-fvjLZU
  17. Sorry, what I mean to convey is that out of the 300,000,000 people in America, one person can make a lucky guess.
  18. ...And the next President will be a woman; like you said, lucky guess.
  19. No state can legally withdraw from the Union unless congress was foolish enough to pass amendments supporting that, which I believe not even they are dull enough to do. Despite the popular belief, Texas isn't allowed to withdraw from the U.S. without senate approval. Texas can however, divide itself into smaller areas, or different states, to give itself more control int the House of representatives; which would allow them to pass laws much easier, in which case they could even allow itself to form it's own nation, independent of the United States. But to answer your question, Yes. I do believe that States should be allowed to withdraw, especially seeing the direction the U.S. is going economically, especially with the 72 month unemployment benefits, and gradually growing socialist ideals. These new regions could be an example for the rest of the nation on how to create a stable economy.
  20. O K, I was talking about the operating system though, which can be installed on a regular PC or net-book for free at the moment. True though, this could be really popular; In the world fair when the Television was introduced, critics said that it would never surpass the Radio, because people didn't have time to devote their attention to watching a screen. Android PC has great potential, but for now most PC gamers and other technical enthusiasts will stick to regular computers.
  21. Some God-forsaken OS that only allowed 3gb of RAM if I recall correctly.
  22. Android for the PC is free; but it really depends more on what you want in an operating system. If you are just looking for cost and effectiveness, I would suggest Ubuntu over any other free OS. However you can also use a free copy of WinXP/7 and keep activating the trial.
  23. Linux and any Debian/Unix is generally very cost effective, Macintosh is generally more expensive than Micro$oft, and Vista...what is a Vista?
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