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  1. I know he is lol I want him to answer my question's I wrote about the year 3000 onward's
  2. Hi Tren I want to know if this alien stuff is real? and also with technology and the fat there won't actually be any money but only technology devices will run the world?
  3. I don't know about sport's, only rugby. The world won't end.
  4. My name is sally im 23 years old i live in 2012. Im fasinated to know about the year 2088 - 3000. I would like to also get info on how to travel to the future. The future has better opportunites for me. What are the buildings and cars like? Whats the food and clothes like? And whats going to happen in australia? If your a time traveller within this period id love to know and will continue to seek answers.
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